An Unusual Perspective, Courtesy of Chronic Migraine

I’m finally in migraine hangover after 24 hours of level 7 pain followed by 12 hours of level 6 pain. I was uncomfortable and eager for the migraine to end, but mostly I was astonished. Astonished that just a couple years ago, level 7 pain was often my low for weeks at a time. You read that right. For weeks at a time, the pain would not drop below a 7, 8 or 9 was the norm, 10 wasn’t uncommon.

Despite the severe pain of this migraine lasting far longer than it has in recent months, I’ve spent the last couple days in a curious sort of gratitude. I wanted to be somewhere other than my body, somewhere I couldn’t feel the pain. At the same time, I rejoiced that this is no longer the norm.

It is always difficult to answer when people I haven’t talked to in awhile ask how I feel. I am better for sure, but am far from well. With a constant headache and at least five days a week where the pain hits at least a level 6, I’m still on the “very sick” end on the continuum of people with migraine. And am thankful to have improved this much.