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Migraine Reprieve Ends: Welcome Back, Nausea

Is it normal for a visit to the grocery store to make someone want to throw up? Namely, me. At the Whole Foods downtown. Granted, a huge hot food section, lots of stinky cheeses, and two kiosks of made-to-order Asian food makes it particularly smelly. But still.

My head may be in less pain, but the nausea has returned full force. Clearly the my migraines haven’t retreated, only the pain. I actually developed the aversion to eating a few days ago, but the over-the-top nausea just kicked in.

Being honest with myself, I know that my “good week” wasn’t as grand as it seemed. It meant an extra good hour each day with an awesome day and a half on Tuesday and Wednesday. After walking less than a mile yesterday, my body felt as if I’d run five. The gentle yoga practice I did upon returning home increased the exhaustion. All the signs of an impending migraine were there whether I wanted to pay attention to them or not.

Now my head is sore to the touch (allodynia) and tears are streaming from my eyes (a sure sign for me that a migraine is coming). I didn’t ever consider that the effects of reducing my neck and shoulder pain were longterm. Even so, I hate when the good times end.

As usually happens, Hart missed my low pain, high energy days. I’m going to try to eat some lunch and relax for a bit. Maybe the migraine will let up before I pick him returns from work.

4 thoughts on “Migraine Reprieve Ends: Welcome Back, Nausea”

  1. Hi,
    I just found your blog as I was doing some surfing – I do know what it’s like to have painful migraines.

    I’m thinking of trying acupuncture – in fact, that is one of my rare new year resolutions.

    I hope you were feeling better not too long after you wrote this post.

  2. kerrie, i’m sorry you’re back to full on pain. sometimes i feel like the nausea is harder (for me) to deal with. maybe because i live with the pain all the time, and something new just feels like it’s loaded on top. i don’t know. but hopefully you have some good tools to deal with the nausea, and i’ll keep my fingers crossed that this down time comes and goes quickly.

  3. Oh, Kerrie. I’m so sorry your pain-free moment has passed.

    Julie – Phenergan has been a wonderful help for my migraine-related nausea. Sometimes sour candies help, too, but for those times when everything makes me sick, Phenergan does the trick.

  4. Hi,

    I was wondering what you do for the nausea? I, too, have migraines (actually diagnosed with cluster headaches 2 years ago). Anyway, I’ve had my first bout of headaches again since April 2006. It’s Thursday today and my headaches began Monday morning…and haven’t gone away. Other than the head pain, my nausea is horrible! If I take pain meds it makes the nausea worse. I’m just hoping the headaches go away soon. Last time they lasted for 4 weeks. I was actually hospitalized for 4 days because of them. Now I feel like there’s no help. I need some advice. I need to find a new neurologist. My other one is at UCLA and it’s about an hour away. Any suggestions?

    I take a prescription drug for nausea — either Compazine or Zofran (there are others available). Here’s a post on finding a headache specialist:

    Take care,

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