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Your Headache Stories: From Sara

Sara has made major changes in the way she lives, which has let her control her headaches instead of having them control her. Part of her success has come from a realization that the good days are sweet and you’ve got to grab them when you can.

I have had migraines since puberty, although they got worse after I had surgery when I was 20. It was to treat thoracic outlet syndrome. So, no more first rib on the left side. I’ve joked for years that I mailed the damn thing back to Adam! My chiropractor has suggested that the healing process, with my left lung now attached firmly to the second rib, has caused changes I haven’t noticed in how my body moves. I suspect she is right! Freaked me out a bit when I read Jantha’s story, since she also has thoracic outlet syndrome.

I am now 36, and over the last six years have made major changes in how I live my life. I’ve found significant pain relief through this. I have had my depression appropriately treated, and more than likely will take anti-depressants for the rest of my life. I have arthritis medication daily and Tylenol 3 for the days I really need it.

Most important seems to be the other stuff I did. I quit smoking. I don’t eat anything that has artificial colour, flavour, or preservatives of any kind. Ever. No caffeine. I only drink beer, although of course that is questionable…but we all need our treats right? I exercise 6 days a week, at home on the floor, with a book that works very well for me. And, for the last 18 months, I’ve seen a chiropractor every 2 or 3 weeks. Since I drive over an hour each way to see her, I have a 30 minute treatment. She does neural linking, and 3 months ago started doing skull adjustments on me. Sounds weird….but it all works.

Over the years I’ve gone from 3 or 4 migraines per week to 2 or 3 per month. And I am getting more control over them every week, it feels like! Today I’ve got a twinge, rather than a full blown migraine due to the pressure changes and thunderstorm here this afternoon. I figure it is a great improvement!

I also work to keep a positive attitude about all this. I remind myself…I’m not actually dying. Just realizing how sweet the pain free days really are. It might sound a bit Polly-annaish. However…you haven’t heard the swearing that can accompany that statement on a bad day 😉

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