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  1. I had a stroke at 45 in a doctors office for my annual check up. They misdiagnosed me because of my age. For 8 months after my stroke I had headaches so bad I secretly wished I would die. I tried everything. I got a smidge if relief with tiger balm on pressure points, but three sessions of Pranic healing got rid of them once and for all. Most major cities offer pranic healing clinics. Look one up. It really worked. I have been headache free for 4 years now! Living in pain is no way to live. Best of luck.

  2. Sad news: After a very long journey trying to find a cure for my wife’s headaches, my wife passed away after 14 years after suffering two strokes in 2005. She developed 3 brain cancer tumors (glioblastoma stage 4) with no cure, it was a very devastating blow, after making sure that my beloved Mary Jane would not suffer another stroke, she was succumb to brain cancer. I just loved to take care of her make sure of her well being and comfort, for every moment of hurt…there was a moment of love…we met very early in life, so who would think that at the tender age of 13 that little girl would steal my heart at 14, she stole my heart and ran with it, made me fall in love with her…early spring 1967…we were ” A MILLION TO ONE ” when everyone though it was puppy love, we knew…we wanted to be together and be one happy couple…with 3 boys (she raised 4 boys including me) and she could not give us a girl…so she went out and bought a porcelain doll…we named her Roxanne and still is very much with us…the strokes and those headaches that would never subside did not allow us to have some peace and tranquility…robbed us of many family gatherings…my wonderful memories have been over shadowed by the last 14 years because of the strokes, but the last May-Sept 3,2019 was the devastating blow…she was diagnosed with brain cancer…had her in hospice here at the house…I learned a lot after caring for her the 14 years with no girls and no help…I was doctor ,nurse, provider ,caregiver, mom, cook, maid, garner at all hours 24/7 and always making sure she was clean and dry and made sure she did not suffer another stroke…but I wouldn’t change it for the world…I would do it all over again with her….so I urge you guys don’t give up and continue to search for a cure and support your love one and be there for them…reassure them that they are very much loved…when the stroke happens…that’s when you love them more…cause they can’t do for themselves…(paralyzed right side, very limited speech, loss memory, dropped foot)… we were together for 52 yrs. and married for 48 yrs. and 7 months to my beloved Mary Jane…we were destined to be together…I was very blessed to have my Mary Jane…Cap

  3. Hi everyone, I’m back, the last time I was here was in June 9, 2011, and wife has gone through hypnosis, botox injections, ocipical nerve injections, and even the amovig injections nothing seems to help, but the other day that I took her the doctor that was on stand by at the clinic and he examined her, he stated that she had sinus allergies, so he prescribed Fluticasone Propionate Nasal spray 50mcg (2 x each nostril ) once a day and Montelukast Sodium tablets 10mg (2 x daily ) the headaches seam to subside and are not as bad she had them before and plus she been injected once a month of Ajovy the only thing is that her blood pressure is high, this I counter act with Clonidine HCL 0.1 mg for when the (systolic is over 160, or diastolic is over 95) and if the blood pressure is less than 160, I counter act with benazepril 10 or 20 mg. My wife’s 2 stroke happened in 2005, and haven’t given up, still looking for answers, if this can be of any help, start with your doctor.
    The pain manage clinic wanted to do surgery, I said no and headache clinic could not provide answers. I wish this website family well and hope to find answers to all, God Bless and take care. Cap

  4. I had 5 strokes in Dic 1 of last year, so far except my speech I am 99% ok. I lost my speech after my 4th, I am still working and funtioning well but latetly I have had migrains like never before, I never ever suffer from headaches in my life, been at emergency a few times, “nothing” very bad!! don’t know what to do!!!!

  5. Had a hemorrhagic stroke in my cerebellum in 01/2017. Surgeons had to remove 1/3 of my cerebellum due to the bleed killing the tissue. Blood caused damage to the rest of my brain as well. Was in a coma and 20 minutes from dying according to my wife.

    Daily headaches since last year. Ranging from dull ache near back of head to pain behind my eyes, temple and traveling along sides of head. This is in addition to everything else I (and likely many of you) have to deal with. Stopped taking OTC stuff and will never take stronger painkillers.

    It never ceases to amaze me just how devastating strokes are. God is good, however, and better people than me have suffered more.

  6. I had a stroke blood clot from heart murmur had migraines before on occasion now 4 to 5 times a week ringing in my ears all the time auras every day lose vision for hours eye pain dizzy a lot nausea other days can’t sleep so depressed so angry so happy to know it’s not just me.

