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HeadOn Headache Product Potentially Dangerous

The active ingredient in HeadOn, a roll-on headache treatment, is potassium dicromate, which is used in developing photos and should not come into contact with skin, according to Larry Newman, MD, director of the Roosevelt Headache Institute in Manhattan.

HeadOn is an OTC product and is subject to much less regulation than prescription drugs. In fact, I’m not sure if it is regulated at all.

If you’re a HeadOn user looking for an alternative, some other products offer similar topical headache relief. My favorite is Origins’ Peace of Mind on-the-spot treatment.

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Update, 5/6/07: This site is not affiliated with HeadOn, I’m just reporting on what I’ve read. For more information, here are a couple follow-up posts:

Information of HeadOn’s Harmful Active Ingredient

HeadOn Retraction?

166 thoughts on “HeadOn Headache Product Potentially Dangerous”

  1. This one of the best topical out there for headaches , especially migraines! Who cares about the commercial, it helped more than prescription meds, and those that do have migraines or headaches on a daily, have had to look for something else because doctor’s and the big pharms want you to buy their crap! They took the best medicine off the market😣

  2. Head on used to be the only thing that worked for me. I will have to find the new stuff. Peppermint essential oil on the forehead and temples help some. Might want to try it mixed with coconut oil or something first to make sure you arent sensitive to it.

  3. The most effective head ache relief product l have used! Who cares if some of you do not like their commercials. They caught your attention, which is what a great ad is supposed to do.

  4. Really, they are back?!?!?!?! I wonder if they changed their formula? Annoying commercials.. But when you’re in the middle of a migraine no one freaking cares about a commercial. The original worked exceptionally. I hope this one does as well!

  5. As of 3/17/2016 the manufacturer (Miralus Healthcare) still makes and distributes two versions of Head-On. Major chain grocery and drug stores, most of them. Have another look. Kind of silly, all the fuss and warnings about something so very benign it takes a certain kind of ‘genius’ to (mildly) harm yourself with it.

  6. Has anyone tried rubbing any of the single ingredients on their forehead/temples? There was peppermint and/or menthol. I’m going to try peppermint essential oil in organic non-GMO safflower oil. Luckily, I don’t get a lot of headaches, but Head On Regular worked really well for me!

  7. I really could care less about the commercial!! The product worked great and got rid of my migraine. I was hoping to buy more but can’t find it obviously because it’s been taken off the market. So now I’ll have to waste money until I find a product that works just as good.
    People that complain about the commercial, you realize that was purpose of the “annoying” aspect of it. You knew the product whether you use it or not! Smh

  8. People should be able to decide for themselves if they want to use a product or not. This Head-On product was a very good one and worked for most who tried it. The Dr.s just wasn’t getting a kickback from the sales so didn’t want it on the shelves. The commercials for it really did suck but the product was great. Would very much like to be able to buy find it again.


  10. My friend and I have been looking for head on for some time and could not find it.. I thought it was because it was a low cost medicine call that really worked so they took it off the shelves. I didn’t think it would work either but I tried it and it worked. Still trying to find it.

  11. My last one melted in a side table drawer over the summer, unknown to me. Now I can’t find it in stores and they want $89 for it on line. What’s that about? I ordered something else and it’s nothing like Head On. I have some peppermint oil so next time I’m going to try putting that in some lotion, since that’s supposed to be one old timey remedy. If anyone else finds something to Head ON, I’d like to know about it!

  12. I wish i had access to headon migraine. It stopped my sinus headaches as well as the ones from my neck. Overall great relief! Now i can’t find it. Anything that works they take away, whether it’s shampoo, moisturizer, pain relief…if it works it won’t be around long.

  13. No matter how stupid the commercials are, THIS STUFF WORKS “INSTANTLY’. Why did took this off the market. I am so sad right now, and it last like forever, I finally ran out due to the hot heat melting it.

  14. HeadOn was annoying, but it worked! I have also found migraine relief with menthol headache/ fever reducer patches like at–lavender-oil/ID=prod6070304-product. Also, I found another tube product that seems similar to HeadOn and works well for me. Buy at Good luck to my fellow migraine sufferers!

  15. the product worked for me and no matter what anyone says it is more effective than tylenol which has properties in it that cause your liver to fail. All this is, is a way to keep the RX companies in business. They should pull tylenol off the shelves since their product causes more harm than HEAD ON.

  16. Migra stick also works well, not the same as headon but unfortunately there’s only a few tunes left on Amazon or ebay for like 75-85$ each! I miss headon! Try migra stick though if head on worked for you!

  17. it stinks they took Head on off the market the product is the only thing that I can manage my migraines with no side affects wish they would bring it back so I can count on being able to manage my migraines better the stuff works in less than 5 minutes

  18. This product actually really works. I swear by it and am really sad that I can’t get it anymore. I have suffered from migraines since I was 5. This was one of the only things that gave me relief 🙁 I’m almost about to buy it for $50 off amazon

  19. Kerrie, Thank you for taking the time to reply with some suggestions. I’ve always found it fascinating how sometimes what works for one person, doesn’t always work for another. For example, Tylenol GIVES me a headache if I take it and aspirin (even the buffered kind) makes me sick to my stomach!

  20. I am SO sorry that I can no longer get HEAD ON – it truly helps my headaches. I go through periods where I will have CONSTANT headaches- and a combination of ibuprofen and HEAD ON-really lessens the symptoms. Unlike most of the the commenters here I never have seen a HEAD ON commercial, but picked up a tube on a whim at a store mainly because I was worried about the side effects of my constant use of ibuprofen. Wow! I was so impressed. Wish now that I would have picked up more before they stopped making it. Does anyone know of a similar alternative?

    1. I never used Head On, so I can’t compare the sensations directly. Some people use a peppermint essential oil, Vicks Vaporub, Aveda’s Blue Oil, or temple creams from various companies. There’s also a product called Migrastic that works similarly. None of these product contain the same ingredients as Head On, so the only way to figure out what works for you is to try them. Good luck finding one that provides you relief.


  21. Head on works. When I could no longer afford to take what the Dr. prescribed-$100.00 a pill- I tried this product and had great results.

