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Clinical Trials for Treating All Sorts of Headache Disorders is the place to go if you’ve considered participating in a clinical trial for your headache disorder, These are just the latest in 142 headache studies recruiting participants or will be recruiting soon.

Nearly every headache disorder is represented: cluster, tension-type, post-traumatic, migraine, cervicogenic, lumbar-puncture, medication overuse (rebound)…. Treatments range from medication and surgery to diet, coping skills training, relaxation, meditation, yoga, exercise… Again the list goes on.

The diverse collection of current studies include:

Even if you’re not interested in any of these studies, checking the government’s clinical database regularly may turn up something new that works for you. Searching for “headache” gets the most results, but you can also search by specific headache type. For example, there are 74 active studies on migraine and seven on cluster headaches.

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  1. Thanks for this. I was told yesterday by Swedish Headache Clinic in Seattle that the ESCAPE Trial I was part of, to determine whether PFO Closure helps in the fight against migrane, has been cancelled. The clinical trials site yesterday said ESCAPE was recruiting. Today it says the study is active but not recruiting. I fear it may only be active until they finish telling everyone that they’re shutting it down. I’m watching the web, and Teri Robert at is looking for more info.

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