An Unusual Perspective, Courtesy of Chronic Migraine

I’m finally in migraine hangover after 24 hours of level 7 pain followed by 12 hours of level 6 pain. I was uncomfortable and eager for the migraine to end, but mostly I was astonished. Astonished that just a couple years ago, level 7 pain was often my low for weeks at a time. You read that right. For weeks at a time, the pain would not drop below a 7, 8 or 9 was the norm, 10 wasn’t uncommon.

Despite the severe pain of this migraine lasting far longer than it has in recent months, I’ve spent the last couple days in a curious sort of gratitude. I wanted to be somewhere other than my body, somewhere I couldn’t feel the pain. At the same time, I rejoiced that this is no longer the norm.

It is always difficult to answer when people I haven’t talked to in awhile ask how I feel. I am better for sure, but am far from well. With a constant headache and at least five days a week where the pain hits at least a level 6, I’m still on the “very sick” end on the continuum of people with migraine. And am thankful to have improved this much.

3 thoughts on “An Unusual Perspective, Courtesy of Chronic Migraine”

  1. Well my boyfriend is always there for me when I’m having an attack usually and he seems to distract me which is nice, but sometimes the pain is too much.

    I’m 23, I do not want to live this way. About two years ago I couldn’t even tell you what a migraine felt like and now they are all I know.

    Having a supportive boyfriend and family is nice yo have though

  2. Your blog is amazing, and I can relate so well to it. I just have to ask how you cope with the pain. I’ve been dealing with a constant headache everyday as well as migraines for about a year now, and I feel I har reached a breaking point as to why no doctor can help. I cry almost everyday wishing I was somewhere else than my body to escape the pain. I wish to be able to go out with friends and family like I used to but seems I’ll never be able to.

    Sorry for the rant, just want to say you are so encouraging!

    1. Thank you, Lori. I’m sorry you’re struggling so much. I’ve been thinking about your comment all weekend and expect that a post will be forthcoming. The short answer, though, is distraction. I’ve tried all sorts of ways of dealing with the pain and distracting myself with a book, TV show or podcast is usually the best option. Sleep is even better when I’m able to do it.

      I hide from the world when I’m in pain, but a friend with migraine prefers to have people around as distraction — perhaps you’d be comfortable inviting family or friends over during a migraine?

      Take care,

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