  7. Hi Sharon,

    I can understand that you’re worried. I had a stroke at 26 3 years ago and every headache (which I have daily now) reminds me of it. And they scare me, because it is true that often lasting headaches can be a warning sign of a coming stroke. The headache was likely not the cause of your mini stroke but a sign. Mini Strokes can also be signs for another one coming.. sorry, I hope this doesn’t scare you too much!!
    If I were you, I’d go talk to the doctors again, maybe a different one. Maybe they can make another scan of your brain to see if anything is forming. As a precaution, it could make sense to take blood thinners, such as common aspirin. If that doesn’t interfere with any other medication, of course! Blood thinners are generally a good safety net for strokes and I was advised to take one daily, just in case. However, my stroke was from a dissection, so an ischemic stroke, which can make things slightly different.

    Generally, as you can see in this thread, it is fairly normal though to have headaches after strokes. I don’t understand how are still surprised about this. So it can also be an aftermath instead of a warning sign and you have to give it some time. I hope it gets better. Mine did!

  8. I never in my life at 57 have had a headache ,I never understood what people went through when they said they had one untill 57 years of age and just went through a ” mini stroke” three days ago came home and my head will not stop hurting no matter how much water I drink are how much Tylenol I take! I have Fybro Manalgia and even my meds for that won’t take it away! I can’t hardly do anything it hurts so bad! It’s got me scared that I might be getting ready to have a big stroke! I made a appointment to get my eyes checked out cause I have been feeling fluttering behind them witch is scaring the crap out of me! I asked my Nureologist in hospital what could be causing this and she had no idea and said to go see a eye doctor! Ummm….anyways I have had this going on for awhile before my stroke but wondering if it’s what caused my stroke! Could be blood clot moving are lodged behind them in a small vein are something! I have found through life that most Dr.s don’t give a damn about any if us , because they don’t really listen to us but yet they know our problems in just a few short minutes they see us!

  9. Thanks Malissa,
    I will try to reduce the pain killers and hope not to increase the tobacco use as my headaches can sometimes be just Frustrating to deal with.
    Thanks again.

  10. Hi Abdi,
    your diabetes and cholesterol pills are not contributing to your side affect. I believe the blood pressure and pain killers need to be reduced daily. More so the pain killers. Give it a week and see if symptoms improve. Then talk to your doctor and let him/her know what you did.
    Just a recommendation.

  11. Thanks Malissa,
    I am on close to a dozen pills, from diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, pain killers, and more.
    I think the after stroke mood swings/hopelessness and the multiple pills tend to drive me to the negative and self destructive path and it’s not something I would wish for anyone.

  12. Abdi,
    I feel your pain, for I was in you shoes. most stroke patients do have head aches of some sort. Get those negative thoughts out of your head. You need to bite it back, get some sort of exercise daily walking, biking, something to make you feel productive. Another thing, stop taking Tylenol, I did and I felt my headache slowly decrease. Doctors love to prescribe medicines but don’t go there. What type of stroke did you have? What meds are you currently taking?

  13. I had a stroke in November 2014. The first few months I thought I could try and go back to work. Unfortunately the headaches were so bad I was constantly on Tylenol 3. Switched doctors, my current doctor is not allowed to prescribe Tylenol 3 ( don’t know why), so I am on some other kind of painkillers. The headaches are sometimes so bad, I just feel like smashing my head on the wall. Due to the headaches, I have resorted to going back to smoking again ( which is bad I know, but these headaches make me feel so miserable that I have suicidal thoughts almost daily). The first doctor told me that I would have the headache for a while, but never told me 3 years! I just hope these headaches go away or for sure would end up either in prison, mental hospital or the grave. Hope the medical industry finds a cure for these pains.

  14. Dean – I would like to know more and if its treatable. Since my stroke I’ve had horrible eye pain – the bridge of my nose hurts and my eye sockets are painful. Plus a weird headache which is very hard to explain. From what I read it mirrors sinusitis.

  15. Hi
    I have been searching for info about having constant headaches after a carotid artery dissection I had in May 2017. I had it on my right side and have never had headaches in my life until that event.
    The neurologist has put me on Eliquis and done a few follow up CT scans and has no answer to why I get them.
    I am frustrated like you folks. I usually have to get an ambulance to the ER once a month for the pain. The meds I take at home just can’t do the job.
    Would anyone have any suggestions?
    Thanks for reading.

