Home and Taking Care of Myself

After three weeks in Phoenix and a weekend in Minneapolis for a wedding, I’m thrilled to be home. My dad’s service, last Wednesday, was a full-house. The touching speakers captured his generous, giving spirit. It provided good closure. Now all I have to do is figure out what my real life will be like without him.

I’ve given myself permission to do whatever I want this week. I’ve been physically and mentally exhausted, so I plan to sleep a lot. I’ll watch a ton of baseball and Gilmore Girls. If I feel like cooking or blogging, great. But I’m OK with it if I don’t. I just took butter out to soften for snickerdoodles. They’ll make a tasty dinner.

Thank you all for your incredible support. I’ll be back to the blog soon.

6 thoughts on “Home and Taking Care of Myself”

  1. so sorry about your dad. my heart aches for you. glad you’re back, and hope those snickerdoodles are yummy. my comfort baked item are peanut butter/chocolate covered oatmeal squares. desperately need those when feeling sad.

    lots of love to you, girl.

  2. Kerrie,

    I am so sorry about the loss of your Dad. I just cannot imagine what you are going thru. I hope you are well, migraine-wise.

    Take your time and don’t forget the recipe for those Snickerdoodles when you can. Sounds yummy

  3. I discovered you in the current issue of Neurology Now and I am looking forward to learning how you cope with your headaches and life in general.

    I am truly sorry about your loss….my dear aunt passed away on Friday night so I can understand you wanting to just take your time to cope with the loss.

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