  22. This stuff works … don’t care what anyone wants to say; this stuff works. I do not understand them taking it off the market … most likely it was forced off because it did work. Not only for headaches; but swollen joints worked awesome. My son severely jammed his thumb; it looked horrid so swollen .. I rubbed some of the head on on … with in a 1/2 the pain was subsiding and the swelling down; just applied more … the swelling went completely down and no pain .. its a great product and if I can get more of it .. its mine!!!

  23. I am a migraine sufferer and used this product all the time. It does really work and gives me relief to the throbbing feeling I have in my forehead when im having a headache. Ive been looking all over for a tube and cant find it in my town. I got a headache today and wish I had some

  24. I bought this product out of desperation after having a headache for 5 days that even hydrocodone couldn’t put a dent in. Not only did it not work but the stuff dripped off my forehead and got into my eye. For about 30 minutes I didn’t think about my headache pain alright, because my eye was on fire! I’ve rinised and rinsed with water and can now finally see though its a bit blurry and still hurts. I was trying to see if I needed to worry about any permanent damage when I came accross this forum. I also learned from reading other sources that the main ingredient for this stuff is used to develop photos. It’s dangerous!

  25. I would buy Head-On if it were still available. Say what you will, but it worked for me. I get headaches that will not go away until they run their course and Head-On would give me much relief. The commercial is most definitely irritating, but the stuff worked for me.

  26. Ive had sinus headaches for years and when I saw the head on commercial it did seem weird but I was willing to try anything. And guess what, IT WORK! I cant believe it was taken off the market. I was buying it for as little as 6.00. Now if I want it I have to buy it on Amazon for over 30.oo. Thats unbelievable!

  27. I have never seen their commercials. Don’t like commercials and they do not influence what I choose to purchase or use. This product works. I have used it and a friend that also has found relief. I am sad this product cannot be purchased over the counter, only at ebay or amazom at very inflated prices caused by the product being discontinued. Most pain relievers have side effects. I have had none from Headon.

  28. Ihad to go to the dr because of a migrain. I was given 2 perscriptions. One for the migrai and the other for nausea. Its been 4 hrs since I took the medicine and Im still not completely weel. The last time I took headon was almost 2 years ago. I forgotten about having a tube ofit. I was sick with a migrain all morning. Every hour on the hour I was vomitting. After six hours, and with nothing in my stomache to vomit ( it was like that for the last 5 hours) I got up from the sofa and was looking on top my enterainment center. I did not know what I was looking for. In a coffee can I had pens and pecils. I also found a HeadOn for migrain. I was shocked I still had it, so I put some on my fore head and in 15 minutes I had no more headache and nausea/vomitting.I want to buy some and will get it if possible.

  29. I’ve used headon many times and it really did work almost instantly. I suffer from migraines and frequent headaches. Other than taking advil/excedrin, headon was the only other product that worked. Everyone on here bashing the company for its “annoying” commercial just proved why that commercial was a success…..people are talking about it! Unless you have actually tried the product and are dissatisfied with it I suggest you find another worthwhile hobby.

  30. I used Headon as well and the only thing that got rid of my migrains as well. When they were really bad would use Excedrin migrain as well. Both worked well together and no side effect. I hope they bring it back too. Irritating commercials or not!

  31. I am so sad to hear they no longer sell it!

    While the commercials are irritating as hell, depending on what is causing my migraine this stuff works beautifully!

    Now I will have to find an alternative…. 🙁

  32. I Love Headon it’s the only stuff that gets rid of my Migraines and now I can’t find it they need to bring it back so the ones that actually apprieciated it can have it works in less than 5 minutes and doesn’t interfer with other meds thank God I bought a bunch of them a few yrs ago now I know why they were on clearance

  33. Me and my wife used this head on for a long time and It worked better than any Pills and NSAID meds that we took. I recently went to buy more of It and could not find It except On some of the web sites Including Just like everything that works It gets pulled of the shelves:I WANT THE STUFF BACK ON THE SHELVES IMMEDIATEL.
    L GRAY

  34. You need to bring back the head on because it was the only thing that worked for me to stop my headaches and it was so stupid that they took it out of the stores and pharmacys so please bring it back

  35. I didn’t read all remarks, but I read some stupid one’s. head on is the only remedy that my wife has used to relive god awful sinus headache and now the Pharmacys have replaced it with some crap that dosen’t work worth a crap. Hope that those people that have send in those stupid remarks about headon never have to deal with such a painful headache that drives you creazy and can’t get rid of it with just any thing. Headon is such a wonderful product and now its almost impossiable to fine it….The only product that works, now its nearly impossiable to fine, don’t understand the logic. Please bring it back!!!

  36. I swear by it… Is it a placebo?? I don’t know.. but we used it for our kids and ourselves and it worked. Specially to stop a headache when it was just in its initial stage. If I had already a strong headache going on for several hours.. I do think it helped but not that sure. But when it was a lighter one probably after an hour or so.. it worked just great!

    Seemed like a significant better idea than to keep taking pills each time I got a headache!

  37. I don’t care what’s in it…don’t care about the commercial…I don’t even care if it’s “all in my head”. It works for me and I want it back.

  38. I LOVED head-on! So sad I can’t find it anymore. I wouldn’t say it made my headaches go away, but it brought me relief enough for me to get through my day at work. I can’t walk around all day with an ice sack on my head or a cooling patch- I’d look like I got in a car-wreck.

  39. I agree that head on is a great help, but since it is no longer available I looked for a replacement and I found something that comes pretty close and is safer to use – Olbas Oil Aromatherapy Massage Oil and Inhalant. I have a 24/7 headache for 20 months now and this works better than anything else for temporary relief, it doesn’t make the headache go away, but it adds a cooling sensation that makes it more tolerable.

  40. OMG I have had migraines since I was a teenager. the headon migraine works wonders!!! It does not ‘cure them’ but it makes it so I can go about the day with only a slight headache and not the brain spliting pain.
    Yes the commercial is anoying but I swear by it and am pissed it got pulled from the market

  41. This is the best product for my migraines. It works right away. No medication works for me better than HeadOn. I don’t care how stupid the commercial is. The product works.

