Sensory Overload: When Migraine Overwhelms the Senses

Though it is actually about sensory overload in autism, this short animation depicts perfectly what I feel when a migraine heightens my senses so that sights, sounds, smells or touch are overwhelming. I become as irritable as a hungry three-year-old and want to curl up in the fetal position and shut down.

This video shows why I carry earplugs (in a metal box with engraving that says “My cure for everything”!) and calming the constant visual barrage with TheraSpecs is so helpful for me. In fact, a woman who tried TheraSpecs for migraine relief said they were wonderful for her ADD — she felt like they gave her brain a rest. It is exciting to have a product that provides real, noticeable relief in people’s daily lives.

via Krulwich Wonders

2 Responses to Sensory Overload: When Migraine Overwhelms the Senses

  1. Mandy Thompson says:

    Omg. Even before I watched the video I was on the verge of a migraine and now it is there. But it shows the truth of what it is like when you get a migraines and how even your heartbeat hurts, even to blink your eyes or talk.

    Thank you for your web site and your voice!
    Blessings! xxx

  2. KATHLEEN says:

    I am 75 years old and have migraines all my life and no one understands how this feels. I have sensory overload and when someone asks me a simple question. It is painful to figure out the answer. Noises, smells, light and any other stimuli hurts. Is there anyway to get this on facebook? What is the answer. Whom do I go to for help? I went to a doctor in Weston, Ma. and he accused me of being a “drug seeker” Nice help and compassion. I was looking for answers and yes medication for the pain, if there is any to help me.

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