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survey-on-the-daily-headacheCan you help me with something? I’m trying to figure how to best sum up what I write about. Everything I come up with sounds flat and academic. I have a couple questions:

  1. How would you characterize what you read about on The Daily Headache?
  2. What topics do you most enjoy reading about on The Daily Headache?

You can leave your comments below, on social media, or by emailing
kerrie[at]thedailyheadache[dot]com. Answer either or both. Thank you!

11 thoughts on “Quick Survey on The Daily Headache”

  1. I read your blog for several reasons, but mostly to find out what new treatments you are trying and perhaps be appropriate for me. You have your finger on all things migraine related and I am truly grateful for your dedication, effort and willingness to share your research findings and experiences with others.

  2. I very much enjoy reading about what you are trying, what works, what doesn’t. I like to know what is the latest in research about migraine and what we can do to prevent it (if we can). How to reduce triggers. For me, the most under-covered topic is how to treat chronic migraine without ending up in MOH. I find the lack of adequate plan for chronic migraine the worst thing ever. You have one of the best headache blogs out here!

  3. This is a blog I recommend for headache sufferers to find information about novel treatments, new developments in migraine treatment, and inspiration from your struggle to overcome headache.

    I found the information on histamine and diet in general very helpful. I also appreciate the information on the new TENS devices that are becoming available. Really, though, even the more personal posts are helpful, just in the “someone gets this” way. This is a great blog, thank you for continuing to write.

  4. Would be great if you could add a thumbs up or down button! So many of your articles and the comments that other readers left for them really resonate with me. Reading of your experiences and research really helps.

  5. I’m new to reading your blog so I can’t speak to #1 yet. I can tell you that I would like to read about new things out there that you have heard about and have tried or know how we can get access to in order to try. I like hearing about where you are emotionally to connect with someone who experiences what I do to know that I’m not alone and it’s not all in my head. The struggle is real and together we make each other stronger. I also like hearing about things you have tried in the past because I may not have seen things from months or years ago. For example, I am trying Topamax again. What is your experience with it? Everyone says to drink water which I think I’ve read that you tried and tried and tried. Do you think there is a possibility that our bodies do not absorb water properly?

  6. I would characterize what I read on here as spot on for my life. Well written, timely, helpful! A voice for those of us who don’t speak out. Thank you! Don’t change a thing.
    As for what topics I would enjoy reading. I enjoy what you have been writing, it makes me feel I am not alone in this fight. That someone else struggles in a lot of the same areas I do. As I said above, I would change a thing. I hope that helps. :0)

  7. You are very articulate and honest. People who don’t have chronic migraines don’t understand what it is like. I love that you share both ideas/new treatments and your real life experience. It helps knowing someone else is going through the same thing. Keep writing!

  8. 1. Everything I read on here is directly relevant to anyone suffering from chronic migraine, from emotional to scientific, medicine, research trials, social, everything!
    2. I most enjoy reading about…hmmmmm. Tough one. I find that reading about your experience gives me hope. And lets me know I’m not alone. So, the socio-emotional stuff helps. BUT also, the research and medical information gives me some info I can approach my neurologist with, since he has basically given up, even though he said he never would.

  9. So many articles are about seemingly hopelessness in headaches. I would really like a more updates on new treatments, medications new and old that help and natural ideas. My husband has been maintained for 17 years on Verapamil 640 mg a day. Without this he says he would have continuous atypical cluster headaches. He would love to be off this medicine that has side effects galore but will not get off this until something better comes along. If he misses a dose he is stricken with a headache. We would love to have more on headache treatments for this. Please add more of this than the hopelessness of the anecdotal articles. We need a boost not hopelessness!

  10. You write both holistically and specifically on migraine, including the physical, emotional and spiritual. You write with your whole self. I follow you, not just because of your topics, but because you’re you.

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