  16. I am in Huston. Had a cerebellum clot/stroke I was told via Mem/Hermann Hosp. (911 took me there) I stayed 5 days and went to a rehab center for 3 1/2 weeks. It is now 8 weeks and no better. PT comes to my house. I cannot stand without toppling and losing my balance. Had a new MRI today. Results to me will be next week when I see the New Neuo and Cardio. I am down thinking this is my new way of life. I hate it. I am on warafin and this is a pain as you have to get checked weekly and adjust meds. New doctors want me on other meds. I hope I can get this next week. No one knows why this happened. I hate my headaches and I hate having to reajust my life and limit my daily duties that I loved. No help for headaches. It just seems doctors do not know how to help people like us. Will I ever get better? Sad indeed.

  17. John, I really think you should go and see a doctor again. Maybe another one than before. That sounds very serious and I don’t think the Internet is the right place to help you.

  18. Since 2013 I.began having balance issues and fall down. Then about 7 months ago I began having additional symptoms like dizziness so bad I’d run into walls, balance and falling down also started becoming a whole lot worse, more frequently.Then me loosing my balance got a lot worse, it was likevi was a rag doll being thrown into walls, furniture, you name it and this lasted 3-4 minutes. Now I have not had a bad one like that for about a month and a half. I began getting headaches, which I normally never have headaches, they became worse and more frequent. I’d also have a problem with slurred speech, taking some pauses between words then about 2-3 months ago I began stuttering a little to where it’s almost all the time. I never had any vertigo issues, nausea or vomiting. My doctor ordered an MRI Brain Scan, which I had 5 weeks ago and I got the results back last Tuesday the 15th. He said it showed I’ve had multiple small strokes most likely from blood clots but it didn’t show I had one recently, I wondered whats the time frame for recently. He then referred me to a Neurologist because I’m still having these same symptoms and my headaches are now lasting for a day to 3 days straight. Then on Thursday November 17, 2016 around 6:30 AM I was sitting and as I began to stand up the entire room began to spin, I knew it was a vertigo issue. I ended laying on the floor about 15-20 minutes that’s when my son’s wife found me, it was another 10 minutes whete I could begin standing up and it also felt like someone hit me from the back of my eye, really bad headache. I laid in bed until around 11:00. I went to the bathroom, still a bit dizzy and when I stood up to leave the same thing happened but this time I got really nausea and threw up. Can anyone tell me what is going on? I’m a 62 year old male with about 10 stints in my arteries and I’ve had 2 heart attacks and I also have type II diabetes, Peripheral Neuropathy.

  19. I too have had 2 strokes and trying to find your group on Fb, My name is Kimberly Crouch, and I suffer the same headaches with no answers. Please send a friends request so I can join in on your group

  20. Anyone who posts on this page and would like to join my small but hopefully growing support group and are tired of the neurologist runaround who have little or no answers for us – Please add me as a facebook friend. My name is Nick Bischoff and my profile picture is me standing next to a Gas Monkey van. We may not have all the answers for you but we know your pain and can relate.

  21. Hi Nick, yes Im on fb. My name is Lauri Beck, but I go under Malissa on this website (since some of my fb friends don’t know my condition. Search for me…Lauri Beck Chicago Illinois. We should contact as much as possible while we can. Im standing in a pink blouse.Thanks Lauri

  22. Malissa – are you on facebook by chance ? If so I would like to friend you and anyone else with our same problem so we can chat and compare notes. My name is Nick Bischoff and my profile picture is me standing in front of a Gas Monkey van. I know we are all sick and tired of being in pain and any possible ways out are appreciated.

  23. Anita, my situation was very much like yours. Birth pills, etc. However my husband rushed me to the ER immediately(3 hours) discovered I had an Ischemic Stroke on my left side. It did not affect body thank god.but my right arm especially my hand) is tingly and getting numb. I squeeze a stress ball and it seams to work. My hand is not as stiff. My neurologist put me on warren (coumadin) which is great for me. My stroke was in July 2014. Something told me to go a year later and get a MRI again, my doctor sent the order in. my Nuerologist discovered a nurve cell accumulation in the back of my brain. he wast concerned so neither was i. Nov 2015 I was driving and had a seizure…Now my two Neurologist claim the findings had nothing to do with my seizure. I googled the hell out of it and find that some stroke patients discover a seizure after a stroke. I am not trying you care you but go with your gut. You know your body better than anyone. i researched everything I can…I found this fantastic Nuerologist on line..Dr Blaylock wellness report , look him up, I think he lives in NC? I signed up for his news letter in the mail $54 for a year subscription. You must get this. It is better than anything I read on line. Covers all Neuro points. It helped me understand the big picture. I learnt more from him then any neurologist in Chicago. Stay healthy..lmk if u like the reports

