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Giving Tuesday: Please Support the 36 Million Migraine Campaign

For Giving Tuesday, please consider donating to the 36 Million Migraine campaign — even $1 donations are extremely valuable. The campaign is to raise money for research, of course, but it’s also about showing lawmakers how many people are affected by migraine. The more people who donate, the more apparent it is that the allocation of research dollars impacts real people whose lives have been altered by migraine.

You can make your donation here. Donations can be designated in honor of a mentor or loved one. You can also donate using American Express reward points. And, if you work for a company that matches donations, you might be able to double your donation. All the details are available on the 36 Million Migraine donation page.

(By making a donation, you will be signed up for a weekly educational email from the American Headache Society. That was a bonus for me, but you can easily unsubscribe if you don’t want to receive it. They’ve never sent me requests for additional donations.)

4 thoughts on “Giving Tuesday: Please Support the 36 Million Migraine Campaign”

  1. Dear Kerrie,
    Thanks for writing about, and urging your followers to support, the 36 Million Migraine Campaign. We would like to address any concern regarding the online donation form on the American Migraine Foundation website. Rest assured we do have a SSL certificate through Verisign. We recently relaunched the site and renewed the certificate prior to the expiration date to ensure no interruption in the site’s security. You will also see the donation form is https. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you again for your support and it was a pleasure meeting you in Scottsdale.

    Andrea Taylor, Associate Executive Director
    American Headache Society
    American Migraine Foundation

  2. I went to the website to donate – their donation page isn’t even https! I would totally make a donation but I don’t send my cc info etc. unsecured. If you have contacts over there you might want to suggest that they consider making their online donation site at least a little secure. Nothing is security-wise perfect these days but dang, that’s basic.

    1. Thanks, Amanda. I can’t believe I didn’t catch that. You can print and mail a donation form here: The American Migraine Foundation’s number is (856) 423-0043. AMF is running the campaign and both are affiliated with the American Headache Society. (I don’t know how the phone is answered and wanted you to know all the possibilities!) Thanks again for the information.

      Take care,

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