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Migraine Musings, Bedhead & Social Media

Horrible migraine last night. Can’t tell if it has let up temporarily and is going to resurge or if I’m in an ugly postdrome. Not up to writing much, but I’m excited about the posts I’m working through in my mind. A preview: My additions to Ellen’s excellent list of The Migraine Dirty Dozen – Things Not to Say to a Chronic Migraineur on and a summary of Head Agony, Science News’ fantastic article on current understandings of the physiology of migraine, which reader Timothy sent me.

Also wanted to let you know that The Daily Headache is on Facebook and Twitter. As a special “treat” for Facebook friends, I’ve posted a picture of today’s impressive migraine bedhead!

2 thoughts on “Migraine Musings, Bedhead & Social Media”

  1. Going to facilities intended for migraine-relief cases is fine. One should get it as the opportunity arises.

    However, I think there are some method of healing migraines outside of traditional medicine. Indigenous healers like shamans and spiritual healers in Mexico or the Philippines may have their own ways.

    The native American Indians are proud of their healing tradition up until the 21st century.

    I sense that it is the ability to be motivated that pushes the migraine patient to use their mind to assist in the healing.

    The healer, be they a medical doctor or else a shaman or native practitioner is only an instrument to have the motivation factor do the trick..

  2. To everyone:

    I am wondering if anyone has had success with going to a
    facility that is geared for migraines-like Mayo Clinic in
    Arizona, etc. I personally have gone to many practioners
    in the Reno area and in Davis, California trying to find relief
    to no avail. Have to talked with more than one doctor about
    these specialized clinics-and have had mixed comments.
    Anyone have insight on this area-as it might save me a bunch
    of energy, time, and money.

    Thanks for any/all insight.
    And of course especially thank Kerrie for what she is trying
    to do with this migraine blog.

    Timothy Bauer
    Reno, Nevada

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