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Name Brand and Generic Midrin Discontinued

Update 10/28/2018: Midrin and Midrin equivalents have been completely discontinued under FDA orders. (Learn more in this article: Say Goodbye to Midrin and Midrin Equivalents.) You may still be able to get what you need from a compounding pharmacy.

When I tried to fill my Midrin prescription today, the pharmacist told me that all formulations of the drug have been discontinued. Migraineurs throughout the US have heard the same news over the last three years, though the trouble has become more acute in recent months. Migraine advocate Teri Robert researched the issue and confirms the reports. Midrin, Amidrine, Duradrin, Epidrin, Isocom, Migquin, Migrapap, Migratine, Migrazone (all brand names of meds with the same ingredients as Midrin) and the generic isometheptene mucate/ dichloralphenazone/ acetaminophen have been discontinued.

Midrin appears to be a casualty in FDA’s attempt to subject all medications to current approval requirements. Teri explains,

“Midrin was first made and marketed before the current FDA drug approval process was in place. It was never reviewed by the FDA for efficacy and safety. Nor were any of the other similar products. And that’s where the problem lies.” …

“The loss of Midrin as a treatment option isn’t good news for us. The likelihood of any company investing the time and research dollars necessary to apply to the FDA for a drug equivalent to Midrin is slim. Yes, many people are still using it, but far fewer than before the triptans were developed, and triptan usages is up. The cost of triptans is down since two of them are now available as generics.”

Read all of Teri’s article, including her correspondence with an FDA official, on Help for Headaches & Migraine. Many thanks to Teri for her excellent sleuthing and dedication to helping migraineurs.

I’m crushed to learn that one of the few drugs to provide me with any relief is no longer available.

Update: The Midrin equivalent is once again available as of late 2011. Not all doctors and pharmacists are aware of this. If you are told Midrin isn’t available, tell them that Macoven Pharmaceuticals makes a generic equivalent and ask them to look into it.

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  1. For years we have had good Health Ins., till this year. We have decent RX Ins but crappy Office Visit Ins, but at least we have Ins. I had not taken Midrin, or the Generic here in TX of Isomethept- Dichloralp-Acetamin in a while as I ran out. My Neurologist of 12 yrs had closed her practice and I forgot to fill it before time ran out (dummy me). My new Neurologist prescribed it for me last month with 5 refills and my current Insurance has a $ 0 co-pay on Generic drugs. Awesome I thought, then I received a letter from the Pharmacy that as of 1/1/17 this medication will no longer be covered by my drug benefit plan. Our current Ins has crappy Dr. Office visit, we pay % of bill, but RX was good till now. Brand is $5.00 & up.

  2. Through a discount program I found online (can’t recall the name at the moment) I pay about $170 at our Safeway Pharmacy. Cheapest I have found. Otherwise it is between 500 and 700 per 100 count bottle.
    My scrip is for up to 2 pills 3 times a day, but I couldn’t afford to take the full scrip so I take about 3 a day right now. 100 lasts a month, roughly, allowing for spikes of pain which demand a little more.

    1. David, six months ago, I was given a Midrin equivalent made by a company called Method Pharmaceuticals. It seems that Macoven remains the dominant manufacturer, but my pharmacist warned me that it is common for one manufacturer to start making a drug at the same time another is discontinuing it. Wanted you to know the name of another manufacturer in case you run into problems getting it from Macoven.

      Take care,


    At least that is what I am getting from my pharmacist.

    Macoven Pharmaceuticals
    Isometheptene Mucate 65mg
    Dichloralphenazone 100mg
    Acetaminophen 325mg
    NDC 44183-440-01

    Since it is considered an unapproved drug my insurance (Medicare) won’t cover it. I was having it compounded, but that pharmacy closed and the new one I went to said they couldn’t compound it because it was available commercially. Which is this one.
    I pay, cash, $160 for 100 pills every month.
    The pharmacy has some program that they put me on which helps pay for it, otherwise it would be much higher.
    I *think* these are the only ones making this right now.

    I could swear it had a non-generic name it could be looked up under, but at least knowing the pharmaceutical company is a help when asking a drug store if they can get it. Rite-Aid Pharmacy (formerly Payless, if you are as old as I am)

    Only took me months to find this…

  4. It is back, generic form. $265.79 for 60 w/my Florida Blue Plan. It isn’t inexpensive anymore. It is has proven the most effective treatment for my migraines.

  5. Really! What is the generic called? I have been having this compounded for a while and the price, while not bad, isn’t easy to pay all the time.

  6. Good news everyone, the generic form of midrin is back! I just filled my prescription at a local pharmacy in Michigan without a problem. I had called my insurance company about it and they instructed me that it was available again.

