Choosing Pleasure on a Good Migraine Day

Yesterday was a good migraine day. The pain was mild to moderate all day and I wasn’t nauseated, dizzy or lightheaded. Did I read e-mail that’s been languishing in my inbox, put things on eBay, pack up stuff to donate or buy groceries? Nope, nope, nope and nope. I baked gingerbread.

It wasn’t even a simple “Hmm, I want gingerbread” thing. I haven’t been to the grocery store in so long that I was limited to a recipe that used no more than one stick of butter and one egg and didn’t require milk. What a triumph when I found the recipe winthin my parameters!

After a short rendezvous with my Kitchenaid and some help from the oven, I had tasty, fluffy gingerbread within an hour. I even cleaned the kitchen when I was finished.

I’ve been too sick to do the chores I have to do. That means I’ve also been to sick to do what I want to do. It’s practically instinct to work first and play second. Instead, I chose pleasure over work and have no regrets. I took a a huge step yesterday and am pretty proud of myself.

6 thoughts on “Choosing Pleasure on a Good Migraine Day”

  1. Way to go! I know the impulse well. All too often, chores get what little energy I have. I think it’s an excellent thing to put pleasure on the top of the list as often as possible. And gingerbread sounds like it fits the bill. This is so synchronous for me as I have been thinking about/craving gingerbread lately: my mom used to make fresh gingerbread and then put some warm custard on it and a dollop of applesauce. Heaven! I will try this recipe for sure.

  2. Isn’t it something how the little things can have such a big impact. When my pain knocked me out of life, being able to walk the dog for half a block was an affirming achievement.

  3. I’m so glad you did what you wanted to instead of had to. That is still one my biggest issues! And I know that I’m the one who drives myself, because my husband keeps reminding me to take care of myself. And yet it can still be such a struggle!

    I can smell the gingerbread from here! Yummmmm!

  4. Aren’t the good days wonderful? They are such a good reminder that even the small things can be so fulfilling. I wish you many more of them!

  5. I haven’t even been sick – just stuck working constantly. And like you, when I’m free of the burden of work, I don’t bother taking care of all chores that have been piling up – I hit the kitchen and make something wonderful.

    Maybe work is a kind of illness? 😉

    Glad to hear you had a decent day.

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