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A Gluten Connection?

Still brain dead in a migraine spell, but I couldn’t wait to tell you that I’m almost positive there’s a food connection with my migraines. . . and I’m pretty sure gluten is the culprit. Only after cheating on my migraine diet with baked goods over Thanksgiving weekend did I come to this conclusion. The food was delicious, but not worth the price of the current migraine spell.

As you can tell by the equivocal opening sentence, I’m not completely convinced gluten is the problem. But I’m close enough to believing it that I’m impatiently waiting for my body to recover from my cheating and thinking about the glorious possibilities that await if I’ve truly found a problem. I’m trying to keep from getting too excited — having a migraine helps with that.

So I’m spending the day reading, drafting a few of the many posts that have been floating around in my mind since the AHS symposium, and resting. Mostly resting. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you are doing as well as possible!