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Eye Exam Findings

Thanks for all the recommendations and information. The appointment went well, but I’m waiting (rather impatiently) for my new contacts and glasses to come in. I have a new prescription, which should correct my vision better more than my current contacts. If my new contacts need fine-tuning, we’ll consider glasses to wear with them.

The optometrist suggested low-power reading glasses for reading or working on the computer for now. He said they’re basically magnifying glasses and do the focusing for your eyes, which lets the muscles rest. He also said the power is low enough that they can’t cause any harm. I could only keep them on for a few minutes while I was on the computer. I’ll see how they work for reading.

Reader comments on Using My Eyes is Triggering Migraines have great suggestions for dealing with this problem. I’m going to try some myself.

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  1. Hey there again, I want to share an exciting thing I am going to try. You are probably sick and tired of peole offering miracle cure suggestions, so I will put it like this: I just read about a type of spectacle tint that blocks the light waves of certain blue greens that cause the brain to spasm and start a migraine. This is exciting to me because it does not just treat a symptom, it heads off a cause of migraine. For propel with light sensitivity this could really help! They are called FL-41 tint, and look rose tinted. Studies show that other rose tinted glasses do not work, it had to be fl 41. I found one place that makes them. I am really hoping this will get me out of the dark!

  2. I hope the new lenses will allow you to comfortably read and use the computer again. I can’t imagine having to give up those two things on top of everything else. 🙁

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