  24. I had a cerebellum ichimic strong on left side on 8/18 while at my well checkup. My pcp had good sense to send me by Ambulence to hospital but bra use I am in perfect healthy and just 44 no one tested me for a stroke. They treated me for vomiting. I was let out not being able to move my neck, walk, talk and with killer head ache. Kaiser said it was all do to vomiting. I could leave hospital if I could chew ice. They gave me an Iv and sent me packing. For the next 5 days I called Kaiser daily complaining of head trauma/injurty and to inquire if Emt dropped me and was given anti throw up Meds, pain killers and muscle relaxers that didn’t work. Finally day 6 a dr had good sense to give me an mri and it showed I had a stroke on 8:18. On day 5 post stroke with Kaiser being motions my friend sent an Easter dr to see me who put anti virus Meds on my neck and massaged my neck and gave me back mvt. Before being admitted to ER my 2nd time on day 6 he met me in parking lot and gave me lumbrokinase dose.

    Drs have no idea what caused my stroke and are guessing birth control pills which I was on for 28 years. I have no diabetes, low blood pressure, perfect heart, good blood, no dissection. I did have my left side die and have brain swell. I am a medical oddity as they think I shouldn’t be able to swallow, talk, move my left arm and leg of walk.

    I am now out and am 3 weeks post stroke. Every day I have a bit of neck stiffness and I have a killer headache were I had my stroke and no above and behind my right eye. I have had right arm numbness on and off. I can’t live having these headaches and I want to go back to work. Kaiser Drs keep saying it will get better in weeks 3-6 but aren’t taking my headaches seriously. I never want to stroke again and don’t like having really no reason for my stroke.

    What Meds should I try. I seem to get better attention and results with eastern Med dr who is recommending I stay on lumbrokinase, add siliphos, spray anti virus where I feel pain and try his laser or acupuncture.

    I have also read that hycrbaroc oxygen chambers might help and that UCSF has stem cell therapy.

    I am usually a smart person who loves to do research but since I have these headaches I am a former glimmer of myself and can’t be the old me and research the hell out of this. I am a lucky girl (maybe the eastern med dr saved me from serious symptoms). I can’t believe my brain swell and time will reduce this.
    Also kaiser bit me on Lipitor and aspirin s d I had a rhado side effect to Lipitor and have sense gone off.

    I can’t sleep. I am feeling grumpy to my mom and two twins. I had the same stroke area as the athletes in concussion the movie and can now see why they wanted to blow off their head. This sucks. I am axioms, angry, worried, and afraid.

    Someone please message me and tell me what path to go and what Meds. I live in sf Bay Area and think I need a second opinion and to see the top neurologist in the Bay Area. I want a cause for the stroke and a cure for the horrendous headaches. Again I can’t research like I used to do someone please tell me who to go see to get me well and to ensure my treatment plan will keep me from stroking again. Prayers and love to all of you in pain. Hang in here. I promise to share back what cured me.

    1. Anita, only a doctor can answer your questions about treatment and specific medications, but it sounds like you’d really benefit from seeing a headache specialist. Living where you do, you have a lot of excellent clinics to choose from–UCSF, Stanford, and UC Davis. A stroke is a major brain event, so it is common to need a little while before everything settles back down. After my mom’s stroke, it was several months before she felt normal again (though she was able to go back to work before then). Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

      Take care,

  25. I don’t see that dr, but I mine isn’t much better! These doctors get paid a lot of money only to refer you to someone else. My doctor suggest I see a ENT doctor, whom sent me to see a Dentist??? thats right a DENTIST. They must be getting perks from the pharmacutical companies. I think they are trying to keep each other employed. I recently started getting tennitis in my left ear. Have you experienced that? It sounds like a heart beat. I asked my neurologist why and he said it nothing to worry about. Funny, prior to my stroke I didn’t experience that. My headache is on the left side. BTW I had my stoke around the same time you did.

    1. Malissa, I had a sound in my left ear kinda like having a sea shell up to it for awhile. I don’t think the ENT or Neurologist cared about if the stroke area was messing with the sinus area. This jackazz Zweifel referred me to a psychiatrist. I told him once the headache is taken care of I wouldn’t need one. Since I’ve rarely had headaches prior to my stroke, I almost forgot what one feels like. Is it a headache or does my head hurt for some unknown reason. Malissa, have you had your thyroid tested?

