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Thank You!

Many thanks to everyone who donated to my birthday fundraiser to benefit the American Migraine Foundation’s 36 Million Migraine campaign! I appreciate your thoughtfulness and everyone with migraine appreciates your support.

You raised 28% toward the $1,000 goal and the fundraiser is still open. If you haven’t joined us yet, please consider donating today. Your donation doesn’t need to be large. In fact, if every American with migraine donated just $1, $36 million dollars could go to migraine research.

Some astonishing facts about migraine:

  • Migraine is the third most common disorder on the planet.
  • It is the seventh highest cause of of disability globally.
  • It is by far the most disabling neurological condition worldwide.
  • 36 million Americans have migraine. Most have three or fewer attacks each month, but 3% have chronic migraine.
  • Migraine costs the United States more than $20 billion each year in direct medical expenses and indirect expenses, like missed work and lost productivity.
  • Less than 1/20th of 1% of the budget of the National Institutes of Health – about $16 million a year – is allocated to migraine research. $260 million would more accurately reflect the prevalence and magnitude of migraine.


2 thoughts on “Thank You!”

  1. What’s really helped my migraines recently is getting some sun into my eyes (without wearing glasses) daily. I find that the UV rays help to bring my pain levels down to a 5 from an 8. If I don’t do this it goes up again. I close my eyes and let the sun play on the lids for a few minutes.
    Meier Schneider wrote : My Life My Vison.
    He was legally blind and regained his sight with the Bates method above. I believe every living thing on the planet needs some direct sun every day. for optimal health.

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