  7. The pharmaceutical companies stopped making Midrin when the FDA said they had to go back and do all the expensive testing on it that was not done in 1962 when it came on the market. The testing is too expensive for the pharmaceutical companies for it to be worth it to them. Midrin is relatively inexpensive and makes less profit. Midrin has not been a problem, it is just that testing requirements have been updated for it 40 years later. You can get it from a compounding pharmacy if your doctor writes the prescription listing the ingredients and amounts. Compounding pharmacies actually make the pills themselves. There is no current US pharmaceutical company making this. This is a bad situation for those with migraines who can not take anything else for it. I am hoping for a way for the FDA to change the requirement for Midrin, that it does not need to be tested NOW after 40 years of experience with it. I had a small stroke when I could not find Midrin for 11 days of a complex migraine due to this situation. When I finally found it at a compounding pharmacy, the migraine could be stopped, but it had caused a problem by then. Midrin has always been able to stop my migraines in their tracks, until I couldn’t find any.

  8. You can now go to a compound pharmacy and get Midrin once again! YAY however insurance will not pay for any compound drugs and for me it is about $50 for 40 pills

  9. I am bummed that they took this off the shelves. My pharmacy says that they prob won’t get it back. They must prove that it works with the FDA. I can tell you it works. I was given imetrex, which before I could not have because of blood pressure issue. Mine now last longer than before and it spikes my bp then it drops and I almost feel down the stairs. I sure hope the manufacturers look at this site and will spend the money to show the FDA that this product is needed. Good luck all.

  10. Anyone know if its available in MA? My pharmacy told me I am out of luck and the doctor wants to now try Maxalt, I am nervous of switching, Midrin was the only med that ever worked for the migrains I have suffered for 30+ years.

  11. Anyone in Arkansas looking for compounded Midrin should call Cornerstone Pharmacy. The pharmacy can provide compounded equivalent to Midrin. 501-223-2224

  12. We are in Michigan and here compounding pharmacies are the only option for isometheptene. But now a new problem: Medco insurance has sent us a letter saying they will no longer pay for most compounded medications due to not being FDA approved. If this affects isometheptene (I bet it will) I just hope that we can afford to pay the total cost ourselves. My daughter’s ability to continue at college is threatened by this issue.

  13. I called Genrich Pharmacy in Phoenix Arizona and they will make the Midrin (generic) for you if you send the original RX, you don’t have to have your doctor call it in. You can FAX it as well to call 602-257-9033. This is a Godsend!! They will give you all the instructions.

  14. Follow up to my comment above, Midrin is actually out of stock but the generic is available. I always used generic so that’s actually what I wanted. =)

  15. I just found a Walgreens in Memphis TN that has a full stock of Midrin. I called my doc this morning and they are filling my rx as we speak!!!! Thank God!

  16. Mandy’s right. Just last weekend, 10/14-16/2011, I have knowledge of someone being given Midrin at the hospital & was given a script for Midrin when discharged for CME’s. Nausea seemed to be a side affect, but was manageable. I hope now other sufferers of these ‘brain teasers’ can get some relief.

  17. It is October 18, 2011
    I called to get a refill on my midrin today and to let you all know you can not get midrin at all, and I am like alot of you midrin has been around for a long time and it is the only migraine medication that worked for me out side of going the Er for a shot of demeral, or some non nartic drug, Midrin helped to be able to function within about 2 hrs time frame, now it going to be back to being down with numbness in my arms again, and being scared, I get the spot or aura in my eyes and then I get numbness down my left side and then my right arms go numb and they freeze up, then things settled down and I am ok which is all day, yipee I get to go back to prison of migraines torture. I can not have anything with aspirin or coffee in it. it will cause a heart stroke. Mandy I was told they were not I just tried to get my midrin refill

  18. I am really astonished that so many people are upset about this medication going away. My Dr. offered it to me a couple of years ago as an alternative to Imitrex. I tried it, but the side effects were so awful, I felt dizzy and nauseated and it didn’t help the migraine at all. I switched to generic Imitrex and haven’t looked back.

  19. Great news! My pharmacist informed me today they are making Midrin again and it is available. My prescription will be ready tomorrow! Spread the word!

  20. I have found a compounding pharmacy in Newark, Delaware (not NJ) that provides Midrin equivalant. It is the Safeway Compounding Pharmacy. I spoke with the pharmacist there and they have had no trouble obtaining isometheptene or dichoralphenazone. You can request it with or without the acetaminaphen, or substitute ibuprofen. The fax is 302-369-5853. The cost is about $1.00/capsule.

  21. I am a child who has been taking this medicine for quite sometime, and for this to be dicontinued pissed me off:/
    My neurologist(s) have told me that there is absolutely no other medicine I can take, because none of the others have been tested in the pediactrics area.. Midrin was the best migrain medicine I have ever had. Now I’m stuck with the stupid advil migrain, tylenol, motrin and benedryl:L
    They better “Okay” this medicine and put it back out there, or ill be stuck with 4 more years of migrains 5 times a day throwing up with each one:L
    And that’s not the worst part, yet!