      1. yes sea shell is a good comparison. My headache was short term. No sinus here either, just left side headache. psychiatrist??? i think all of these aholes need to see a psychiatrist! They asked me to have a thyroid test and I did-barely and concern. I also find myself struggling with typing do you? Im 56 live in Chicago and just about know every doctor in this area. Now Im on a first name basis with them…. Im frustrated that my condition is unanswered.

  26. I really don’t know if this site is actually monitored anymore but here goes. I had an ischemic stroke in December 2014 and have experienced a headache ever since. Almost 2 years. The headache can go from the temple area across the forehead. When it gets real bad, there is pressure behind my eyes and the bridge of my nose hurts. Not unlike a sinus infection. So my question is, can a stroke affect the sinuses ? By the way, if you see a Dr Thomas Zweifel in the headache expert section – don’t bother seeing him as he is rude and has no clue how to treat a patient. He needs to retire.

  27. Tocotrienols (Toco Sorb caps are the ones I take) are showing success as a neuro-protective in the case of stroke and prevention of greater damage if another occurs. I’ve been on them for a few years and have gone from needing 3 Ibuprofen daily to only 1. My stroke was in 2004 so even if it’s just time that’s reduced the severity of the constant headache, the neuro-protective properties make it well worth taking for me.

  28. In response
    I had an ischemic stroke 2 years ago on my left side. thank god no physical affects. Recently have been getting headaches I am taking warfren. And to relieve my headaches my neurologist said I can take “Tylenol” but i still have headaches occasionally. I was in the hospital 3 months ago and had an MRI. My neurologist for a seizure and he said it didn’t show an additional stroke on the MRI, however Im also taking Lamactil for Seizure. However since than I have to type with two fingers(from typing 85 w a min) also experiencing these headaches and tripping over my feet a lot. I think I know my body well. But you have to believe a professional. Anyone experiencing the same?

  29. My strock was because my hart AFAB fast palpitations. I did have 2 vision don’t have that no more just headaches burn,stavin,extremely bad headaches. I’m going to a new neurology surgery
    His name is dr. Kenneth Liu. He only dose headaches, I hope you feel better.I have 1 year and 8 Mont still have issues.

  30. Hi,i had a haemorrhagic stroke 12weeks ago,still got double vision,and I have started having little daily headaches,didnt have no headaches before the bleed,dont know the exact cause of the Stoke has I didn’t have high blood pressure,hadnt had an head trauma or taken recreational drugs(this is the question I got asked several times)don’t even like to take headache tablets,but the headaches set off my panic attacks that have also become daily,i don’t like to moan and I am glad to be here to write this,but I wish someone could explain why stroke sufferers have these headaches!!!!!!

  31. Hey everyone, ok so my mom was just told by her doctor that she had a minor strokes sometime back. Now she’s been getting these severe migranes for almost 1 yr, there not sure when she had the stroke, but the doctor said she has scar tissue in her brain due to it. Now they prescribed many different meds to try and control the headaches but nothing seems to work, she does have high blood pressure. I wanted to know if there’s anything I could do to make sure my mom gets better and avoids getting another stroke. She smokes cigarettes like crazy, she trys to quit but nothing. She claims that she’s stressed, but I don’t from what. Mothers are always stressed and I want to be able to help her, I don’t want to lose her god forbid… any information on this would help. Please.

  32. Hi all!
    As an update to my last post. I had my TIA (small stroke) in October 2015 and managed to get rid of the headache in February 2016. I had been on topiramax ti treat the headache. I had to slowly get off of it using Advil for a few days.
    I think the stroke cause bad tension in my neck which was causing the headache. I ended up buying the best memory foam mattress and pillow to help with the tension. The headache is now completely gone.
    Good luck to all 😉

  33. Hi all.
    I just had a stroke last month due to carotid artery dissection. I too am having headaches but my doctor told me that it wouldn’t go away unless my dissection heals. So the meds given to me were paracetamol and gabapentin/neurontin. The latter seems to help specially when my neck hurts. However, ask ur doctors first.
    Goodluck to us all.

  34. On July 25,2015 I had an ishemic stroke affecting my left side. Since my stroke,I have major headaches every day. No one can treat or explain them. I take diladid and oxycodone and that is the only medicine that had helped me to stay sane. My neurologist can’t explain them. I have taken all kinds of prescription drugs to try to eliminate the pain, to no avail. If anyone has any suggestions please keep me in mind

  35. All of you with migraines. I’m 37 suffered a major stroke fen 28th then Tia a week later. Dr diagnosed me with hempligetic migraine as cause. I’m still suffering a headache a month out.

