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Marijuana a “Wonder Drug”

“If marijuana were a new discovery rather than a well-known substance
carrying cultural and political baggage, it would be hailed as a wonder
drug,” according to Harvard Medical School emeritus professor of psychiatry Lester Grinspoon. Marijuana as Wonder Drug, Grinspoon’s Boston Globe opinion piece, is an interesting take on the controversial topic.

You can learn more on Marijuana Uses, Grinspoon’s website. RxMarijuana has links to articles he has written for the general public. And you’ll find many more by Googling Lester Grinspoon.

4 thoughts on “Marijuana a “Wonder Drug””

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  2. ok i’ve been smoking for 8 years hell i passed the wasl stoned i really think it is time that pot is keagalized. the government thinks it cant tax it thats why it is illeagal. if they thought about it they can tax it just put it in cartons and tax the box. sorry im ranting im just mad at all the people that say pot is bad.

  3. Just a comment: I have had as many patients report this to be a trigger for their headaches as I have those who found a measure of relief.

    While it is clearly good for nausea, I think the jury is out on migraine pain.

    Thanks for the information.


  4. When running into my daughter’s school nurse at the grocery stor last year; she actually suggested this to me. I thought it was rather bizarre, considering; but apparently not.

    It’s something I hear about a lot. I’m amused that the school nurse is the one who recommended it. 🙂


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