  22. I have used Midrin for20+ yrs Now I have to use more lortabs and the State of Florida is scaring the crap out of pain management doctors. Getting an Rx for lortab or any “narcotic” is almost impossible. However there is a compounding pharmacy in melbourne fl. “Wellness Center Specialty Pharm”. The compound they have given me works but makes me sleepier than original midrin.

  23. For me, the same as everyone else….long term use that always prevents the headache from occurring. The compounding pharmacies are an interesting option; does anyone know of any in New Hampshire or Vermont? Thanks,

  24. Compounding pharmacies are regulated by state laws as opposed to the pharmaceutical manufacturers which do business across state lines and are regulated by federal laws. The reason most Dr’s won’t write a prescription for them is that it creates a liability issue for the Dr; if the pt OD’s on an ingredient (like say acetaminophin in the case of Midrin) that the pharmacist put too much of in an individual pill, and they die as a result, their family will sue the pharmacy and the MD who wrote the prescription.

    It is generally speaking legal and arguably just about as safe to get it compounded. The FDA is not checking every single batch of drugs (they do spot checks) and the state groups are not in every single pharmacy (they spot check). My local compounding pharmacy has been doing this legally since before walgreens existed. The pharmacists at compounding pharacies are doing what the ones at walmart were trained to do-actually make the drugs-not just count and pour pre-made pills in a bottle. You certainly don’t need a doctorate in pharmacy for that.

  25. Does anyone know a doctor in the Northern Va/DC area who will prescribe a compounding prescription for Midrin? My doctor will not write prescriptions for a compounding pharmacy, even though I provided all the information that the LeeDavis Pharmacy provided me about the fact that what they are doing is legal? Thanks.

  26. i found on another site in response to midrin being discontinued that a compunding company in delaware was still making midrin at only $1 a pill – its called safeway compounding company (you can google it) and they are OUTSTANDING!! you just need a prescription from your doctor for as many pills as you would like and within a week they send it out to you by ups with a shipping cost of $10 – but these prices are amazing compared to what i was paying at the pharmacy hen i could get them locally – i HIGHLY recommend this company and suggest that you spread the word to any and all migraine sufferers everywhere ! their customer service is superb as well – good luck!

  27. Does anyone know a doctor in Northern Virginia who will provide a prescription for Midrin that can be made at a compounding pharmacy? I have found the pharmacies that will compound it, but my doctor says that their practice never writes compounding prescriptions. They gave me a prescription for a narcotic as a substitute, but it is useless. Midrin provided relief for me for more than 15 years. I checked with my insurance company and they will provide partial reimbursement. LeeDavis Pharmacy provided a statement from FDA saying that what they do is legal, but my doctor still thinks they might lose their license and that compounding is illegal. Basically the practice has never heard of compounding and they don’t want to consider it. Thank you.

  28. Please call Buford Road Phramcy @ 804-272-1423. Our compounding pharmacy will make you the equivelent of Midrin for approximatly $45.00 for a 30 day supply. I have suffered for migraines for over 20 years and I know how much Midrin means to me. Please don’t suffer.

  29. Also does anyone know about Nortriptyline being unavailable. I went to pick up my prescription from my pharmacy last night. I have a 90 day prescription and was only able to get 47. They said that they can no longer get it and I got the last of what they had. Is this the same problem as Midrin? This is getting crazy.

  30. I found a compounding pharmacy in CT that will make an equivalent to Midrin. Beacon Pharmacy in Southington will compound a Midrin eqivalent with a prescription from your doctor – 100 pills – $85 dollars. My doctor was kind enough to speak with them and I got a prescription. They say that some insurance will accept it, but mine didn’t. If I can afford it I will continue to get it.

  31. I have used Midrin or its equivalent for years for migraines. It is all that works. Cannot take ergotamine due to allergy. Also cannot tryptans due to heart problems. Have pacemaker. Also, taking the tryptans (shot form) can cause strokes if used too much. Happened to a friend of mine.

    I am livid and will check out the recommendations on here with my doctor’s help. Have compounding pharmacy here and will check first with them. Otherwise, it will be Fiorinal or Fioricet. Those are my last resort. None in Canada, as I called and not sure about Mexico. I have not been across border which is a 30 min trip for me since all the drug cartel shootings!

    Hugs to all!!!!

  32. Compounded Solutions in Pharmacy is a compounding only pharmacy that can compound a capsule conatining the same ingredients at the same strengths that were in Midrin. We are located in Monroe,CT but can ship anywhere in the US. Our website is or contact us at 877-RxNeeds.

  33. Great news! Lee Davis Compounding Pharmacy will compound the same active ingredients that were in Midrin for you. The drug consisted of ISOMETHEPTENE MUCATE, DICHLORALPHENAZONE, AND ACETAMINOPHEN and we have all three components available. Have your physician contact us at the numbers below or feel free to call us if you have any questions. And visit our website at

    20 = $30
    30 = $40
    40 = $53.35

    60 = $80

    7023 Lee Park Road #A

    Mechanicsville, VA 23111-3608

    Phone: (804) 730-9200

    Toll-Free: (877) 786-3071

    Fax: (804) 730-3871

  34. I’ve been dealing with migraines ever since I was little (now 20). I was put on Midrin just before it went off the market, then went to the compound. But I noticed that advil works better than the compound. So I was wondering, if any knew why that might be? Is there a mg change between the Midrin and the compound?


