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It has been a quiet week at Free My Brain From Migraine Pain, but I hope you enjoy these posts:

And an older one just for fun:

Megan Oltman, a migraine management coach, has volunteered to keep The Daily Headache running while I’m on vacation. Be sure to check out her blog, Free My Brain From Migraine Pain for more thoughts, tips and techniques on managing life with migraine. -Kerrie

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  1. I suffer chronic daily migraines, and recently they’ve gotten even worse- I take sumatriptan 2-3 times per day, every day. I’ve tried topamax and depakote to prevent them, as well as blood pressure meds. I tried drinking massive amounts of caffeine, and every painkiller known (including over-the-counter as well as prescription drugs) and only the “triptans” help at all. As I understand, the “triptans” are vasoconstrictors, so being that those are the only meds that help I am assuming that my headaches are due to the dialation of blood vessels in my head. I have not found any triggers in my lifestyle that could cause these blinding headaches, as a matter of fact I am sure that they are not caused by anything environmental as I have been suffering from these debilitating headaches about 10 years. Up until about 6 weeks ago I rarely had to take 2 doses of sumatriptan in a 24 hour period, although most of the time I did have to take it every day. For the past 6 weeks, it’s been 2-3 times per day. I haven’t idenified anything at all that could possibly be causing them. So my question is, is there any medication or herb or food that helps to keep the blood vessels constricted; to keep them from dialating? Is there anything else I should know? Is there anyone who can help me?

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