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Using a Compounding Pharmacy to Replace Midrin or Epidrin

Update 10/28/2018: Midrin and Midrin equivalents have been completely discontinued under FDA orders. (Learn more in this article: Say Goodbye to Midrin and Midrin Equivalents.) You may still be able to get what you need from a compounding pharmacy.

Midrin (and all other Midrin-like drugs, including Epidrin) have really, truly been discontinued. I’ve tried to hide from the truth, but can no longer deny that the ONE medication that allows me some semblance of a life has been discontinued for bureaucratic reasons. While there are no similar medications on the market to replace Midrin, having a pharmacist compound the medication is an option.

What are compounded medications? Quite simply, they are medications that pharmacists mix up from their component materials. You can locate a compounding pharmacy in most US states. All you need is a prescription from your doctor. Insurance companies generally pay for compounded prescriptions, though there may be additional costs that you pay for up front, then contact your insurance company for reimbursement. (I found this answer online and have no first-hand experience. If you know more, please leave a comment.)

But there’s a catch… the individual ingredients may be difficult to obtain. Midrin is composed of isometheptene mucate, dichloralphenazine, and acetaminophen. One pharmacist reported that she is unable to obtain dichloralphenazine and my headache specialist said that isometheptene mucate is backordered many places. However, these are only a few reports. It’s up to you to share what you learn!

If you’re a Midrin devotee, keep calling pharmacies — some still have a stash. I found mine at an independent pharmacy. Have your doctor call in a prescription for as many as possible. Insurance will probably only cover one month; if you pay cash, you can probably get a three-month supply. They cost about $1 per pill. Also try your mail-order pharmacy for a three-month supply that insurance should cover. (FYI, Costco and BioScrip are out.)

Read Teri Robert’s post for the politics of Midrin’s discontinuation. She has also found that Prodrin is available, though it doesn’t contain dichloralphenazine.

UPDATE: The Midrin equivalent is being manufactured again! Contact your local pharmacy for availability and pricing. Near me, it’s available at CVS, Walgreens, Walmart and a local independent pharmacy. My insurance covers it with a generic copay.

55 thoughts on “Using a Compounding Pharmacy to Replace Midrin or Epidrin”

  1. have you had any updates on midrin, i am using my last prescription for the compounded midrin. my supplier tells me that they cannot get the dichloralphenazone anymore, so upset this is the only medication that has worked for my migraines.

  2. A Compounding Pharmacy
    610 Main St, PO Box 897
    Frisco, CO 80443
    970-668-8492 fax

    They’re unable to ship outside of Colorado. Hopefully you know someone living in Colorado. Good luck!

  3. I just called a compounding pharmacy and they said they could make it for me since Midrin is off the market! Blessed be God!

    1. Michael, were they able to get all 3 ingredients? I’ve only been able to get a compounding pharmacy that has 2 and a substitute for the third. Can you please send me your compounding pharmacy information? Thank you!

      1. Did Michael send you the name of that compounding pharmacy. Midrin is the only thing that has ever worked for me.
        Thank you

  4. Postscript to the preceding message:

    I just called PharmaLogic in Casper WY and they confirmed the price mentioned in the 5/22/12 posting. They charge $7.99 for shipping which still puts them in first place in terms of the overall shipped price for compounded Midrin. (Their price for 30 pills is similarly low.)

    1. Thanks for the update, Richard. The generic equivalent of Midrin is being manufactured again and is available at any pharmacy (though they may have to order it). If you have prescription drug coverage, it should only cost you a generic copay. Without insurance, you can use a prescription discount program (like GoodRx) and pay about $1 a pill.

  5. Regarding Maki’s posting on 8/9/11 for Northbay Family Compounding Pharmacy:

    Northbay’s website advises that they are closed and refers to Muir Specialty Pharmacy in Walnut Creek CA. I called Muir and was advised that they do not compound for Midrin.

    I have contacted most of the compounding pharmacies who have responded to this article or who have been mentioned by patients in the replies. Janet, the owner of Prescription Alternatives in Frisco CO told me she had only filled one rx for compounded Midrin and one of her essential ingredients was currently out of stock and quite expensive to replace. She also told me that Midrin is in fact currently being manufactured but that it is $400 for 100 pills. I assume that is the wholesale price to pharmacies.

    You can get it compounded for less at the pharmacies who have been mentioned or responded here. My investigation has convinced me that the Lee Davis Compounding Pharmacy in VA is the least expensive and offers free shipping as well. That is where my wife’s compounding rx is going to be sent. The prices listed in their message posted 7/27/11 are still current.

  6. Pharmalogic Compounding Pharmacy in Casper,Wyoming also has the ability to compound (with doctor’s prescription)and ship the Midrin formula at a great price. $58.80 for 60 capsules.

