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Directories of Headache Specialists for Adults, Children

The Migraine Research Foundation has released updated lists of doctors certified in headache management, including a list of doctors who treat children. Anyone can hang a shingle saying they are a headache specialist, even without any special training. MRF’s lists only include doctors who have passed a certification exam verifying their knowledge of headache medicine. Check out this excellent resource if you’re looking for a specialist to treat your (or your child’s) migraine or headache disorder.


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Migraine Research Foundation Donations Doubled This Week

The Migraine Research Foundation¬†raises funds to research the causes and mechanisms of migraine, improve treatments, and find a cure for this little-understood but debilitating illness. Until December 31, 2011, all donations will be matched dollar-for-dollar thanks to a generous anonymous donor. Because all of the foundation’s costs are underwritten, 100% of your donation will go to research. Even a $5 donation, which will be doubled to $10 this week, helps further important research into this complicated neurological illness.

Learn about research the Migraine Research Foundation has funded and donate here.