  42. Head On is one of the best product I’ve every used. I would buy it by the case load if I could find it again. I also live on Icy Hot for my Restless Leg Syndrome.

  43. Head On is one of the few products on the market that actually works as promised. Yes, the commercials were annoying, but you don’t forget them. There are a lot of stupid people out there who STILL don’t know how the product works, even though the phrase “apply directly to the forehead” is repeated numerous times in the commercials. I’m disappointed that I can’t find Head On anymore, as it is very effective and fast-acting. My fellow headache sufferers might want to try a little Icy Hot , Stop Pain or similar products on your forehead, as these all have menthol, which has the same effect as Head On. I’ve used the Stop Pain roll-on and that seems to work.

  44. I’m adding a quick comment to this as I’m hoping that someone may be able to point me in the right direction.

    After having a harder and harder time finding the headon for headaches, I am now reading that the product has been discontinued with many believing it to be a placebo.

    Having been a pharmacy student (changed majors later) and a father that’s a pharmacist, I am well aware of the placebo effect.

    But this product was the best thing I have ever tried in regards to and specifically the kind of headaches where your forehead feels like its burning up (while everyone else feels it and tells you that it feels normal). So the behind the eyes headaches and the back of the skull headaches and where ever else, the product did not do a thing.

    But its those headaches that make your forehead feel like its on fire that I experience the most. And this practically saved my life when I had a severe case of food poisoning where I was bed ridden and could not keep anything down for days – let alone any kind of pain reliever pill and my head was on FIRE. And rubbing this stuff on my forehead, temples, behind my ears and the back of my neck was a massive, massive game changer in regards to the relief. The same for less severe headaches that begin with the burning forehead symptom. So not so much of a placebo for me, but the lasting cooling – menthol (vicks?) feeling is what is more than likely doing the trick.

    So with this product discontinued and now going for over $20 a tube – what product has similar properties in regards to that cooling feeling – the cool tingle that offers serious relief?

    This is really important to me so if you happen to know, PLEASE let me know as well.



  45. This product was a godsend to me. all the migraine meds had so many side effects. The Head-On worked and had no side effects.
    Please bring it back!!!!

  46. I don’t care about the stupid commercials, the product works! And now I am pissed because of a bunch wussy bedwetters whined about the commercial, and people it really worked for can’t get it anymore. If you don’t like it – don’t buy it. But don’t screw it up the rest of us!

  47. I like it, it works for me especially when my stomach is so upset I can’t take pills without vomiting. Sometimes when I get a headache I wan’t to take a gun to my head so whats the problem with some diluted chemical some can’t agree on (potassium bichromate). Know thanks to some negatives I can’t even find the product at my local store.

  48. I have to agree with the people who say it works… because it does. The commercial may be “Slightly” annoying but if you can’t take certain OTC medication for severe headaches this stuff really does work. If you are like me and you get headaches on a regular basis this stuff is a great go-to product without taking a pill.


  50. The product works for me and that is all I care about. It seems to that the overblown medical/pharmaceutical industry does not like the product and will make all kinds of claims to try to bring down the product. It is another case of western medicine versus homeopathic.

  51. I can’t find it anywhere either. I even tried to contact the manufactuer as to why it has been pulled, and I get no answer to emails and the phone line seems to be disconnected. I am worried it was pulled off the market due to it being harmful, as the above article mentions, but I cannot find anything on the web about a recall. This product really worked for me too, and if anyone finds any info as to what is going on, please post!

  52. I just checked Amazon and it is no longer available! I checked the stores and pharmacies and they’ve been out for a while. HELP! This stuff cured my migraine pain and got me off the harmfull med Zomig! Does anyone know where it can be found now?

  53. I’d love to know why this product was pulled. I am looking everywhere for it and found some at Big Lots (thank god.) I don’t know if it’s just the menthol that makes this work but I have been trying other products with up to 14% menthol and they seem to lose their effect within a minute or so. HeadON’s icy effect lasts much longer and really works on my headaches and saves me from having to take my migraine medications which make me feel awful. My sister (who gets much worse migraines than I do) and I are so upset that we can’t find it any more. Any info on why it is discontinued?

  54. ive used the product for headaches in the past and it worked like a charm, but what really gave me a migrane was reading all these post from people whining about a commercial, nothing else better to do i guess. This stuff did its job, and I guess the annoying marketing of this product worked because, you people wrote about it .

  55. Ok I get MAD headaches and real talk this shit WORKS! I can rarely find this product at the local walgreens which is very typical when a product is effective. They don’t want us to buy stuff that actually works

  56. I too thought the commercial irritating, however after being exposed to chemicals at my workplace, severe headaches were one of many symptoms that ensued. Nothing prescribed worked and the headaches lasted for days at a time. That irritating commercial product worked for me when nothing else did, and cut my headaches from days of pain to relief only minutes after application. Even the rebound headaches ceased with it’s use. I just ran out of it, and have hit all the local pharmacies trying to find it, until being told it’s been pulled from the market. I even read one article calling it’s use for headaches “a hoax”. I spent days debilitated in a darkened room, nauseated, and with pain just on eye movement alone. For me, this was an over the counter little miracle that I found on my own, after seeking help from medical dr’s, specialists, and allergist’s. I’m diagnosed with permanent lung and nerve damage after improper ventilation of chemical fumes, those I can live with and manage..the headaches made everything so much worse. Can’t believe that something so helpful, at least to me, is now unavailable.


    I’m sorry that you can’t find it anymore. I didn’t realize it had been discontinued. I wish I had an alternative to suggest for you. Let us know if you find anything else helpful.

    Take care,

  57. Oh there is no question that the product works, I have no only relieved headaches with it but it also works on back and other site specific pain. My wife hurt her ankle last week and skeptical as she was tried headon, she now has me calling every store in town as it cannot be found anywhere anymore, so I am searching the internet for it (thats how I came across this forum). You may hate the commercials but you cannot say that the product doesn’t work. I may get cancer and die down the road but thats beside the point.

  58. Writer of this article and other people commenting have no understanding of what homeopathy is and how it works. It is subtle energy medicine and works beautifully! Just used it last night. Search subtle energy medicine and get yourself educated. It is THE future of medicine.

