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Vipassana Meditation for Chronic Daily Headache (Migraine): Clinical Trial Recruiting Participants

Meditation is highly regarded yet little-studied for managing chronic daily headache and migraine. Intensive Meditation and Migraines: Effects on Health and Well Being is a clinical trial of Vipassana meditation and chronic daily headache (the migraine sort). The year-long study includes a 12-day retreat to learn the technique. Researchers describe the study as:

Participants completing training in intensive meditation and continuing frequent practice for one year would experience reduced frequency, duration and severity of headaches along with improved awareness of the triggers of their symptoms, improved quality of life and mental health, improved heart rate variability, and reduced inflammation.

For more information on the study, see the recruiting page on Learn more about Vipassana meditation from Wikipedia’s excellent external links list.

7 thoughts on “Vipassana Meditation for Chronic Daily Headache (Migraine): Clinical Trial Recruiting Participants”

  1. I had constant migraine for almost 10 years. And it was quite frequent (3-4 attacks per week)
    After 10 days retreat and vipassana meditation it was dissapeared. For almost 6 months i had rarely migraine attacks, just after take some alcohol. It is worth to try if you suffer a lot from migraine..

  2. I’d like to hear whether this has worked for anyone. I was down for the course and had many conversations with the Johns Hopkins physician conducting the trial. I went, instead, to a seven day Zen retreat. My headaches disappeared during the retreat but quickly came back, despite a daily, one hour practice. I am heading to a vipassana course in May to see if this may work.

  3. I’m leaving for the study tomorrow. I’ve had a NDPH since March 20, 2006. Please pray for healing for me–or send happy thoughts. All will be appreciated!

  4. I’m participating in the study at the end of Sept. My boyfriend refers to it as “No talkie camp.” I’ll be sure to report back. I’ve had a constant migraine since 3/20/2006.

  5. I’m practicing mindfulness meditation. It is based on Buddhist meditation, but easily adapted to daily life. In fact, it is essentially about becoming aware in daily life. I’ve concentrated on the techniques used in a medical context — so it isn’t “airy fairy!”

    I have some CDs and books that I really like. I’m slowly putting together a post on them. You can learn more here:


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