Topical Analgesics

Someone on a forum recently shared that she puts Vicks Vaporub on her forehead and temples to help pacify severe headache pain. For greater relief, she puts a warm washcloth on her forehead after she applies the Vicks. She admitted that it’s a strange remedy, but that it works for her, so she’ll keep doing it.

While I haven’t tried this particular remedy, the post inspired me to dig up some OriginsPeace of Mind on-the-spot treatment that I had. A dab of the cream, which contains mint essential oils, can be rubbed on your temples, forehead, neck, your hairline or even on your scalp near where the pain is. It’s surprisingly soothing and the little bottle now shares a coveted place in my pharmaceutical arsenal.

At $10 a bottle, the Origins treatment is more expensive than Vicks, but it smells pretty, isn’t greasy and fits in a purse or pocket. And a little goes a long way, so it lasts a long time. I’ve tried similar, less expensive, products from Bath & Body Works and Garden Botanika, but neither was strong enough to provide much relief. A wintergreen or peppermint essential oil would probably serve the same purpose and may last a little longer, both on the skin and in the bottle.

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  1. Cheeky Prof says:

    Hi there. Wandered over from Adjunct Kait’s little comment cheer post a few days ago. BTW, I’ve used that Origin’s stuff you mention here and it helps with my stress level. Good stuff.

  2. Margaret Thomas says:

    I have used peppermint oil for quite some time. I put the oil either on my temples or the pain is really bad, under my nose. It burns when it first comes into contact with your skin but it is worth it. I found this remedy during pregnancy as a safe alternative.

  3. Kerrie says:

    Using Icy Hot on your neck is another recommendation I just read.

    All in My Head author Paula Kamen uses a mix of half Euminz peppermint oil and half high-grade lavender oil. I’m too tired to research how to tell the grade of an oil; if anyone knows, please share.

  4. Anomaflurnolo says:

    Is this gonna end someday??

  5. BJBabyPenn says:

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  6. mercy says:

    hi my name is mercy and i have a question, I am a migrain sufferer and my headaches are terrible, what topical headache remedy can someone recommend?

  7. Rick Carson says:

    I’ve had chronic daily headaches for years an have found that aspercream Heat works best for me

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