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Enter to Win TheraSpecs & Raise Migraine Awareness

theraspecs_migraineTo raise awareness of the magnitude of migraine and celebrate Migraine & Headache Awareness Month, TheraSpecs is giving away two free pairs! Follow this link and leave a comment on TheraSpecs’ Facebook page about how light impacts your health. That’s all that’s required. Raise awareness by sharing the image — and it’s sobering statistics.

Update 7/2/14: Thanks to everyone who shared their story and the image. We reached tens of thousands of people with these startling statistics on migraine. And a TheraSpecs customer offered to purchase a third pair for us to give away, so we’re pleased to announce THREE winners. Congratulations to Vivian Leelee, Sherry-Sharon Bowen, and Christy Grandon!

10 thoughts on “Enter to Win TheraSpecs & Raise Migraine Awareness”

  1. also posted on the timeline:
    I didn’t connect light sensitivity with migraine except for not tolerating it while having a headache. Now that I realize some light can exacerbate and cause migraine I’m wearing sunglasses a lot, not a very practical solution indoors most of the time. Then there’s the added problem of depression caused by lack of light and you have a a need for light which makes migraine worse. Not win-win!

  2. My photophobia is definitely a big contributor to my daily migraines. Since learning about TheraSpecs and similar competitors, I have really wanted to invest in a pair but can’t afford to since my disability was approved but I’m not getting any SSI payments yet. They would definitely make a big improvement in my quality of life because I wouldn’t be afraid to go outside – no matter how dark of lenses I buy, the light still hurts. I hope to be considered for a free pair of TheraSpecs!

  3. I can’t enjoy sunny days anymore! I miss it so much! None of my sunglasses are dark enough! I’m missing out on my life!

  4. I have been a migraine sufferer since my teens and more so now. I am 40 years old and have had constant headaches since I turned 34. I once had one for 26 days nonstop. The only thing that helps is to block light out completely.

  5. I am hypersensitive, so any kind of light that feels too
    bright for my eyes really bothers me. I keep the lights off as much as possible in my apartment, which makes me feel bad for my 12-year-old son. Driving at night is pretty difficult too because of the headlights. Lately, my eyes have been in so much pain that I’ve been sleeping A LOT. I am frustrated and cannot afford a pair of these because of disability .

  6. I have had migraines 24/7 for the last 11 yrs. Going outside in the daytime is murder. I can barely move because of the pain that shoots through my head. Just walking into brightly lit rooms is difficult at times do to the differences in light bulbs and wattages.

    1. Just letting you know I know your pain . I deal with them 24/7 . For going on 4 years and people think I am lying. I am like what every you every get one you will know. We all need people and friends to talk to. It ended my 31 year marriage . But it is all good . Like I said we all need a friends to talk to . Keep your chin up I am and take care . Feel better . Darlene2home@yahoo

  7. I have been dealing with migraines since I was 22 and having to constantly stay in a dark room for days or be afraid to even go outside because the sunlight might trigger one is not fun. I would love a pair of these!

  8. I have had photophobia associated with migraines for just over 17 years. Over the years, the sensitivity to light has gotten progressively worse. In the beginning light only bothered me prior to and during a migraine attack. As the years progressed I could not could not go outside on sunny days without sunglasses and even then it felt like the light burned my eyes. The lights above my desk at work are turned off, I use the natural light from a window that is behind me. If the light is to bright I partially close the blinds. My computer and phone screens are dimmed. And finally, my house always has the blinds closed, I have black out curtains on my back door and bedroom window. My son has always joked that I am a vampire. It probably does not help that I regularly say the sun and/or light is evil. He is accomstomed to telling my to cover my eyes before he turns on a bright light because he knows how much it hurts me, after all he has lived with his Mom’s light issues for all 17 years of his life.

    Aside from the light, especially the sun, feeling like it is burning my eyes it can, and has on many occasions, trigger a full blown migraine.

    My employer called my neurologist to ask what types of light should be included in an ADA accommodation. They were told flouresant lighting but LED and natural lighting would be fine. In a meeting my supervisor repeated this back to me. How do you begin to explain to someone who does not experience this issue that it does not matter what type of light it is, light hurts?

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