  59. Yep, the commercials are dumb, but the product works! I’ve suffered for years, and HeadOn either takes the edge off or completely releases the pain. I take it everywhere I go.

  60. I don’t care if it shortens my life span by a decade. I have had a sever chronic headache for nine years and this takes the edge off. I have been on all kinds of medications, done different treatments, and though I went into and tried all they (surprise) have had varying effects. So I’m sick of people saying it’s a placebo effect, which in its self we don’t know how it works. How can this be a placbo effect and not the other things I’ve tried. And if that’s the case then since I believed the extra strength was just that then why doesn’t that one help me at all?

    No HeadOn is not a magic bullet, there is no treatment, drug, cure; that doesn’t have some sort of side effect. It works for some people but yes by all means since you can’t explain it, and since it doesn’t help everyone lets get rid of it all other things that help some but not all paitents…things like chemo therapy, all drugs, surgeries, threapies, etc. Right?

    Come on people when vaccines were discovered it took time to figure out how exactly they worked. Science isn’t there yet. But why make people who are suffering suffer more if there’s something that helps them?

    There are times I would not be able to leave the house (for weeks) if it wasn’t for the help HeadOn gives me. When I heard they were going to stop making it I wanted to cry. My life just keeps getting worse.

    P.S. Have you ever read the side effects warnings of “real” drugs. Those could really kill you. I wound up in the ER because of a peanut while on an MAOI. So if I want to risk possible cancer decades from now so that I might be able to be slightly better while I am alive, that’s my business. I’m being tortured by severe pain and have no life because of it I’m not going to throw away something that works just because it can’t be proven.

  61. Boy do I have a story for you all (and I’m considering legal action for real).

    I developed a cluster migraine – the last serious headache I got was 30 years ago, I simply am not a person who suffers from headaches. Ever….

    I was several days into this episode before I was able to see my doctor, but desperate for some relief I got a tube of HeadOn. At first application it worked well and gave me a few hours of marginal relief. Same for the 2nd application, although there was a minor stinging sensation. Third application? OMG….I now have 2nd degree burns complete with large blisters on the right side of my forehead, my right temple – AND MY RIGHT EYELID where the product ran down onto my eyelid. My eyelid is swollen nearly shut!

    I am now treating for CHEMICAL burns my friends, and I have quite a disfiguring mess to deal with. It hurts almost worse than the headache if that is possible. If I had found this site prior to using this product I would never have done so. The some of the burn blisters have opened, some are still intact but in all it’s going to take a looooong time for this all to heal up and hopefully without any scars.

    DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT! I’ll say it again…DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT!!!! If I knew how to embed a photo of what has happened to me, I would. I work as a paralegal, trust me when I say that since there are no disclaimers on the packaging, I will be meeting with counsel to find out what legal action I can take against this potentially dangerous and disfiguring product.

  62. Ignorant people on rants! The Head On: sinus relief works better than anything available and gives sufferers an alternative to the constant shove toward antibiotics and their long term ills. Get a life and don’t discredit a company that provides viable options.

  63. Woke up with splitting headache. Threw up the aspirin. Rubbed this stuff on. Felt like fire. Headache faded in 10 minutes. That’s all I know.

  64. I had a great time reading this blog tonight. I laughed more than I have in a long time! The ads were clever, even though they were annoying. The most important thing – HeadOn really works!

  65. I have used both Active On and Head On. Both work great. My husband has a bad back and it actually helps make him feel comfortable. My daughter the sports buff keeps one in her hockey bag, baseball bag and her school gym locker. She’d be lost without it. I have neck/shoulder issues and get migranes once and awhile, so I use both products and find them both to be VERY effective. My problem is that I can’t find them anywhere in Ontario Canada… does anyone know where I can get them????????

  66. I have used HeadOn since they came out with it. When you suffer from migraines all the time you will try anything. I bought it expecting it NOT to work. I was really amazed that IT DID. Now I make sure I have it with me all the time.

  67. I’ve used their Migraine product and it works for me. If anyone has any other products which take the edge off of a migraine as good as this product I would like to know.

  68. I have never ending headaches; they get stronger and weaker through out the day, week and month. I have had these headaches for nearly thirty years. I have been to doctors many times, specialists three times. They have given me nothing for the pain. I took so many aspiran that I began to experience “rebound Pain” twenty years ago. Anything with cafeine makes them worse and acetaminophin never was any help at all. I get some help from ibuprofen; but worries over “rebound” limit its use to those really really bad days. I have used Headon now for two years never had any problems with it. Since it works for me by cooling my forehead; I wonder if the above problems are interactions with other products on the skin. If you have pain i suggest that you try it; been great for me!!

  69. My complaint about Head-On is that it melted and ran down into my eye, causing a second-degree burn to the interior of my eyelid, according to my ophthalmologist. It burnt like crazy! I rinsed it out as best I could but the damage was done. The product says “Keep Away from Heat” and I had it over the kitchen sink. It seemed solid when I started using it, but it must have been meltier inside the tube and it ran into my eye. Just want to warn other users – be very careful about this!!! Maybe, it should be stored in the refrigerator?

  70. OK, let’s look at those ingredients one more time:

    Active Ingredients: Blue Flag 12X HPUS 0.1% (Iris Versicolor – Pain Reliever**), Potassium Dichromate (6X H.P.U.S. 0.03% – Pain Reliever**), White Bryony (12X H.P.U.S. 0.04% – Pain Reliever**)

    Iris Versicolor: 12X (one part per trillion) solution was then diluted to 0.1% (one part per thousand), leaving one part per quadrillion.

    Potassium Dichromate: 6X (one part per million) solution is diluted to 0.03% (3 parts per ten thousand), leaving 3 parts per ten billion.

    White Bryony: 12X (one part per trillion) solution was then diluted to 0.04% (4 parts per ten thousand) leaving 4 parts per ten quadrillion.