    3480 Trigood Drive
    Casper, WY 82609
    Phone 877-580-3343
    Fax 877-581-3343

  7. Wow!! Lee Davis HAS this! I just called, and this is a miracle. Midrin/Epidrin is the ONLY thing that works for me. Thank you to all of you who have responded on this blog. My migraines hit at 2 or 3 in the morning, and this stuff is what works. I can get up at 5 and be ready for work. Without it, the day is shot, and so am I. Also, Lee Davis’s price is $15 less than our local compounding pharmacy, and mailing is free. THANK YOU LEE DAVIS!!!!

  8. Christy,
    I got my compounded Midrin filed at Lee Davis Pharmacy in Virginia. They’re product is great! I got the exact same relief as I did from the old Midrin that used to be available. You ought to give them a try.

    Lee Davis Compounding Pharmacy

    Hope this helps!

  9. Oh, thank god! I’ll be ordering from one of the compounding pharmacies as soon as my doctor’s office opens.

    It’s absolutely wonderful that this option is now available to us, but my question is this: what happens to us (again) if/when these individual ingredients aren’t available any more? It’s a shame more buerocrats aren’t migraine sufferers!

  10. Prescription Alternatives has been compounding specialty medications (including discontinued and unavailable meds)for over 12 years. Please contact us at 970-668-8482 or for any medications you need compounded, like Midrin. We are located in the small ski resort town of Frisco, Colorado and ship to most states. Thanks. Janet Carter, Pharmacist/Owner

  11. Just wondering if anyone has tried any of these compounding pharmacists and if so, if the results were positive. Did you get the same relief as actual Midrin?

  12. Thank you all for the information about Midrin! It’s still the only headache med I can use because I can’t take any caffeine. I have a compound pharmacist and he claims they can’t make it. After seeing this site and how many compound pharmacists who can make it, I’m going to stay on his butt about this! Or else, I’ll just order from one of those of you who posted here. I’m so glad to know I’m not doomed!

  13. Tricare Pharmacy has been specialty compounding for over 10 years. We are currently compounding Midrin. We also specialize in Hormone Replacement and pain management. Our toll free phone number is 1-877-377-2271 and we can ship to most states. Thank you.

  14. I have very rare migraines. Only three times in my life have I had one of these headaches. The first time was 29 years ago, the second time was five years ago and now. My current headache began August 11, 2011. When I woke up August 12 not only was heache ragging, but my right eye was closed just as it had the other two times. My PA put me on a round of steroids which I took for two weeks. My headach completely subsided after three weeks. My eye remains shut. If my eye were open I would have to patch it because the right eye is not tracking. It is cocked to the right.
    Steroids are the only thing that makes the pain stop.

    Four years after my first headache 1986 I became part of a study Dr. Couch and Dr. Konrad of SIU School of Medicine were conducting. The MRI was a new diagnostic tool. They discovered that I had a diviated septum. Dr. Konrad E.N.T. When Dr. Konrad did surgery he discovered that the back of my right eye was covered in palyps which he removed. He said that the palyps were a result of sinus and allergy disease. I know I am allergic to mold, corn pollen, corn dust, cat dandruf, cockroach dust, and box elder.I take zyrtec every evening, Asmanex, and a new nasal spray that destorys fungal infections made by a compounding pharmacist. I have taken allergy shots as an adult and a child. It is now September 9, 2011 and my eye is still closed.

    I admitted to Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, Mo five years ago while I was experiencing my migraine. They did every imaginable test and came up with it was the same thing that happened to me twenty-five years before. They gave my headache a name, Opthalmic Palegic Migranines.I am hopefull my eye will open again soon.


  16. If you order Midrin from one of the above places be aware that sometimes they have to replace one of the original ingredients that originally came in midrin with a substitute (example they may make midrin up with a substitute for the chlohydrate that usually came in midrin). If your midrin is made up without this ingredient, or with a substitute for this ingredient, your midrin may not work for me. I tried it made up with a substitute ingedient for the chlohydrate and it did not work at all. Be sure that ingredient is in your replacement midrin that you have made up (no substitutes). Otherwise it may not work for you either. Once I got Midrin with the chlohydrate back in it, it worked fine again. I just don’t want you to suffer like I did with pain, until I found out what was missing from my compound Midrin I had made up.

  17. premier compounding pharmacy in Florida (561-691-4991) was very helpful, fast and reasonable (with free shipping). I am so excited to find out I can get this- is the only med which has helped my migraines over the past 20 years and I was so upset to see they had stopped making it.

  18. Northbay Family Compounding Pharmacy makes midrin. Have your doctor call them at 707-421-1117. They ship meds anywhere in the US.