  35. I live in WV and have not been able to find Midrin or generics anywhere. Just called Walgreens and they said they have it on backorder. Do they not know you can’t get it? I’m trying a compounding pharmacy now. I called one yesterday and they told me they could not get one of the ingredients but kept my number and name in case they found a source. In the meantime, I’m trying Lee Davis Pharmacy. We’ll see how this goes. =/

  36. A quick update from Lee Davis Compounding Pharmacy on prices for compounded Midrin:
    20 = $30
    30 = $40
    40 = $53.35
    60 = $80
    Have your physician contact us at the numbers below or feel free to call us if you have any questions. And visit our website at

    7023 Lee Park Road #A
    Mechanicsville, VA 23111-3608
    Phone: (804) 730-9200
    Toll-Free: (877) 786-3071
    Fax: (804) 730-3871

  37. I tried my Walgreen’s – they never heard of the generic. I am going to see if my doctor with send or call a Rx to Lee Davis pharmacy.

  38. Mark is right. After reading the conversations I contacted Walgreens here in Northern Virginia and they can fill a prescription for a generic version of Midrin. Cost is $60 for 30 capsules or lower depending on the health care provider.

  39. I heard his was happening so my Dr. wrote me a prescription for 100 w/ 6 refills. I got the first two for $10 copay each. The next two my Insurance wouldnt pay for 30 more days & I feared they would be gone so I had to pay the cash price of $34 per bottle of 100. They were out after that, but I was at least able to get 400 capsules & I already had 75. So Im in good shape for awhile. I broke my neck in May and had it surgicly repaired & havent taken a Midrin since. Im hopeing I wont need them. When i do run out I will try a compounding Pharmacy. I used to have my vicoden made by a compounding pharmacy without as much Tylenol.

  40. Great news! Lee Davis Compounding Pharmacy in Mechanicsville, VA will compound Midrin for you. The drug consisted of ISOMETHEPTENE MUCATE, DICHLORALPHENAZONE, AND ACETAMINOPHEN and we have all three components available. Have your physician contact us at the numbers below or feel free to call us if you have any questions. Visit our website at

    Lee Davis Compounding Pharmacy
    7023 Lee Park Road #A
    Mechanicsville, VA 23111-3608
    Phone: (804) 730-9200
    Toll-Free: (877) 786-3071
    Fax: (804) 730-3871

  41. Hello- since Midrin® will no longer be available commercially, our Compounding Pharmacy is currently compounding isometheptene, dichloralphenazone, and acetaminophen. We are located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida and offer free shipping within the U.S.. Please let us know how we can help: 561-691-4991 or

    Thank you,
    Tracy Christian, RPh, BS Pharm
    Premier Compounding Pharmacy

  42. Just got off the phone with my Pharmacy and I have 2 refills on my Midrin. Like many others Midrin is the only medication that works for me when I get a migraine. I was told it has been discontinued and generic meds too. What am I to do, I’ve been using midrin for over 15 years. Drug Mart stated its been proven it does not relieve migraines. Really close to 70 say it does.

    Compounding pharmacies can make it for you. Check the original post for links to finding compounding pharmacies in your area. If there’s no one nearby, several pharmacists have left comments on the post with their information. You can have the meds mailed to you.


  43. Follow the money. The only ones who will benefit would be the pharmaceutical companies. How many years has Midrin–and generics–been on the market and “tested” by the thousands of us all these years. Someone will step in and create a “new” version of this (like the old Claritin and the new Claritin) and charge us so much money for it we will never be able to afford it again.

  44. I’m now down to 6 generic Midrin capsules …..

    I cant tell you the number of times in the last 6 months that I really could have benefitted from taking one; but, instead I held off until that “T.O.M.” because that’s when my migraines tend to be the worst.

    Something cheap, which ACTUALLY WORKED, and now it’s not readily available anymore … go figure!?!


  45. I switched to fioricet with caffeine after the loss of midrin. It usually works quite well, but I sometimes have to resort to vicodin. I try to switch sometimes just to avoid addiction to either.

  46. I feel the pain had to start Depo lupron which made my headaches come back and no luck on getting midrin which is the only thing that worked. My doctor prescribed me Fioricet hopefully it will work and I can get were I can use it during the day if needed.

  47. Midrin equivalent IS READILY AVAILABLE at compounding pharmacies!!! Just got my supply today at Key Pharmacy in Kent, WA. Just Google “compounding pharmacies” or “Key Pharmacy in Kent, WA” to find a source and make this info available to your doctor. It is unfortunate that the patient has to do the research and that the doctor won’t do it, but we can help each other. True, the mild sedative ingredient in Midrin is not available, but a very close substitute is (Key Pharmacy figured this out for me). 30 capsules are available for just under $42 with UPS shipping under $8 (check shipping cost for your location)

  48. This is rotten. I went to pick up a scrip for Relpax. $241. There’s no way I can afford this. Back to Lortab which means I can’t take it during the day since I might have to leave the house for some reason. What other generic migraine meds are good? I can’t use Imitrex and Treximet was useless to me.