    The EPA website tells me that the allowable level of arsenic in drinking water is ten parts per billion, for lead it’s 15 parts per billion, and for chromium (the potential concern with the Potassium Dichromate mentioned above) it’s 100 parts per billion.
    [ ]

    Since HeadOn is diluted at least thirty times weaker than the EPA standards for several fairly toxic substances in drinking water, I’m gonna go ahead and call the stuff inert. Use it if you enjoy it, but try not to kid yourself.

  71. Do any of you know anything about medications at all? Did you know that aspirin in it’s pure form is highly explosive? Or how about nitro glycerin that is given to heart patients in order to save their lives? Chemotherapy drugs that kill off all of the white blood cells in your body. They’re ALL poison is some form! Don’t be naive!! Any medication if used incorrectly or in excess, will have side effects.

  72. I laughed when I read about the complaints against Headon. I am a Registered Nurse and have witnessed deadly reactions to drugs that are given to millions of patients every day. Such drugs kill over 100,000 people every year. I doubt this product has killed one person yet many people have died from pain medication taken for headaches even my own brother died from such medication so it is ridiculous to consider this product to be dangerous!

  73. I had a really bad headache a few months back and out of desperation I decided to buy a “Head-on” type product because of price. I got the Walgreens version of Head-on called, “Glide-on: Migraine Pain Relief”…this stuff really works…for me at least!!! There are times when I am trying to get through a headache without taking anything and hoping that is will pass, but when it starts to intensify, I rub on the “Glide-on” and within 5 minutes the headach starts to subside. For anyone that is suffering with headaches, I hope you find relief out there. The only advice I can give you is to just try something new. Especially, if what you have been doing isn’t working. Eveyone will have different expiriences and every one’s body chemistry will react differently to certain things. For goodness sakes, even perfume will smell different on you than it does on someone else! So good luck on finding what will work for you.

  74. i used head-on for one day and got severly burned i went to the emergency room and now have to be on steroids and steroid cream to heal it it is the most god awful product ever

  75. I don’t know what all you people are bitching about, unless it’s just their agitating commercials. But I’ve been using head on for the last two years and the commercial is the only thing that upsets me, the product works. I used to experience ongoing headaches, for the last seven to eight years and since I’ve been using head on on the front of my head it really helps. It maybe because of the fact that it also causes a mild burning feeling where you put it on’ or whatever it is. Also I received neck surgery about four years ago and still have nerve damage and the active-on is the only thing that will allow me to get any sleep. The only side effect that I have noticed is that sometimes it may influence small ingrown hairs,(that probably would have been there anyway), but this maybe all ; if even this is a cause. I bet you that if you could make money (people with negative thoughts) you would put out this product and at least try to help people if you could. Get mad, Get pissed off; or whatever you people get off on. But please give the head on or the active on a break.

  76. So I got one of my horrible headaches today when I was out, I do have medicine for it but it tends to make me kind of drowsy so I didn’t want to take it. My mom had just bought head on so I decided to try it. I rubbed it all over my forehead and around my eyebrow area(the headache was concentrated around my eyes) and within secons my skin started to burn. My cousin and Aunt thought I was joking but it seriously felt like my face was on fire. I proceded to drive to dinner and the entire drive my eyes were tearing up because it burned so much. Even now 6 hours later if I touch my skin it is extremely sensitive. No wonder the prodcut works, it takes your mind off the headache because you’re focused on your skin burning!

  77. My grandson bought a tube of HeadOn and gave it to use to us . I tried it the other day and it broke out my fore head in red blotches and blisters specially the temple areas I only used a small amount and only one time. I will never use it again . What I don’t understand is how our government can let then sell and advertise products that are harmful to use.I hope this will stop people from using HeadON .
    Thank You for listen
    Eva B

  78. ouch!!!!!
    i tried headon yesterday morning and awoke this morning with a severe burn on my forehead!
    i shudder to think what might have happened if i had accidentally gotten the product in my eyes!
    apparently the product is dangerous and people should use caution before trying to treat a headache with it. (if you are determined to use it and you have never tried it before, i would suggest you try it on a tiny spot–preferably one that can be hidden with your hair if you have an adverse reaction to it. do not do what i did and just smear it across your entire forehead without knowing what your reaction will be!)

  79. HeadOn does actually work, but it’s not from the worthless homeopatic ingredients. I’m pretty sure it’s just menthol that causes the tingling/cooling sensation. It doesn’t eliminate the pain, but it does “dissociate” it so you no longer notice it nearly as much.

    The only bad things are the price and the red forehead you get if you use it too much. I’m trying to find something that contains menthol, such as VapoRub, that doesn’t irritate my skin as much with repeated use. I’ve yet to find anything that is as strong as HeadOn so far…

  80. I have heard mixed reviews about Head-On but it certainly works for me!
    I get headaches that sometimes turn into migraines…but Head-On has cured me! I mainly get the pain in my eyes- it sounds weird- but the aches are usually in one eye. I’ll rub Head-On around my forehead, temple and even eye-lid and it works MIRACLES! It feels like I’m icing my head while magical, soothing medicine is eating my aches away and replacing it with a tingly, cooling sensation!
    It may not work for everyone, but if you haven’t tried it- try it. It may save you like it saved me!

  81. As a Hardcore Migraine sufferer who takes Zomig, Imitrex, and Topamax, I am constantly looking for something to help me with my migraines. HeadOn seemed to work at first, but I noticed it peeled the skin on my forehead and left it flaky and itchy. Every once in a while when everything else is failing I try it again, and a day later I regret it. I would highly recommend staying away from HeadOn, and I am now looking for something else.

  82. I thought this product would be a great alternative to taking ibuprofen daily for my chronic headaches. The first time I tried it, I had a rash on my forehead where I had put it. I thought maybe I had something else reacting with it so I did not use again for about 2 weeks. I tried again, and got the same rash. I could not find any number, address, or other contact, to let them know about my skin reaction. I threw it out and told my daughter (who has chronic headaches) not to use it either.

  83. I hate these stupid commercials. I could care less if it does anything for anyone. There are so many jerkoffs making tv ads these days that annoy the hell out of people. Geico, Billy Mays, etc..

  84. Kerri,
    I feel your pain. I used HeadOn as a last resort to get rid of a horrible headache I had had for days. I guess I accidently touched my eyelids while the stuff was still on my hands. My eyes were swollen shut within minutes. It’s been a few days, and they are still pretty swollen but not near as bad. No unwanted symptoms huh? Yeah right!