  36. Hello all,
    It is indeed relieving to see that I am not alone in this.
    I had a small cerebellar stroke in November 2015 so 4 months ago, I am 34. I have no aftereffect so I consider myself very lucky. But the headaches! I get them on a daily basis now especially in the temporal areas. Sometimes I feel like my blood vessels are moving inside, I never felt anything like that before except during the actual stroke but it was of course much more intense. I’ve quit smoking for a month now and in the beginning it relieved almost immediately my headaches but now I get this “blood vessel moving” type of headache more often. I wonder whether it is because my blood vessels are getting back in shape after quitting smoking (this is rather a wish than a hypothesis). Anyway, since we don’t seem to get much answer for this, I just would like to extend my sympathy for all my coreligionnaire here and I really hope we get better.

  37. Hi everyone,

    I’ve been reading through these comments here. I’m 27 and had an ischemic stroke last year. I still have headaches but they have gotten A LOT better, and my dizziness, too, since I tried Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). I highly recommend reading the studies about it, by Dr. Efrati. Even though my neurologist said it’s probably not gonna do much, it has helped me a lot.

    I still have headaches and dizziness (which is why I started reading this) but at least now I’m able to function and able to be back at university.

    Good luck to everyone!!!!

  38. Hi. I had the same symptoms. My neurologist told me that head aches are common after a stroke. It can last up to 3-6 months, but once your system gets use to cummadin/warfrin your brain calms down. Maybe it is true. This is what happened to me. Your situation, it is probably not a tumor. I spend lots of money and time getting a few MRIs because of my doubts. Hope yours gets better soon!!

  39. Hi im hoping someone can help me. Recently ive woken up with a really baad headache in the cerebellum area and its unlike anything ive ever felt. A lot of pressure. Besides that on days when i did not have a headache i have felt nausea and dizzy and thrown up. This lasted all day. Could i have a tumor?

  40. I had an ischemic stroke 1 and a half years ago. This In november I had a partial seizure, out of no where. Are they related? I also had a severe headache two months ago. Now Im having difficulties typing and finding the right words. The tingling in my right had is apparent again. I had brain damage from my stroke but no body damage. Does anybody have a similar medical history? If so, wha was the diagnose? Looking forward to any comments. ty

  41. Hi Marcia,
    has he tried acupuncture? That worked for me after I tore my vertebral artery that caused me to have 3 ischemic strokes. I had continuous headaches for over a month before going to acupuncture.

    1. Hi Melissa,

      I have a very similar history (2 ischemic strokes after tearing my carotis internal) and just started acupuncture again. Last time it worked, but the effects only lasted about 20 mins after each session.

      The therapist I went to this time said, she can see that I have a weak Chi. Do you know how exactly they treated your headaches and what they said “why” they appeared?
      Are yours gone?

  42. my husband had a right arterial stroke in 2007. there was a tear. he has suffer from chronic headaches since. we have tried different medicines,nuerostimulator and botox and nothing has helped. also narcotics which only take the edge off. he has been taking the narcotics for so long now that they are not working any more. we are running out of obtions. his headaches are worse now at 9 to 10 with 10 being the worst. I only pray that one day his headaches will stop. our lives have just stop,cause he can’t do anything without the pain getting in the way.

  43. My wife in June 2014 broke ribs and a wk. later I found her uncounsious in bed. She was rushed to the hospital and her original diagnosis was spinal meningitis after transfering her to another hospital which had a better icu she was diagnosed with bi lateral frontal lobe stroke and motor nerve involvement. She was placed in a comma for about a wk. and after which she was transferred to a rehab center. There she lost her ability to hear and speak and developed several uti and c diff infections. She was released from rehab November 11 2015 and she was sent home unable to talk hear or even sit up. Since then she has recovered her ability to sit talk walk with a walker feed herself put on her make up etc. but her cognition balance are still not fully recovered. You must be wondering why I am writing this, as I want to give others hope that recovery is possible. I realize that my wife isn’t back 100% but where she was its a miracle.. My only question are will cognition and balance ever return and will her headache ever dissipate

  44. I had a small hemorrhagic stroke almost 3 weeks ago. I really have received no answers and feel like I’m being brushed off by the doctors. I was in the hospital for 2 days, and no answers at all. They kept insisting the bleed was from some sort of trauma, yet I have had none. I had not hit my head, etc. I was told the bleeding would go away on its own and am hopeful. Yet everyday I feel like there is so much pressure in my head. I have headaches all day everyday since. I had terrible headaches just before the stroke occurred. I have had terrible headaches for many years and had several TIA experiences before even though the doctors insisted they weren’t TIAs. I am not feeling well, very tired all the time, head just aches off and on all day, sometimes I feel dizzy and disoriented. I’m just so afraid the stroke is going to happen again. Did any one feel the same after your stroke. I hope it will get better.

