Chronic Migraine, Coping, Diet, Triggers

The Constant Questioning of a Chronic Migraineur

These migraine attacks are kicking my ass. One after the other and, while not terribly painful, they are persistent and exhausting. Two weeks ago I was sure my new diet was helping; now I think I was unreasonably optimistic.

So I’m in the constant questioning of a chronic migraineur: Can I identify a trigger of my current migraine spell? The stormy weather? Food chemical “withdrawal”? This mild cold that’s dogging me? All of the above? None of the above?

Then come the questions of a woman who has been obsessed with food triggers for the last year. If the current attacks are food chemical withdrawal, will I feel better soon? Is the diet doing anything? Am I on a path toward any relief?

As so often happens, I make a change to diet, sleep, exercise, where I live, etc. and notice an improvement at first. Then the gap closes and I’m back to debilitating migraines. Magnesium and cyproheptadine are the only variables that have brought sustained relief.

I operate as if chronic migraine is a puzzle I can figure out if I just get the right pieces in place. No matter how hard I work, the solution continues to evade me. I refuse to give up, but I have to wondering if I’m wearing myself out on an unsolvable riddle. Beating one’s head against a brick wall can’t be good for a migraineur.