  85. I was going to comment on this product, but I cant seem to quit laughing my ass off from all the other comments that people have left. This med has seemed to work for me. my head always hurts.My wife came home one day from the store with it, she said give it a try.ya right i said.IT Worked. I did find that if you should get it on your fingers, do NOT rub your eyelids! feels like you just rubbed ben-gay on them. LMAO

  86. I also haven gotten sick from my horrific migraines. My sister lives in CT and also gets them, hereditary, Thanks Mom and Dad. Anyway, she goes to the New England Center for Headache and they gave her an all natural nasal spray called Sinol. I have been using it it since Christmas (got it as a gift) and this stuff is a miracle. It relieves my migraines in minutes but you have to use it when your headache first starts. I just bought my second bottle at Rite Aid Drug Store. Go try this, it is a life saver.

  87. hello i used Headon for the first time a few day ago. i woke up the nexy day with my fore head so burned it was peeling and if i were sunburnt. where can i direct my complaint too.

  88. I tried this product because I had a horrible headache and was vomiting so I could not take an oral headache medication. I was actually shocked to find that Head On really did work!!! This stuff is amazing and other than the negative internet comments, everybody that I know who has tried this product swear by it. I will forever keep a tube handy ~ what an amazing product!!!!

  89. I was investigating this product out of curiosity. The website is still active.

    Active Ingredients: Blue Flag 12X HPUS 0.1% (Iris Versicolor – Pain Reliever**), Potassium Dichromate (6X H.P.U.S. 0.03% – Pain Reliever**), White Bryony (12X H.P.U.S. 0.04% – Pain Reliever**)

    Of the three active ingredients it appears that the first, Blue Flag (Iris Versicolor) might actually be of some use. The others are doubtful.

    I was wondering why this product would be taken by rolling on the skin. (The location on the body is irrelevant, the product must make it’s way into the bloodstream) I would expect that injestion would be more effective and efficient.

    In my opinion the placebo effect is probably the greater part of the benefit. Whether or not there is sufficient amounts of active ingredients to actually do anything could be determined by testing.

    In short, if it works for you well and good, if not then try something else.

    As for the ads, they are annoying, but then so are most tv ads.

  90. The people at HeadOn are very smart. The ad may be annoying, but you remember it don’t you? They got to you, and now you can’t get them out of your head. If you read this, or comment on this you must know you have been targeted successfully.

    I’m with you!


  91. Head On is a placebo effect, if you believe it will work it works. For headaches my doctor has recommended Sinol, a new all natural nasal spray that relieves my headache in minutes. Best used when your headache first begins. You can buy it at CVS. Sinol is really something and I can take it with my high cholesterol medication.

  92. Here’s the statement from Dr. Newman (cited in the first place) where he says that at the concentration levels this product contains none of the ingredients are harmful. You should consider updating this post to reflect this information.

    As a PS, I don’t care if it’s a placebo effect; this product works extremely well for me.

  93. For a Company that is selling an OTC medication that believes that Don Imus would harm your reputation, you should begin to understand this.

    Now that Imus is not on MSNBC, your commercials are cheaper. Because the audience is less than half it was.

    Your marketing stinks and would never use a chemical that is used to develop photographs. Your medication is “Quack” medicine.

  94. Where do you guys come from? The Better Business Bureau does NOT control commercial content in this country! Good grief! The ingredients are listed all over the internet and if you can’t use a computer call any pharmacist and ask! I see that those people who HAVE ACTUALLY USED THE PRODUCT are endorsing it even here. THANKS FOR THE INFO I am going to go out this afternoon and buy it~! Commercials do not make any product but this website has convinced me it probably works really well because only the uninformed ignorant smart-alecks are against it. THANKYOU!

  95. Head on is a homeopathic product and the potassium dicromate is diluted to the point that it doesnt even exist anymore. In case you didnt know,thats oneof the two main priciples of homeopathy,i.e,the more dilute the stronger it works. I dont make this shit up,it’s their idea. You cant overdose,or become addicted to them because there is NOTHING in them. Rubbing candle wax has the same effect on you that Head On does.

  96. Your revised commercials are even worse than the originals,if that’s possible.
    The Nobel Peace Prize award ought to go to the man who invented the “mute” button on my remote. That is truly peace, when your commercials come on

    Just for the record, this blog is in no way connected to HeadOn! I have nothing to do with the terrible commercials. 🙂


  97. i had a terriable reaction to this product. a small amount got on my hand & i had scratched on kneck with the same hand ,,, that’s when my entire neck & part of my face swelled up within seconds!it is still a bit swollen and hard as a rock. i can’t even describe how painful it is rite now !

    That sounds awful! I hope it didn’t take long to clear up.


  98. I have bad migraine constantly or I should say I did. I started using HeadOn about 3 mnths ago and it worked like a charm. If I catch it at the start and apply it then and take your normal 2 Advil dose I’m actually pretty great for the day. Now for all of those of you in chronic migraine land we all know that more them half the time we have bring out the big guns (percription meds) and can spend over half the day running from light. My migraines have cut down to a quarter and I definetly contribute that to head on

    I’m glad to hear it works for you!


  99. I’ve tried Head-On and it works but only temporarily. Then the headache comes back full force. I’m hoping it’s not addicting.

    I don’t think any topical treatment for headaches has the potential to cause rebound headaches, but I’m not positive.


  100. Unless you live with migraines you should not comment. This product does work, but you must use it on on-set. If your migraine is too far gone, you should use product plus your migraine meds. As soon as I feel one coming on, I use it and it goes away. Having my life back means everything to me. I hope more studies are done on this product. Thank you HeadOn!

  101. No one ever wants to admit thier a sucker; cutting one’s nose off despite the face is also an ailment. If you look at these sucker’s medicine cabinets, you’ll find all kinds of cheap snake oil products they bought into beause they could’nt afford the real stuff.

    Damn I need to come up with a gimic to take money from stupid people.