  19. I’m in Southern California and just called lee davis pharmacy to check they still make the compound and they said yes! Thank God. All I have to do is have my dr. call them and give them a prescription to make the midrin powder. I called my dr and we’ll see. I’m going to order a healthy supply. Usually a 30 pill prescription lasts me 3-4 years. The replacement prescription my dr gave me was for Imitrex. I had a migraine yesterday and the Imitrex didn’t touch it. For the first time in 25 years, I suffered the full aura, vomiting, and debilitating headache for the whole day. I’m thankful someone is making it.

  20. Great news! Lee Davis Compounding Pharmacy will compound the same active ingredients that were in Midrin for you. The drug consisted of ISOMETHEPTENE MUCATE, DICHLORALPHENAZONE, AND ACETAMINOPHEN and we have all three components available. Have your physician contact us at the numbers below or feel free to call us if you have any questions. And visit our website at

    20 = $30
    30 = $40
    40 = $53.35

    60 = $80

    7023 Lee Park Road #A

    Mechanicsville, VA 23111-3608

    Phone: (804) 730-9200

    Toll-Free: (877) 786-3071

    Fax: (804) 730-3871

  21. My current headache specialist’s nurse told me that one of the ingredients of Midrin has been permanently discontinued. Unfortunately, she couldn’t remember which one. I recommend stocking up on as many as you can, whether of actual Midrin capsules or of the compounded ones. Just in case. I contacted Lee Pharmacy today and was impressed by the service.


  22. As a menstrual migraine sufferer for years now, I just want to say a big thank you to each of these compounding pharmacies. I haven’t gotten my scrip filled yet, but I’m so grateful that there are places out there to help. I’m another one who the ‘standard’ meds didn’t touch. Midrin was my miracle drug!! Thanks so much for remembering the person in the patient!!

  23. We too are able to compound Midrin for you and have the products available. Your physician may contact us directly or stop by and visit us to drop of your prescription. Feel free to call us or visit our website at

    The Compounding Shop
    4000 Park St N
    St. Petersburg, FL 33709
    Phone: 727-381-9799
    Toll free: 866-792-6731
    Fax: 727-347-2050

  24. Great news! Lee Davis Compounding Pharmacy in Mechanicsville, VA will compound Midrin for you. The drug consisted of ISOMETHEPTENE MUCATE, DICHLORALPHENAZONE, AND ACETAMINOPHEN and we have all three components available. Have your physician contact us at the numbers below or feel free to call us if you have any questions. Visit our website at

    Lee Davis Compounding Pharmacy
    7023 Lee Park Road #A
    Mechanicsville, VA 23111-3608
    Phone: (804) 730-9200
    Toll-Free: (877) 786-3071
    Fax: (804) 730-3871

  25. Our Compounding Pharmacy is currently compounding all 3 of Midrin’s ingredients: isometheptene, dichloralphenazone, and acetaminophen. We are located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida and offer free shipping. Please let us know how we can help: 561-691-4991 or
    Thank you,
    Tracy Christian, RPh, BS Pharm
    Premier Compounding Pharmacy

  26. I used Nucara in Austin, TX, to have my midrin refill done (compounded Rx) and it works great!! They used 2 ingredients to make the one for isometheptene, but the pharmacist just told me that is now available so an exact duplication of midrin can be made. It was $77 for 60 tabs and my doc didn’t even blink an eye when I asked to have the Rx re-written to allow a compounded drug. AWESOME!!! And thank GOD!!

  27. 6/23/11 I just got my Midrin from a compounding pharmacy – No problem. Don’t wait to the last minute just incase they must order the ingrediants of Midrin. But yes compounding pharmacies make it up for you right there. It was much less expensive than Relpax let me tell you. My price was $55 for 60 caps or $45. for 30.

  28. Thank heavens I found your website! I have been really out of sorts since I have only 4 midrin pills left and have been hoarding them. I hve taken midrin for over 30 years and cannot not take the triptans due to heart rhythm prblems and and high cholesterol. Ihave looked everywhere for this drug and the idea of the compounding pharm is great! I am going to call right away. thanks for the info! I have to move in 6 wks to SC and I get tons of migraines down there in july and august and have been visual auras also. I live near the Cleveland Clinic and have been hosp. for a week for migraine also and will not have that available for myself now. thanks again.

