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Seizures, Migraine Linked in Brain, Research Finds

Seizures and migraine may be linked in the brain, according to new findings from Penn State researchers. This is potentially a very big deal and could have wide-ranging implications. I had to share the information with you, but my brain fog is too heavy to be able to explain it.

For details, take a look at the press release on the research: Link Seen Between Seizures and Migraines in the Brain. It’s scientific, but not entirely technical. I can understand it through brain fog, but can’t describe it. Popular news media will probably cover the story, so more accessible explanations should be forthcoming soon. I’ll take a stab at it when I can.

1 thought on “Seizures, Migraine Linked in Brain, Research Finds”

  1. Great article–the connection between migraine with aura and seizures has been known for years. This perspective is a bit different.

    I think I’ll write Dr. Schiff and see if preventing migraine with aura might lesson the seizure propensity. Not sure it would, but it would be great news for those with migraine with aura.


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