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ChronicBabe: In the Kitchen

Jennifer Hess, a ChronicBabe contributor, knows that eating minimally processed foods without many additives helps keep her pain under control. Instead of eating junk when she’s exhausted, in pain and can’t think, she has invested in good kitchen tools and always has easy-to-prepare, good-for-you food on hand. Jennifer shares her secrets in Chronic in the Kitchen! Tips to Keep You Cooking.

1 thought on “ChronicBabe: In the Kitchen”

  1. Thank you! Revamping the way I cook and eat has been a challenge at times, but in the end, it has been so worth it, and I’m glad to share recipes and tips with others!

    I was astonished when I realized that my terrible eating habits affected my health. It was something I knew, but I didn’t really *know* it, if that makes sense.

    Thanks again for sharing the fruits of your labor.


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