    WAKE UP! Anything used to develop film is not anything I would want to intentionally rub into my skin; neither are all the other bs all natural remedies “nutraceuticals.” It’s all hype man. You know, poisen ivy is all natural. All natural doesn’t mean “non harmful” but it does mean “never tested”

    The king of all scammers like this is Trudow. This ex-con, laughs his butt to sleep every night.

    Oh yeah, to the person that came up with the HardOn idea, can you send me a sample. Ha Ha

  102. I am going to patent my own product and it will be called “HARD ON” I think we’ll all know where to apply that. Ha! Ha!
    I had a headache several days last week and
    I consiered buying HEAD ON but now that I read what I have I will not be buying it but
    look for my product on drug store shelves in the near future.


  104. I haven’t been able to watch a complete TV program since their BUTT-ON & HEAD-ON ads started. When I see an ad starting, my hand flies for the remote and I change channels to avoid the deadly mind numbing, and never go back until I see another BUTT-ON commercial starting, then grab the remote and change channels again.

  105. I first got head-on from an Avon catalogue (before the commercials came out) and loved it! I have headaches all the time that aren’t quite migraines but hurt like hell any way and nothing and I do mean nothing helps. I was taking up to four advil and four tylnal at the same time (can’t do asprin) and the headache still didnt go away. I’ve even tryed Tiger Balm which I use for all the other aches and pains but it didn’t do a thing for my headaches. I put head-on on and in less than 5 minutes my headache starts to go away, most times I don’t even have to reapply at all that day! Despite the anoying comercial, this product really does work and it works very well! While in Cali on vacation I had the worst headache ever, it bordered on a migraine, light sensitivity, sound sensitivity and all, my cousin had extra strength head-on in her purse and gave some to me and with in a few minutes it was gone and I was able to eat my breakfast with out feeling sick.
    Just because you don’t like the commercial – Don’t dismiss the power of this product until you’ve tried it. My cousin and I swear by this stuff.

  106. Even though the commercial is annoying, the repetitiveness gets it drilled into your head so you don’t forget about it. I love HeadOn

  107. OMG do you people who are bitching about the commercial have LIVES much less ever had a MIGRAINE? Until you have, shut the u know what up and let those of us who DO truly suffer pain try ANYTHING to relieve it…annoying ad or NOT.
    Go and get a life, and let us have some PEACE.

  108. You do have a most annoyng ad, but the most annoying part is that you do not know how to pronounce “forehead”. Check your dictionary. My high school English teacher always quoted this little nursery rhyme to remind us how to pronounce “forehead”: There was a little girl who had a little curl
    Right in the middle of her forehead.
    When she was good she was very, very good,
    But when she was bad, she was horrid!

  109. I come from India, and we have used Tiger Balm, and another brand – Monison’s – for years.

    The products are work great to relieve any kind of headache / bodyache.

    Yes, the commercials are a nuisance, but that’s their marketing strategy. People remember the product because the commercials are so annoying!


    Thanks for your input; I’ve never heard of Monison’s before.

    I agree that the marketing strategy is brilliant!


  110. I buy tiger balm for a couple dollars in chinese stores in chinatown and have been putting it on the temples of my head for years when I get a bad headache- it works great cause of the menthol and is so cheap! It’s been used in China and Asia to treat headaches for a long time and is completely safe. I wouldn’t buy headon based on the annoying migraine-inducing commercial itself, especially when tiger balm has been around for ages.

    Thanks for the great suggestion. It’s not something that I’ve tried. I’m so glad that it helps you.


  111. Since I tivo my shows allowing me to fast forward through the commercials, I never heard of the product and therefore had no bias. Could the commercials be that bad? Yesterday a coworker offered it to me after I got a migraine at work. If you suffer from migraines, you know you’ll try anything for relief. I’ve had migraines since kindergarten (I’m 42) and taken every Rx and over the counter product for headaches. As you can imagine I’m a skeptic yet I was amazed at how quickly it took the edge off. By the time I got home, though the pounding was back. My husband ran to the store and bought some and I had the best night sleep in a long time. Try it yourself and decide. Don’t let the jerks who knock the commercial rob you of peace.

  112. I tried this product and it works. Your complaints about the comercial gave me the headache! This happens to be alien technology brought to us from light years away but never mind you couldn`t understand.

  113. The commercial may be annoying but the product truly works. I get regular headaches and migranes. Before the commercial started I saw the product in the store and thought hell I’ll try anything I was amazed that it actually worked.

  114. The commercial may be annoying but the product truly works. I get regular headaches and migranes. Before the commercial started I saw the product in the store and thought hell I’ll try anything I was amazed that it actually worked.

  115. HEAD ON. The commercial prompts head pain which then makes you search out the product to stop the pain. After the pain subsides, you hate yourself for giving in to the mesmerism. CNN is the only place I see it. Shame on you CNN.

  116. Their theory is an old one–drive it into our heads enough, and we’ll remember it at the drugstore and buy it based on name recognition alone. Unfortunately, it has pissed me off enough that I will not even consider buying or trying it (Isn’t that an immature response for a retired college professor?). I’m not going to support a firm that uses a deliberately obnoxiously and repetitive advertisement. Period!

  117. You deserve to blow a blood vessel if the commercial irritates you so much. It’s hilarious! I just saw the new version of it and I couldn’t stop laughing.

    Time to lighten up. Unless you really enjoy your daily headaches.

    HeadOn® Apply directly to your forehead.
    HeadOn® Apply directly to your forehead.
    HeadOn® Apply directly to your forehead.

  118. my wife is pregnant and we watch wheel of fortune nightly. Unfortunaley HeadOn is a sponsor. Every time this annoying commercial comes on she feels like vomitting. Do you plan on developing a product called “keepthevomitin?”

  119. Perfect reply to Head-On commercial:

    I must admit, you brought Religion into my life.
    I never believed in Hell until I saw your commercial.

  120. The most repetitive, ridiculous, irritating, repulsive, repugnant, boring commercial in my experience. I would never buy any of your products.

  121. I keep waiting for “PainInTheAssOn” Hemorrhoid treatment…it can’t be far behind. The original commercial actually did say that HeadOn provided “Fast, Effective Headache Relief”, but the Better Business Bureau made the company delete that part of the commercial because they had no proof that HeadOn worked. I can’t find any information on what the ingredients are, so I’m very skeptical.

