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SpringTMS, sTMS mini no longer available?

The maker of SpringTMS and sTMS mini, eNeura, filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy on Friday, August 7. In Chapter 7 bankruptcy, companies liquidate their assets, so this doesn’t look good for short-term access to SpringTMS. I don’t know anything for certain, though—all the information I have is the bankruptcy filing and that eNeura’s customer service is not responding “due to unforeseen circumstances,” as the auto replies say. Despite this, their website is still active.

That’s unfortunately all I can say for certain right now. I have industry contacts keeping an eye out for the SpringTMS to become available to patients again, whether from eNeura or another company that purchases the technology.

I’m sorry to share such bad news. My heart hurts for everyone who relies n these devices for migraine management and wish I had more information for you. I’ll keep you posted if I learn anything new.

12 thoughts on “SpringTMS, sTMS mini no longer available?”

  1. I am another person whom the sTMS helped for CM. I would definitely want to restart it if the technology was available through someone else in the future. However, I would not buy it from eneura ever again, if they were to be back in business at some point. I am very angry (rightfully so) that they abandoned us all with not only no notice, but not even enough concern to tell us what happened! No return of phone calls, no returned emails etc. It is criminal.

  2. My wife had been getting amazing results until her SIM expired. Since then her migraines are much worse. Is there a comparable system available?

    1. Hi Michael, I’m so sorry to hear that your wife’s migraine attacks are worse without the TMS. She can talk to her doctor about whether TMS is a provider’s office (usually used for depression) might have a similar result. She can also ask about transcranial direct current stimulation. I don’t know how similar it is and know it hasn’t been studied as much, but it’s worth getting more information about. Best wishes in her search for relief.

      Take care,

  3. My daughter had relied on the spring TMS to control aura and reduce the severity of her migraines for 3 years. It was a great product that had few side effects for her. We would get it again is someone bought the patent and brought it back to market.

  4. Have been using this device for almost a year with great success, now I can’t get the SIM card to make it work. Really unfortunate that a company providing healthcare have now left patients to the curb. My head is hurting daily now without this device.

    1. Hi Lily, I’m so sorry you’ve lost access to a treatment that was working well for you. It’s a heartbreaking loss. Your doctor may have new suggestions for you based on the TMS being effective. It’s worth checking in, at least. I hope you can get some relief.

      Take care,

  5. Any news? My sTMS prescription runs out in 7 days and I was just toythe company went bankrupt. Any way to get a new card for my machine?

    1. Hi Nat, unfortunately, there’s no new information. It’s possible the assets will be purchased and made available by another company, but nothing is in the works right now. I’m so sorry that you’ve lost access to this treatment. It’s horrible news.

      Take care,

  6. Please would you email me with any information as I am totally reliant on my ‘pulsar’ to control my chronic migraine.
    Gillian Richards

    1. Hi Gillian, I’m sorry that eNeura’s bankruptcy affects you so much. How frustrating and scary! I’ll post an update whenever I have information.

      Take care,

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