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Directories of Headache Specialists for Adults, Children

The Migraine Research Foundation has released updated lists of doctors certified in headache management, including a list of doctors who treat children. Anyone can hang a shingle saying they are a headache specialist, even without any special training. MRF’s lists only include doctors who have passed a certification exam verifying their knowledge of headache medicine. Check out this excellent resource if you’re looking for a specialist to treat your (or your child’s) migraine or headache disorder.


2 thoughts on “Directories of Headache Specialists for Adults, Children”

  1. Kerrie:

    Thanks for this info. In Reno-they are running
    clinical trials on which drug should be the primary
    1st drug of treatment for children
    with migraines.

    Currently for children the medical industry
    has not determined which triptan and or drug
    should be first of choice. You would
    think after 20 years of triptans this
    study would have been run. But it
    has not done this research yet.

    Timothy Bauer
    Reno, Nevada

    1. Thanks for the information, Timothy. To clarify, the most effective triptans may not yet be identified, but some have been approved for the use in kids: Maxalt is approved for use in kids six and older, Axert is approved for kids 12 and older.


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