Baseball & Headaches, More Alike Than it Seems

What a glorious day! It’s opening day of the baseball season. I’m excited not only because I love the game (I became a huge fan after a spinal tap left me with a three-week headache that glued me to the couch), but it’s a daily reminder of hope, glory and being in the moment.

Each season start anew. No matter how bad the previous year, this year could be different. Players change workouts, work through their last season troubles, and refocus their energies in the off-season.

No worries if your team loses today or your favorite player falls into a nasty slump next month. Tomorrow or the next inning or even the next batter can make the difference.

I’ve had a migraine every day for more than a week, but it was fairly mild this morning. Instead of heading straight to the computer, I saw my chiropractor, walked the 2.8 miles around Green Lake, and went to Lighthouse Roasters, my favorite coffee shop, and drank my latte on the bench outside.

If my current headache pattern holds, I’ll have a migraine within an hour. But that may be a few more innings away. Might as well play my heart out until I have that game-ending injury. Perhaps I’ll even avoid the injury.

History has been written, but the future’s up for grabs. Day to day, moment to moment.

Go Diamondbacks!

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