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Olive Oil as NSAID

In an analysis of freshly pressed extra-virgin olive oil, a University of Pennsylvania biologist found a compound, called oleocanthal, that acts like the NSAID ibuprofen. The compounds have different chemistry, which means that oleocanthal may or may not cause the long-term kidney and digestive problems that ibuprofen can.

Four tablespoons of olive oil equal about 10% of the recommended dose of ibuprofen for pain relief, so it’s not a viable alternative to popping Advil. But since sauteing veggies in olive oil instead of butter isn’t much of a sacrifice, I’ll tell myself that every little bit counts.

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Mimics Painkiller

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Another Problem with Painkillers

As if there weren’t enough evidence that painkillers are bad for us, an article in the August issue of the American Journal of Gastroenterology attributes about one-third of hospitalizations and deaths related to gastrointestinal bleed to the use of aspirin and NSAIDs (like ibuprofen and naproxen). Read about this latest study in Painkillers Can Cause Fatal Stomach Bleeding.

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