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Life and Migraine: A Documentary of Our Reality

A superb glimpse into how much migraine affects people with the disorder, Life and Migraine is compelling and thorough. This documentary will raise the awareness of everyone who watches it and is likely to light a fire under those living with undiagnosed migraine — which is about half of the approximately 30 million migraineurs.

Through interview clips with 13 patients, the reality of our misery comes into full view for sufferers and non-sufferers alike. These snapshots are combined with a dramatized “day in the life” of a woman with migraine, from waking up to trying to work, to visiting an unsympathetic doctor, to a trip to the ER, which results in absolutely no abatement of the pain.

In the fictional experience, nausea and sensitivity to light are depicted as awful parts of a migraine. Combined with the stories of real patients, who talk about some of the other symptoms (including word loss and mental fogginess), viewers learn that this isn’t “just a headache.”

The DVD, which includes a 30-minute broadcast version and the hour-long full film, can be purchased online. International distribution will begin in the next couple weeks; until then it is only available to US residents. Future plans for distribution include public television, headache clinics, schools, pharmacies and a medical book distributor.

Still not convinced? Take a look at the film preview and read endorsements from the National Headache Foundation, American Headache Society and World Headache Alliance.

2 thoughts on “Life and Migraine: A Documentary of Our Reality”

  1. Hello my name is Mary I have these horrible headaches or migraines that they take off my work, family, my life. It has been very hard because I have seen 6 or 7 different doctors without success, I have also tried many different prescription medications without success. Now I ha e learned to cope because there is no hope but what hurts the most is that others don’t believe that I am in pain and even at work they seem annoyed.

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