  49. This is major BOLLSH*T!! I was hospitalized about 10 years ago. The dr’s thought I had spinal menangidous, and even used me as a guinea pig. Eventually they just guessed I had some Virus that caused my migraines. I have tried everything like everyone else. Ahhhh! I need my Midrin or generic equivalent. Nothing else works. I feel all your pain.

  50. I’m so glad that I’m not the only one having trouble giving up my Midrin! I too have found out that it’s impossible to get anymore (and I work for one of the largest healthcare systems in the south). Does anyone know if Canadian pharmacies have it? I filled my “new” Prodrin script today (30 pills for $45 co-pay…90 pills for $85 co-pay) and hope to God that it works similarly to Midrin. I’m going to check with a local compounding pharmacy Monday…thanks for the idea!

  51. This is WRONG !!!!! I need my Midrin !!! I have been on it for probably 30 some years and it is the only thing that works for me when I feel a tension/migraine coming on (which happens a few times a week). .

    GIVE US SOME HELP HERE !!! WHO CAN WE CALL ??? You say this is a newsletter but you do nothing. . it looks to me like you have quite a few people here telling you to do something about this !!

    What really irks me is that I have called my doctor and he really is no help. . will give me no help to correct the situation other than prescribe me other meds that believe you me are either VERY EXPENSIVE or have bad side effects. . they cannot be bothered to research anything about this issue. .

    I am fed up with my doctor and the government for interfering !!!

    DO SOMETHING !!! WE WILL BACK YOU UP (just show them this website)


  52. Does anyone know whether the compounded drug with chloral hydrate cost as much as the triptan drugs? I’ve relied on midrin for so long that I’m afraid that nothing else will work. Relpax did not, but doctor is recommending I try imitrex instead.

  53. Wow, I was totally devastated when I went to try to pick up my refill for Midrin. this is the ONLY medicationI have found that works. The triptans NEVER worked for me. They tried to give me a prescription for Prodrin but it is not available generic like Midrin was. My co-pay is $45.00! I use to pay $5.00 for Midrin generic. I hope and pray for all of us that they do make it. I was waiting for my neuro to come up with something close enough. I have absolutely NO Midrin left so I am worried. I thought the other comment about it being made for you by a compounding pharmacy was an EXCELLENT idea! I wish you all the best. In the meantime, 4 aspirin and a drink with caffeine have helped my migraines.

  54. 1. What idiot could possibly think naproxen will work for a migraine? If you have success with midrin there is no way it will work.
    2. Out of the variety of meds I have tried over the years only 2 meds work for my migraines = toradol which you have to go to the dr to get a shot, and midrin. As of today, I get to try out zomig. Neither my doc or I are very hopeful it will work since nothing else has.

    What a crock of $*** that these losers who have never had a migraine would make it impossible for those of us who need this medication to get relief. I can’t take narcotics because I have fibromyalgia – narcotics and fibromyalgia do not mix well. I rely on my midrin as often as a few time a week! I am terrified I will soon be living in a man made hell!

  55. I have been prescribed several things for my headaches. Generic Midrin has been the best aside from Fioricet w/Codeine which of course can be addictive and most doctors are weary of prescibing. I got in touch (thanks whoever posted the idea) with a compounding pharmacy and they can make Midrin with Chloral Hydrate instead of Dichloralphenazone. Someone also asked earlier if Tramadol (Ultram) worked for migraines…they helped me but can also be addictive so try to avoid them if you can.

  56. Just FYI Qwest Corp @ 602-257-9033 CAN’T fill this RX! It has been taken off the market and can’t be filled by anyone!!! This is a pharmacy not a manufacturer.

  57. I have been taking Midrin for over a year for daily chronic headaches. I am so upset over the discontinuation, because Midrin was also the only thing that worked for me after trying many migraine meds. My doctor changed my prescription to Prodrin, which seems to work okay, but I am not crazy about the caffeine in it.

  58. You can all thank tort lawyers for this and all of the other drugs that have been pulled off the market for no other reason than GREED! All it takes is a few greedy lawyers putting a few dozen adds out in local papers and on your local TV stations telling people all kinds of lies about getting 3-eyed babies because they took such and such drug one time and bingo there goes the drug off the market for no reason and the lawyers make MILLIONS of dollars! I am so PISSED OFF! I have used Midrin for 20 years, I take it when I first get an aura and it keeps me from getting a full blown migraine. I also toake topamax everyday because I get 5-6 migraines per week without it, that is the lawyer slatest target, it will soon be off the market and my daughter who has seizures will REALLY be in trouble without THAT drug! F–king FDA and lawyers should be put on another planet!