    1. Hi Teresa,

      Well first I can say, YES, I felt exactly the same after my stroke and it lasted for almost a year. The brain is incredibly complex and takes a long time to heal. Also, I had acute and incredible anxiety that it would happen again. I highly recommend you talk to a psychologist.

      Also, I, too, felt extremely brushed off by the doctors. So I went to get my own. I don’t know where you’re from and if it’s possible for you, but if you can, go and find one that takes his time to explain everything to you and takes you seriously! It makes a world of a difference! If you can’t change, be persistent! A stroke is not just a broken leg, it must be taken seriously, the physical as well as the psychological effects and after-effects.

      Do not let the doctors tell you that it is “nothing”, because it is!!! Even you’re lucky enough to not have any visible damage, like me, the recovery is still incredibly hard. If you have any more questions or need someone to talk to, leave me a comment on my blog (click on my username here), although I did have a different cause of my stroke.

      The best of luck, to you!!!

  45. HI All,
    I had 3 ischemic strokes back in April & spent 5 days in the hospital & approximately a month out of work. I had dizziness & headaches everyday until I started getting acupuncture.
    I had resolved any residual headaches & dizziness. I highly recommend. I checked with my neurologist before (which of course I would recommend to you also) & he said Absolutely I can have acupuncture.

    1. Did it really work Melissa ? How often did you go ? I’ve had headaches ever since my stroke which will be 10 months ago. If acupuncture works for this it would be well worth the try. It would be a glimmer of hope.

      1. Hi Nick, yes it did help & I noticed immediately. I started with once a week & tapered off. I did not have debilitating headaches but all day everyday headaches. Sometimes I would get sharp pains in my head & a kind of cramping along my jawline. The Doctor administering your Acupuncture will give you personal recommendations as to how often they think you should have it done.

  46. Reading all of your comments really helps me feel like my Mom is not alone. She had a mild stroke 7 days ago..is 63..and at this point I believe is losing hope. She was always a migraine sufferer prior to stroke..but now the headaches are debilitating since we have been home from hospital. As her primary caregiver at this time I am helpless to know what to do to help her besides ensure she takes all her medicine as needed and reassure her that time will heal her and quality of life will return. After reading ALL the same stories of similar migraine suffering of nausea, intense pain, I really do wonder if they will stop. She sees neurologist on Monday..I pray for insight and possible alternative solutions. Her worry of no relief to the pain thru the prescribed meds increases her anxiety and I am seeing nighttime is 10x worse than daytime for her. Any help is appreciated..thank you

  47. I too Can sympathize with you all. I had an Ischemic stroke, 3weeks ago and have suffered every day with a bad headache. My doctor felt confident that if a I took Neurotic theft that headache would subside, to no avail. I have also been told, they could last a month or 2.uggggggg

  48. I had a stroke in December 2014, ever since then I have a headache ranging from mild to severe. I feel sorry for the people on this blog. I know what they are going through. I have taken aspirin, migraine medicine, gabapentin, propranolol, hydrocodone, alprazolam, amitriptyline nortriptylin and naproxen just to name a few. My neurologist gave up on me – not that he doesn’t believe I have daily headaches – because he ran out of ideas to stop a headache. I think he believed a headache wasn’t possible due to a stoke. I think I made him a believer though.

  49. I am 41 & I had a Vertebral Artery Dissection which caused two strokes a month ago. I didn’t get headaches prior to unless I hadn’t eaten or needed to drink more water. I now have a headache, seems like, everyday. I have a follow up MRI on Thursday & I am going to talk to my Neurologist about this persisting headache issue & see if he will okay me getting acupuncture. I saw this article online & I peaked interest for me http://www.healthcmi.com/Acupuncture-Continuing-Education-News/1453-brain-mri-shows-acupuncture-relieves-migraines

    1. Hi Melissa, I’m sorry to hear that. I’m sorry you’re dealing with lingering headaches. Acupuncture certainly helps some people, though it’s important to be aware that headaches and migraine attacks are not the same thing (and a bad headache is not necessarily a migraine). A migraine is a neurological disorder that has symptoms far beyond head pain. Which ever one your strokes led to, having an accurate diagnosis will help you find effective treatments more quickly.

