Recent Posts on Free my Brain from Migraine Pain

Some recent posts on Free My Brain From Migraine Pain include:

  • Face, Meet Floor!: Virus, fever and Migraine together can have nasty consequences, including passing out and hitting the deck.
  • Feverish Thoughts: When you cannot take analgesics, you can have the surreal experience of life with an untreated fever and head pain.
  • Exercise for Migraine Prevention: Daily exercise can help calm the nervous system, reducing Migraine frequency.
  • Migraine? Where do I Start?: An introduction to a free resource for learning about and coping with Migraine disease, an e-course on managing life with Migraine.

Megan Oltman, a migraine management coach, has volunteered to keep The Daily Headache running while I’m on vacation. Be sure to check out her blog, Free My Brain From Migraine Pain for more thoughts, tips and techniques on managing life with migraine. -Kerrie

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