  59. chrissy-thank you so much for the idea of having it made special. Turns out there is a pharmacy that can compound it very close to my home. Thank you so much.
    And Jean-It’s typical that most people blame someone for things, ideas, changes, etc. that they don’t like. (That’s just what people do) Give Dean a break-what he may need is not a chill-pill, its Midrin! I know how crappy I feel when a migraine strikes-maybe Dean had a bad day. You, however may need something a bit stronger than a chill pill if such a benign comment is a call to action…”the (added) stress of dumb political comments”…please Jean!

  60. I used Midrin in 2004, and it was the only thing that worked for my migraines and headaches. Now I have been recently diagnosed with something called hemi cranial continua, a continuous headache on the entire side of my head, as well as migraine, which, I suppose, is different. THis has been going on for six months. I now have to take Indomethacin, which is rough on the stomach, Maxalt, which is hit and miss with its effectiveness, and Neurontin, as a preventive, which is making me very stoned and depressed. Now I don’t know what to do. I spend most of my days lying down in pain., or total fatigue. The Indomethacin is effective, but I dread the day I will be taken off of it, because it is dangerous to the stomach, and I constantly have to be monitored. They have tried Pamalor, and Topamax, none of which work and I have severe side effects with these. I am so sick of this.

  61. When I went to get my son’s midrin prescription, the pharmacy gave me naproxen instead. Will this work the same?

  62. Hi: Just tried to refill a prescription for Midrin since I finally used up the last I had on the last migraine. When I discovered that it was no longer being made and that my doctor would have to prescribe something else, I just about flipped! Its been a relief for years that I could depend on it to take care of a very debilitating pain – especially since it took about 10 years to find something that worked at all. My doctor has prescribed Tramadol HCL, I have used it before, when I fractured my knee, but if I want to work, I can only take a half at a time. Have any of you used it for migraine? Thanks.

  63. Isn’t it typical that the left has to blame the former President (Bush) for EVERYTHING!!
    Dean, you need to find a chill pill.
    Migraine sufferers do not need to have the added stress of (dumb) political comments on our blog spot!

  64. Government regulation is not capitalism. Don’t blame the machine that has made our poorest better off than the richest in other parts of the world. Always remember– marxists need enemies, and you’re kidding yourself if you think their intentions are pure.

  65. I have used Midrin and it’s equivalents for over 40 years! I had no ill effects or side effects, only the relief of my migraine and tension headaches. It took 1 1/2 years to find a drug that worked and let me function. Now I have to start over from square one, to find something to work as well, as trouble free and inexpensively as the tried and true medication Midrin. The pharmacists I’ve talked to were all clueless that it was removed from the market, they all just didn’t know why they have not been able to get it in.

  66. Thank Bush for giving the pharmaceutical companies this huge gift in his last year in office. The government, FDA, and these companies are all crooks!

  67. None of the pharmacies in my town had it. Its the only thing that has ever worked for me. I found out after having my last son in Jan when my migraines returned. Mine went away during pregnancy and are back in full force. I have a few left. But my doc called in fioricet (sp?) for me now. I haven’t tried it yet, but hope it works.

  68. To Tom who “just refilled 50 pills of Migraten” on March 13th – what pharmacy did you get them from? Was it a chain (Walgreens, CVS, etc.)? I have used Midrin or it’s generic equivalent for over 20 years and it is the only thing that works for me and still lets me function (at least most of the time). This is SO frustrating, and my supply is dwindling. After spending 4 hours calling different pharmacies – chains and independents, I was able to find a total of TEN capsules of one of the generics!

  69. Try finding a compounding pharmacy that will make
    Isometheptene 65mg
    Butabltibal 50mg
    Acetaminophen 325mg

  70. Does anyone know How long will it take for midrib to be back on the market?

    Unfortunately, it has been discontinued permanently.


  71. Update: I just refilled 50 pills of Migraten. Seems it costs me $35 since it’s not a generic. The generic was $5. I think we’ve found one reason for the change. More dollars for the pharms.

  72. Chrissy,

    THANK YOU so much for sharing that! I have an appointment with my doc on Wednesday to discuss a new treatment regimen now that all of the Midrin-like drugs have been pulled from my local pharmacies. I will give him that info and see if he will call them. I just got my doozy of a migraine since my on hand supply ran out and tried a triptan again (I have cycled through all of them in the last 10 years with no luck)The fioricet doesn’t give me any relief and just makes me feel drugged. The midrin-like drugs are the only thing that I’ve ever been able to take and function.

  73. If you need the number to give your dr so they can call and get you a prescrip of midrin . it is 602-257-9033. Now REMEMBER ONLY THE DR can phone in the prescript . you can not call in with your on prescript it wont be filled if you try. I hope this helps others to get thier midrin to.

