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Migraine’s Not the Boss of Me

It has been more than three years since I’ve blogged regularly. In my absence from The Daily Headache, I have had the most excruciating, unrelenting migraines of my 35 years. I have been housebound for weeks, bedridden for days. I have questioned the value of my life.

These years have been harrowing, but they have also been filled with love, beauty and hope. In the last year, since my move to Phoenix, the migraines have relented some and I have begun to heal from the vast physical and emotional toll of the previous years. The pieces of what felt like a shattered life are coming back together.

Migraine was in control. Not anymore. Never again.

8 thoughts on “Migraine’s Not the Boss of Me”

  1. I’m glad you are doing a little better, anything that helps is good! I have to focus on the good working parts too, otherwise it’s too depressing!

  2. I suffered through frequent and excruitiating migraines for several years as well until I starting tracking the root of the problem. I found that foods are the major trigger for me and by avoiding several ingredients I am nearly migraine-free. This may not be the solution for everyone, but I truly believe that what works for me may help others as well.
    To find out more about what works for me, visit my blog at

  3. This is one of the most inspiring things I’ve heard in a LONG, long time. Thank you for sharing, keep hanging in there, and the very best wishes to you.


  4. Dear Kerrie,

    This post just for your info.

    I took time to read few of your fav post…Your symptoms : pain decreased during sunny and worse during cloudy days pointed to Homeopathic remedi : Aurum Metallicum 30c… it also better at outdoor…

    I knew you’ll be skeptical, but I want you to take your chance..the remedy could be purchased online or from reg. Hom. Dr in USA. This remedy is safe.

    Thanks and Bye.- Bashah

  5. Kerrie,

    I’m so glad you’re starting to get some relief. I know how it is to surface from a period like the one you just experienced. You’re a strong woman. Good luck to you in your new life in Phoenix. 🙂

    – Sarah

  6. Hi Kerrie,

    My name is Bashah from Malaysia. Briefly, I have suffered constant daily 24hrs tension headache since 1984. The cause was reading book for exam. Before that, during childhood, occasionaly my muscles cramped. Based on the symptoms and lack of bone structure, I suspected I had lack of calcium so I medicated my self with Homeopathic Medicine – Calcarea Carbonica 30c and I took calcium pills. After about 20 years the ‘bursting’ 24hrs pain decreased to about 80% in term of painscala… but later the progress halted/stopped . The bone is ok now but my muscles stay undeveloped, so I thought I need magnesium, therefore currently I waiting for a magnesium supplement, also Homeopathic remey magnesium Phos 30c. Thanks for sharing

  7. 🙂 So you still think it was the weather in Seattle? Thats where I live currently so I find it interesting. Thankfully my headache condition doesn’t seem to vary by weather…just randomly (haven’t got better on vacations besides the lack of work…ie. if I go run around and do stuff its the same as home, but if I sit in the shade by the pool I do great). Hope we can get more updates soon! Best wishes.

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