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Live in Seattle and Have Migraine or Chronic Daily Headache?

If you live in Seattle or its suburbs, have migraine and/or chronic daily headache, and would like to help me with a story for the writing class I’m taking, let me know!

I don’t have details yet, but my aim is to tell the story of another headache sufferer. I want to get to know you, how you live and the place that headache has in your life. It will involve some talking (translated: me asking you questions) and some general hanging out time (translated: me following you around while you go about your life).

If you’re interested in knowing more or would just like to get together sometime and talk about coping with headache disorders, please e-mail me. We’ll talk about particulars and you can tell me if you want to go through with it or not. There’s no pressure.

I know my story inside and out and, while our experiences are similar, they are also very different. Each one of you has a story worth telling. This is my first step in learning how to help you tell those stories.

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