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Although I call The Daily Headache my blog, it has never truly been mine. My original goal was to help others with headache disorders. I didn’t intend to write about myself and I feel selfish and self-centered when I do. While I consider my high level of empathy to be a positive trait, helping others usually takes precedent over my own needs. I’ve spent my adult life caring for others at the expense of myself. I’m beginning to rectify that.

I am claiming The Daily Headache as MINE. I’m done being a headache blogger solely focused on her audience. It is time for me to embrace the title of writer. A writer who happens to have chronic migraine, but who writes about whatever is on her mind. It may be that everything I have to say is headache-centric. Maybe not. We’ll have to see.

Readers, though my initial plan was to blog for you, I have received more than I have given. I still care about you, but have learned that I need to write for myself, not for you. I hope you stick around and enjoy The Daily Headache’s new incarnation.

I have no control over these crazy migraines, but I do have control over my career. Goodbye, headache blogger — Hello, WRITER.

Thanks to Sue for the perfect title to this post.

8 thoughts on “My Blog. My Content.”

  1. Dear Kerrie,
    I just found your website, and I want to say, the minute I read about how a good day for you means not having to rest after a shower, tears came to my eyes ( stop it! That’s going to make the headache worse!) because I am so right there with you. I identify with your very personal description of life, coping by having these absolute requirements like apply lotion to left leg. Rest. Apply ice pack. Muster strength, apply lotion to right leg. Repeat……so I’m trying to say that by writing so much about just you and how you feel gives us readers a chance to identify with you. It’s great. You already know you are not alone in your pain, but now tbe readers do, too.

  2. I am so excited about this. Not that it’s about me. It’s about you, writer. (See how quickly I catch on?)

    I bet it feels wonderful to view your blog through a new lens. You are free to write about migraine, but you are not obligating yourself. I love that.

    Go, Kerrie!

  3. I just wanted to say good for you. I was going to comment on your last blog post saying that I thought that your blog was probably an outlet and a way to cope for you, and your needs change and grow, so you should do what you want. There are always archives for people who are wondering about treatment options, etc. They can look there. As a fellow chronic migraine sufferer, I like to hear how other people are functioning and living as well as have information from experiences. My own blog has changed over the years–mostly focusing on family, but sometimes focusing on my illness. Anyway, was going to tell you to just be yourself and write yourself, but never got around to it because I had a lousy headache week (I’m sure that never happens to you) 😉 Found your blog only recently, and appreciate your candor and honesty, Thanks.

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