  29. I have been able to get Midrin at my pharmacy until last month when they said they had used up their entire stock of it. I came across this forum and called the Cornerstone Specialty Pharmacy number from the post above…I just got my first prescription of the compounded version of Midrin and so far I can’t tell any difference in terms of effectiveness. If anyone is having trouble finding Midrin, I would recommending calling Cornerstone and talking with them. 🙂 SC

  30. I too use(d) midrin until my pharmacy was unable to stock it. While discussing treatment options with my physician and pharmacist, I was told that midrin will not be available but microgesic (sp) will be available by the end of June. The pharmacist said it’s the same formula as midrin just marketed under a different name! Hopefully this is true, midrin is the only medicine that helps with my headaches.

  31. I also have compounding pharmacies in Arkansas and have been providing customers with a Midrin-like product for several weeks with great results. We mail all over the world. Give us a call 479-444-7200 today. Cornerstone Specialty Pharmacy.

  32. P.S.- this is the first time I have ever used Midrin- maybe I should not even start it- if it will not be available?
    I was using Fiorinal with Codeine and Maxalt which was working just fine- but new doc doesn’t “agree” with using that medication- so this is his new wonder drug choice for me. (Along with anti-seizure meds & steroids-which I still haven’t figured out how those are supposed to help migraines go away)
    Figures he picks something that isn’t going to be around anymore?! Shouldn’t doctors be AWARE of these things BEFORE changing our meds ?
    Why do I feel like a dang lab rat?


  33. hiya, I don’t understand. My doc just prescribed Midrin/Epidrin for me today & I got the script filled with no problems. What am I missing? Has it just been discontinued in certain states?


    1. Just checking to see if you still can get Midrin from your pharmacy? I in California and can’t find it anywhere…even Canada seems to be out. I am finally out of my Midrin supply and panicking. I get Botox injections every 3 months for migraines. This works great except for the last month before I’m due again. Midrin was the only thing that helped. If you can email me your pharmacy info (if it’s still available) I will fax my prescription to them. I’m getting kinda desperate. Thanks

      1. CPJ, yes, you can get Midrin at any pharmacy. If you’re told it’s not available, say that you know it was off the market for a while, but is now being manufactured by Macoven Pharmaceuticals ( They should be able to order it for you, though it may take a week to get it. I’ve been able to get it at CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Target and a local pharmacy. Invariably, the person at the checkout tells me they didn’t know it was still available.

        Please let me know if that doesn’t work for you. I’d like to be able to give people a different strategy if this one doesn’t work.

        Take care,

  34. This also frustrates me beyond belief. I was on Fionicet (sp) and am now on BUT/APAP/CAF which I’m sure has a lot of the same ingredients but doesn’t work as quickly, and makes me more sleepy than I’d like.

    I’m working on getting acupuncture approved by my GP/HMO so I can give it a try. Any suggestions welcomed!

  35. Jean –

    Thank you so much for the information. I’ve had a migraine for over a month and not being able to get Midrin has been terrible.

    Again, thanks.

  36. I had success getting a compound prescription from Central Ohio Compounding, 7870 Olentangy River Rd # 202,Columbus, Ohio 43235
    They can fill prescriptions sent by fax from your doctor — and will send it anywhere in the U.S.
    Phone 614-847-0109
    They don’t take insurance, but they do provide a universal claim form that I can submit to my health insurer.
    When I went there, one of the ingredients was backordered, but they got it within a few days and filled the prescription. Very nice people. My regular pharmacist recommended them.

  37. Thank you so much for the info on compounding pharmacies. None of the triptans have worked well for my migraines, and Midrin was a lifesaver for me. I was just today able to get Midrin again from a compounding pharmacy. My insurance didn’t cover it, but it is well worth the cost to me!

  38. This is not exactly a Midrin replacement since the ingredients are totally different, but Migralex has worked very well for many of my patients and is worth trying in place of Midrin. Migralex is a rapidly dissolving combination of magnesium and aspirin. A recent Cochrane Review (an independent organization devoted to unbiased reviews of various medical treatments) compared 100 mg of sumatriptan (Imitrex) with 1,000 mg of aspirin (without magnesium) and found them to be equally effective with aspirin causing fewer side effects. Magnesium is very alkaline and acts as a buffer to reduce gastro-intestinal side effects of aspirin. Our research has shown that up to half of headache sufferers are deficient in magnesium. You can read more about Migralex at The cheapest place to buy it is on

  39. I am a compounding pharmacist and have had success compounding Midrin Like products. You are correct that isometheptene is on backorder but it is expected back out in mid-march. If anyone needs this medication please contact us through our website at I have not had any luck getting insurance to pay but at about $1 per capsule it is still affordable. I can mail them to you so long as you get me a valid prescription from your personal physician who treats your headaches.

      1. Angela, you can get the Midrin equivalent at any pharmacy. They may tell you it’s not available, but it is. Tell them it’s made by Macoven Pharmaceuticals and ask them to order it for you.

        Take care,

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