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Time’s Almost Up: Comment to the FDA TODAY!

Have you told the FDA how important it is to include migraine in their new program? Tomorrow’s the final day to do so. Your participation is so crucial that I’ll beg you with lots of exclamation points and all caps: PLEASE, PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR COMMENT TODAY!!!

How? Just go to the FDA’s Prescription Drug User Fee Act Patient-Focused Drug Development Public Meeting and Request for Comments page and click the blue button that says “comment now.”

Add punch to your comment with these statistics and facts that Teri Robert compiled. In her in-person comment at an FDA meeting, she also included this startling information:

  • According to a World Health Organization analysis, migraine is responsible for more lost years of healthy life in the U.S. annually than epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, ovarian cancer, and tuberculosis combined.
  • Also according to that analysis, severe, continuous migraine is as debilitating as quadriplegia.

Migraine is unlikely to kill those of us who have it, but it sometimes feels like death would be a better alternative. Whether chronic or episodic, migraine wreaks havoc on our lives and our families. It deserves to be recognized and studied with the same resources as any other life-changing illness.

3 thoughts on “Time’s Almost Up: Comment to the FDA TODAY!”

  1. Hi Kerrie,
    I came across your blog several years ago and every now and then I try to catch up. Sorry I am a day late and a dollar short reading this – I would have sent the comment to the FDA.

    You and those like you who bear the migraine pain daily are true warriors. I get menstrual migraines and the occasional self induced when I indulge and go off my diet.

    Sometimes I get a migraine and for the life of me can’t figure out what triggered it. I discovered that petroleum jelly – which is in just about every cosmetic and first aid ointment will do it.

    I would use Vaseline at night in my feet thinking that I was saving money and softening my feet, and put it on my chapped lips only to repeatedly wake up with a screaming headache. I did a little elimination test and research and found where petroleum jelly and petrolatum can trigger migraines and cause muscle aches. This has stopped some migraines and made them a little less painful for me. I have even changed my body lotion to an organic and more expensive one than I would normally buy.

    This may not be the cure but if it alleviates some pain … all the best to you, you are a trooper.

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