  74. I was also told that midrin was not availible but my dr called a company in phoneix and they can make the midrin and send it out in the mail to me even if i move. Everyone who needs midrin might want to see if thier drs can contact and outside pharmacy that can produce the midrin itself . The company i go thru is qwest corp in phoenix. They told me that they do have midrin and will continue making it themselves. but the catch is the dr has to call the company and set it up and then they will call you back for your info and for me i only payed a 9 dollar co-pay .

  75. I too have just discovered that the manufacturers of all generic Midrin will no longer be making it. I just got the very last that my pharmacy had and it was a mix of 3 different generic brands for a total of 30 pills. I am dumbfounded that a tried and true drug is no longer being made. It has been proven safe and been on the market longer than most other headache meds. The triptans make my headaches worse and make my jaw muscles clench tight in spasms. I too have fibromyalgia so a migrain just makes my normal body pain even worse. My doctor just gave me a prescription for generic Butalbital. It works fine if you like to fall asleep for about 8 hours solid after taking it. This is an outrage to all migraine sufferers and I just can’t believe nothing can be done about it.

  76. hi, i have never taken Midrin , nor heard of it. But i have been taking Imitrex, seems like forever!!! I have suffered from migraines, for alittle over 15yrs. They suck! ( sorry ) anyway, i feel bad for anyone who cant or doesnt have their medication to get rid of a migraine, when it comes on. They make you, so you cant go about your day in a normal way. You just want to lay down in a dark room Ugh

  77. This is outrageous! I’ve used Midrin for years with no side effects except a little sleepiness during the first few years. It has been 100% effective at removing my headaches and, like others in this position, I’ve found nothing else that works at all! What is most appalling is that I was never given the slightest warning about the possibility of MIdrin being discontinued until, like others, I went to have my prescription refilled. I don’t know whom to blame (the FDA? The manufacturer(s)? our doctors?) for this, but it should not be happening!

  78. Like everyone here I have the same issue. The ingrediant that is in short supply is dichloralphenazone, which is the sedative that is in Midrin. After desperately searching, I found a compounding pharmacy that was willing to work with my doctor and they are making a midrin replacement for me, they are just replacing the dichloralphenazone with Chloral Hydrate, another sedative. I don’t have insurance so the pills are going to be $69 for 100 of them. I am hopeful this will work!!!!

  79. I’ve used Midrin for 30 years and am devastated over this news. I tried Maxalt today for the 1st time, but then feel asleep 30 minutes later. When I woke up the headache was gone, so I have high hopes, but still need more testing while awake. I researched this drug and it constricts the blood vessels (the same as Midrin). Overall, I really want Midrin back, as I know it works.

  80. I’m in California and filled my midrin Friday, 2/25/2011

    Although midrin only works 1 out every 10 migraines for me, it is the only thing that has ever brought me any relief.

  81. I just tried to get my prescripton refilled and my pharmacy said that they are on back order and my Provider gave me a new medication that I have not been on before. The Midrin worked great and now I am going to start the process over again finding a new medication that works as well as the Midrin did…I called all over and no other phmarcys carry this anymore, not even generic…

  82. I have chronic daily migraines, fibromylagia, irritable bowel syndrome and seronegative Lyme disease. Ouche! Midrin helped so much! It’s a conspiracy by the doctors and drug companies to make us pay more for drugs.

  83. Regardless of what anyone says Midrin and its generics are no longer available. The generic did not go through efficacy trials and was never FDA approved. The FDA did not pull it off the market but stricter guidelines put in place a few years ago put too much liability on the companies that were making this without all the proper guidelines met. There is currently no manufacturer making the brand or generic and probably won’t be for several years if ever. It may still be available in some places until warehouse stocks are completely exhausted, but I’m guessing more likely than not they all ran out several months ago.

  84. I just had a prescription filled for this. it is a generic form (ACETAMIN-ISOMETHEP-DICHLORAL) 325-65-100.

    Group Health, Silverdale, Washington.

  85. Prodrin is still one of those being recalled like midrin, all midrin like drugs are off the market. I couldnt believe it. I have anxiety, hate to say, and one of my compuslive worries is that something would happen to this medicine and then this happened. I too benefited from it when my daily medicine goes into ‘no worky’ phases. noooooooooooooooooooooo tylenol alone just doesn’t cut it and Imitrex was horrendous. I do NOT want narcotics.

  86. I work in a pharmacy and I’ve seen this happen a couple of times in the past – Quinine and, more recently, colchicine were both pulled for the same reasons and re-patented with the appropriate Brand mark-up. You will probably see Midrin back on the shelves after a few months but with new FDA guidelines and a new Brand name that costs a couple hundred dollars more. Viva La Capitalismo!

  87. The mission statement for the FDA is pretty much the same as every governmental entity … “we’re not happy until you’re not happy”

  88. I live in Tampa, Florida and I was told by Walgreens that Midrin was no longe availale when I went to refill my prescription. I called CVS and they said they did have it. So I ran down to get my prescription filled there and the pharmacists advised me that they did not have it and that it is no longer available. I mentioned to them that it would be nice if they would explain this to the people that answered the phone in the pharmacy that told me when I called “yes, we do have it”. BS as always and we will never know why. free country my a..

