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Another Problem with Painkillers

As if there weren’t enough evidence that painkillers are bad for us, an article in the August issue of the American Journal of Gastroenterology attributes about one-third of hospitalizations and deaths related to gastrointestinal bleed to the use of aspirin and NSAIDs (like ibuprofen and naproxen). Read about this latest study in Painkillers Can Cause Fatal Stomach Bleeding.

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2 thoughts on “Another Problem with Painkillers”

  1. That’s a good point, Tracy. I didn’t make the distinction in this article because many NSAIDs, like Indocin and Toradol, are only available by prescription. Also, many narcotics are combined with aspirin, NSAIDs or acetaminophen (which wasn’t addressed in the particular article). You’re right, though, that narcotics not combined with any of these substances don’t have the same issues.


  2. You should remember to specify that it is the Over The Counter painkillers that are dangerous. For the most part, excluding Demerol, narcotic painkillers are very safe. For example, Morphine and Dilaudid are safe enough to take while pregnant.

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