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Building Your Migraine Treatment Plan — A HealthTalk Webcast Tomorrow

A drawback of all the available treatments is that patients can be overwhelmed. Designing a personal headache treatment plan will help keep you and your doctor on the best path for you. It will help you choose the medicines that are most likely to reduce your most troublesome symptoms, can integrate alternative or complementary treatments and may even ease the stress if you have to go to the ER.

HealthTalk is producing a webcast called Building Your Migraine Treatment Plan with headache specialist Robert P. Cowan. He will answer patients’ questions during part of the show. You can submit your questions in advance or during the live webcast.

The program starts at 7 p.m. EST tomorrow — Wednesday, March 21. Starting about 10 minutes before the webcast, go to the program’s description page and look for a link that says “Join the Program.”

For more about treatment plans, see the ACHE article, Headache Medicines: Which One is Right for You?

You can also check out the two previous webcasts: What Makes a Migraine a Migraine? and Why Do Women Get More Migraines Than Men? I haven’t listened to the first one, but the second one has terrific information for women and men. Dr. Christina Peterson was one of the specialists on the show. I’ve been waiting for a transcript to write about it, but it’s so great that I should dive in anyway.

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