  89. Hi there. I have also been taking Midrin for years (initially my prescription was being filled with Duradrin, and more recently with Isometh-D-chloralphenz-APAP). When I tried to have my prescription filled today at CVS, I was told that Midrin, in all forms, is no longer available, and that my Dr will have to change my medication. Like many others here, Midrin is the only medication I have found that relieves my migraines without knocking me out or making me too sick to work. Has anyone had any success with any other medications since Midrin became unavailable?

  90. What happens with Midrin gives us all the more reasons to seek more natural treatment for our headaches everyday. It is best to find out what is triggering our headaches and make efforts to avoid them. thereby reducing our dependence on medications like Midrin.

  91. If this is the result of FDA, then it figures.

    What is governments function, why to mess up whatever is working and make sure that everyone suffers!! Good work FDA!!!

  92. All, keep trying around. Walgreen’s gave me the story that all Midrin-like drugs were discontinued. I fought them for six weeks. Finally, I called CVS and they have all kinds, both the generic and the brand Midrin. I can’t believe the run around I got from Walgreens.

  93. I just found out the other day when I had my first migraine in 5 yrs. Had my doctor to call it in and when I got to the pharmacy they told me it wasn’t available anymore. They ended up giving me a drug called Prodrin. It seems to work the same way but just not as well. U might give it a shot. It has tylenol, caffiene, and the same vasoconstrictor that is in Midrin

  94. It truly upsets me that there has been no info on tv,in the pharmacys,or coming from the Dr.’s on this situation. I ran out of my meds and was trying to get a refill when I was abruptly told “you can’t get it anymore” and nothing else. Now this upset me even more because nothing had been said to me a month before when I had filled my script, the Dr. had not said anything to me even though he knows I can’t take narcotics and triptans do not work for me so it would have been nice if I had known a few months in advance so I could work with a neurologist while I could have still had Midrin as a backup.I just have one question?…..whatever happened to first do no harm? Aren’t they harming us by severely lowering and limiting our quality of life? Because most people I know are on Midrin as a last resort after trying many many drugs with no success.

  95. Hi, I just saw my neurologist and asked her about this. She said that they “ran out of one of the ingredients” in the Midrin and are making more…? And she said sometimes you have to call different pharmacies but you can still get it.

    Don’t know if this changes where you are but I’d be very relieved to know it’s still out there somewhere. It works well for me!

  96. I had my doctor call in what I thought was a refill of my generic Midrin to the pharmacy. When I tried to pick it up I was told it was “on order” and to come back the next day. I went to pick it up and was told it costs 200.00. I don’t have insurance and have lost my job because of the economy. I left the pharmacy in tears because I have had a migraine for 3 days waiting to get my medicine from the doctor and pharmacy. I left without any medicine plus it’s the weekend so I can’t reach my doctor. I have regular headache medicine but as you all know they don’t help. I agree with Valerie….it’s been discontinued by someone who has NEVER had a migraine much less a headache in their life!

  97. This is for Patti. I agree with her looking out for herself. When I was in medical education, everyone was familar with the joke, “What do you call a medical student that graduates at the bottom of his class?” The answer is of course, “doctor.” They are not all equal; if at all possible, don’t give up.

  98. This is horrible news. There were only a few drugs that worked for me. Im allergic to tricyclic anti depressants. The triptans stopped working or made it worse. And I could use midrin and vicodin revolving so I didn’t become too accustomed to one or the other. My friend took darvocette and I guess that’s been recalled too.


  99. Hi, I would just like to start off by saying that I love your site. Its a great place to get support from migrainers.

    I would just like to say to everyone who gets headaches to not give up. Its easy to get discouraged and depressed. I cured my headaches by finding MYSELF (I am 15 by the way) that I am allergic to wheat and corn. My whole family and doctor thought I was being over dramatic and crazy. Just a word of advice, trust your intuition, regardless of what the “doctor” says. Its not normal to feel sick like migrainers do all the time.

  100. It has been difficult getting a straight answer on this. Midrin has been the only medication I can take and still function at work. Other medications make me feel like I’m in a fog and don’t take the pain away as well. I’ve subscribed to keep updated on any equivilant that may be developed. I have enough meds to keep me for about 4 months after that..I dread how I’ll get through them without going broke.

    Thanks again for the information.

  101. What?!?! I lost out when it was discontinued a few years ago. Then it came back on the market, so I’ve been using it again.

    I feel like I need to get a bunch of refills asap before they run out at my pharmacy!

    Why must they do this to us?! :/

    Obviously its someone that doesn’t suffer like we do.

  102. Kerrie,

    It’s good to see you feel up to posting, but sad that it has to be the bad news about Midrin. This is such a blow for many Migraineurs. I can understand that the FDA wants to ensure the safety and efficacy of medications, but don’t understand why there aren’t exceptions for medications that have been safely used for so long.

    Happy holidays!

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