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Migraine & Exercise

Regular exercise can reduce the frequency and severity of migraine attacks. Exercise is also a well-known migraine trigger. I explore my attempt to strike a balance in “Riverdance” — Migraine & Exercise on

This post is in response to today’s Migraine & Headache Awareness Month blog challenge question, Have you found a way to work exercise or movement into your life with migraine/headache disorder? What is it?

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  1. Hi Kerrie –

    The simple answer is “no”. When I had episodic migraine, I
    was an avid athlete. – Running, aerobics, rollerblading, RAQUETBALL (my all-time favorite, boo-hoo!), biking, hiking, walking, weight training, YOGA!, tennis, FRISBEE, DANCING!, … ahh, my sorrowful list goes on and on!

    Chronic Daily Headache (with cont’d, much worsened, Migraine), changed all that, at age 36.

    That’s been twelve years now. From the git-go, walking and careful yoga were the only survivors, and over the years, even those have become as rare as a pain-free day. Secondary problems of weight gain, muscle stiffness, soreness, & weakness are taking away even more areas of functioning for me. Used to be my head hurt. Now my whole body hurts, and I know that a good part of that comes from spending 80-90% of the last 12 yrs in motionless servitude to the almighty migraine. Therefore, not much exercise. (Sorry if I’m overly dramatic.)

    I still fall into accusing myself of not trying hard enough, but I know that’s not it; I know the migraine illness is just stronger than me. I’m still trying. I always go through spells of giving up in frustration, but I come back to the surface eventually. Soon I’m embarking on another dietary alteration, to at least decrease the inflammation in my joints, hoping to decrease some of the body aches. And I believe I will get back to gentle yoga somehow, at some point.

    But have I found a way to exercise within this illness?
    No, not yet.
    I look forward to ideas from other readers.
    Thanks, -kate

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