    That’s hilarious!

    The commercial may have been even more effective without the headache clarification than it was without it.


  122. advertising pepole know that stupid sells and with this product they figured stupid would sell the stupid the comercial is on the list for most iratateing and stupid my book its number 1 on that list it don’t even tell you what the product is and the perpous it is used for!!!!!!

  123. That commercial just sucks! First of all, who really knows what’s in it? Ther’re trying to sell us a relief medication for headaches when they’re at the moment giving us one! Is that really what they call making business? I’m not pretty sure of that and briefly, my opinion of all this is that the product is simply scrap and bullshit and the company is not carrying about the people around them who have to suffer their commercial…I just hate it!

  124. Ha Ha, I just ordered a tube of it. I appreciate the camp factor, and I’m giving it to my roommate, who also hates the commercial

  125. Another homeopathic piece of junk. The active ingredient only makes up 1 part in 1,000,000,000,000 parts. Divide that by 100 aplications accrding to the package and you may as well rub wax on yur head. You’re getting a molecule of active ingredient.
    Know how it works? You rub it on….wait….eventually your headache goes away. Must have been the HeadOn.

  126. I didn’t know the purpose of “Head On” because I would cover my ears and run out of the room. I felt I needed blood pressure medication after being subjected to this commercial! I would NEVER buy their product!!!




    1. I agree with you Sandi! This stuff really works! I buy the extra strength migraine relief for my tension headaches which other OTC pills do not work for me so I saw it in Walmart (even though the commercials annoyed me bc they are so LOUD) as I was looking for more OTC headache relievers & saw it on shelf with homeopathic meds & I put it in my cart along with BC powders (which by the way also work great as a pain/fever reducer) and figured what the heck it cost around $3.00 so if it didnt work I was not out much. Problem is, after years of purchasing HeadOn, I can’t seem to find it anymore 🙁 & i’ve run out of my supply! So I use Biofreeze roll on & it seems to do the trick, I figured that since it freezes the pain out of my sore knee I would try it on my forehead & it works! Guess HeadOn went out of business but I’m going to search the web to see if it is still available. Have a nice day!

    2. Now they want $89. for one tube on Amazon! What The? It contains 2 main homeopathic ingredients. What is going on? it’s like when they took away Johnson & Johnson felt back plasters. They were $1.50 when i first found them. They were up to $4.95 a piece when they disappeared. Whenever the Public finds a good Non Drug Alternative, i swear Big Pharma makes it Go Away! So now I’m trying a couple other products, one by Badger, which is natural, or people with just “normal” occasional headaches could try some peppermint/lavender oils. it’s what people used to do before popping pills for everything.

  128. Gosh!! That commercial had incredibly managed to be more retarded than that Quiznos sandwiche commerical. Man, those guitar-playing rodents gave me nightmares!
    Now everytime I see that Head On commercial, I give my TV the finger.

  129. I just want to know how much they paid the ad agency for the ad? What genius! To give everyone a headache and want to throw a hammer through the TV set. Amazing! I’m sure they got their monies worth – if they spent $1.25

  130. This product probably works very well! Most winners get the most bad press! An indication of success.

    1. I totally agree!! Head On is the most wonderful thing they ever put out for migraines, and I hate they no longer sell it!! My Dr. gave me prescription meds for my migraines that NEVER worked as well for them as Head On. To the people saying the commercial is annoying….simple….CHANGE THE CHANNEL. To the ones saying they won’t use it because of the commercial….that’s ignorant and you need to hurt!!!!

  131. I am so freaking annoyed with the commercial that I change the channel as soon as I see it – I would NEVER buy their product just because of their commercial

  132. The worst, most irritating commercial ever. I hope anyone with the least side effect from their crap sues their ass.

  133. I hope that stupid company racks up so much debt from all the TV ads and never sells a tube of that crap. That ad should be against the law cause its brain washing and subliminal advertising.


    1. I agree that the commercial was a bit obnoxious. However, the product worked. So, say what you want I would much rather “apply directly to the forehead” than depend on narcotic pain killers.

  135. Thanks for the contact info guys… I just called them and cussed out the poor girl who answered the phone. But hey, guilty by association right? 9mm apply directly to the forehead, 9mm apply directly to the forehead, 9mm app………

  136. I see that commercial every morning on CNN Headline news and it gives me a headache every time it airs. I am looking into starting a class action suit against them because their commercial causes pain and suffering.

  137. The Headon commercial is just an attempt at brainwashing. I couldn’t figure out what it was for until I looked it up on the internet. I’m sure it’s totally useless

  138. Just Found Their Contact Info… Call Them… eMail Them: Both HeadOn & Freedhem Hemorrhoidal Cream Distibuted by Miralus Health Care:
    866.647.2587 Wholesale Line (Answered)
    877.373.3436 Consumer Line (Answering Machine)
    514.845.6663 Fax Line (Mailbox Full… Interesting)

    What’s wrong with this Post – Some moderator (I presume) deleted it earlier today.

  139. Amen… Amen… Amen… Yes, The Most Irritating TV Commercial I’ve Seen… It Gives Me A Headache, Just Listening To It. Trying to Find Their Phone # To Complain


    I’ve got to find this commercial somewhere online!

    Here’s an e-mail address: and phone number: (877) 373-3436. If other people can’t view their site than maybe they are shutting their doors permanently, thus ending the commercials.


  140. The absolutely, positively most irritating commercial I have ever heard. They have shut down their website…I wonder why?

    Dr. Peterson mentioned in her e-mail that the site had been taken down, but it still loads for me. Hmm.



    I’ll count myself lucky that I’ve never seen it!


    1. lmao. Im actually writing a report for school stating its poor advertisement and bad product. No worries. Their strategy was one of the least effective ones and I am sure the product did not flourish in the least.

        1. Try Biofreeze. It comes in gel and liquid roll on. It’s not as wonderful as head on was but it is still helpful

    2. I use tiger balm as an awesome alternative! Don’t worry it’s not made with real tigers…….

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