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A Chronic Illness Comic: When People Try to “Fix” You

This comic from the Single Gal’s Guide to RA is perfect! Just subsitute RA with your ailment. Thanks to maxjerz on Twitter for the link.

Did you know The Daily Headache is tdhblog on Twitter? So are a bunch of other folks with headache and migraine. Set up a Twitter account and you can follow any of us. All the cool kids are doing it!

7 thoughts on “A Chronic Illness Comic: When People Try to “Fix” You”

  1. Hi everyone i didn’t realize how bad migraines were until i had a few. Its seems to effect more woman than men. several of the woman in my family have chronic migraines. I watch how they are constantly taking pills and it drives me crazy. there has to be a better way. and in fact there is, check out this..

  2. It’s simple as that. On the other hand put weather daily changes, and …. you got perfect conditions for headaches.

  3. The final panel where someone tells another that their health problems are all their fault is sadly familiar. But of course the first comment at Single Gal’s blog says “MY disease isn’t my fault, not like THAT PERSON’S disease which is TOTALLY their own fault.” Disappointing.

  4. So I have no idea if this will help you, but…. I’ve had almost daily migraines since 2nd grade. (I’m 33 now). Nothing has helped. NO chiro, acupuncture, destressing, diet changes, topamax, etc.
    The oddest thing happened. I’m experiencing fertility issues, and my doctor prescribed Reclipsen birth control. (You take it for a few weeks, to reset your system) Since I’ve been in Reclipsen for 3+ weeks, I’ve had 3 migraines. Yes, 3!!!!! I’m averaging one headache a week, which is insane compared to my usual 5.
    I’ve heard that for some women, certain birth controls actually decrease migraines. (For others, it brings more on). May be worth a try! Once I pop a kid out, you bet I’m going back on it. It’s absolutely changed my life for the past 3 weeks, it’s been like heaven. Good luck to you!

  5. Hey-
    Thanks for the shout out and link! I also get migraines, in addition to the fun of having RA. Lucky me. Glad you found the article and comic helpful, and glad to find your blog, too.

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