      Take care,

  50. I had a stroke in 2009 (I was 39) and was lucky enough not to have any major effects except the constant headaches.i am now suffering so much that I have not been able to work and no one understands.I am severely depressed and just want a normal life back.I cannot afford to quit my job and lose my insurance,but I cannot deal with feeling like this much longer.I feel so sorry for everyone on this blog because I see they are as fed up as I am.I pray that we will all find some help somehow.

    1. Toby, I’m sorry you’re struggling so much. It’s exhausting to have head pain all the time. Please hang in there. It may take a while to find them, but there are effective treatments out there. Best of luck finding relief.

      Take care,

  51. Oh I forgot to mention there are still clots and I’m on Coumadin to dissolve them. I also banged my head last night but the headache started before that (tge speech issue was after ). I’ve gotten CT scans for hitting my head already (other times) and it’s always nothing. That was also a typo and should have said 4 months ago (January 2015)

    I also have been having issues with memory and being generally forgetful. My boyfriend has no patience or sympathy and yells at me if I’m having a slow/ off day or ask for help with our baby (like last night).

  52. I’m 24 and had a cavernous sinuous thrombosis (and another clot on the left in the brocas area) 3months ago that was related to my son’s birth two weeks prior. I’ve always gotten migraines before but they got worse after, with a bonus pain down my neck and right arm. My neurologist put me on topomax which largely helps, but last night I had another migraine and later had difficulty speaking like when I had my stroke. I slept it off and think I’m fine now, but was that a residual effect of the stroke or was it another mini stroke? I have so many hospital bills and the thought of spending any more time in that place is nauseating.

  53. The sub-arachnoid hemorrhage that I suffered in 2004 has left me with daily headaches that usually range between a 1-4 on a scale of 1-10. Doctors have been absolutely useless in determining why or what to do for effective treatment. I rarely had headaches prior to the stroke. Now it daily feels as though someone removed my skull cap and took sandpaper to the top of my head along with the ongoing, dull ache. It’s quite different than any pre-stroke headache.Very unnerving and definitely an ongoing, unwelcome companion. Ibuprofen once or twice a day has been my “cut the edge off” approach so far. New research on tocotrienols looks promising and has prompted me to start taking it as of yesterday. I’ll report back if I experience any positive effect. As a musician, I’m fortunate to get brief reprieves as I don’t usually feel (or notice) the headaches when I practice or perform.

    1. Steve, thanks for sharing your story and letting us know what you’re trying next. I’ve added tocotrienols to my research list. Please let us know how it works out for you.

      Take care,

    2. Hi Steve, my mom is having the same problem she has daily headaches after having the stroke in March. Please inform me in you have any update

      1. I’ve been taking 2 “Toco-Sorb” tocotrienol caps daily now for almost a year. Even without the minor reduction in headache pain, studies with peer review indicate tocotrienols are extremely beneficial in preventing brain tissue degradation from stroke and I plan to continue taking them. Some days now the headaches are almost unnoticeable. Slow progress but I’ll take it!

  54. Hi, My friend has a blood clot in her head, which was diagnosed recently few days ago a stroke with left sided weakness. Since then headache is persisting constantly and unbearable. Please tell me how can she get rid of this trouble some headaches and also tell some medications for her to get rid of this headaches.


    1. Hi Pavan, since your friend’s stroke was so recent, it could just be a matter of time before the pain goes away. She’ll need to talk to her doctor about the best way to treat the pain — it’s important to be sure the medications she takes won’t cause any other problems related to the stroke. If the headaches persist and her doctors are unable to help, a headache specialist may be able to help her. Most are neurologists and have knowledge about both stroke and headache. This page has links to three different lists for headache specialists: http://www.thedailyheadache.com/resources. I wish your friend the best of luck. I’m glad she has someone looking out for her.


  55. Hearing ALL these comments are breaking my heart…My husband as well had a stroke in march of 2014 Ischemic stroke then a week later a bleed..He has had HORRIBLE headaches ever sense we have a neurologist but she is NOT sure, Also varies Dr’s ALSO are un certain of why he still has headaches and now were talking a year in a half later PLEASE IF ANY ADVICE I WOULD APPRECIATE IT!! My husband is SUFFERING from this I do not know what else to do I am researching EVERYTHING possible…

  56. I had a mini stroke Easter Sunday 2013 brought on by severe stomach pain I was 52 female left side went numb , drooling,speech was in hospital a week since then I have head ache in back of my head and nausea and vision problems I do not know when to go to ER I have had several attacks of slurred speech ,unsteady I still use a cane and my memory is affected. all I am on is plavix

  57. Hi all,
    Well I feel so discouraged reading all these letters. My husband suffered a stroke in nov 2012. He has some memory loss and the only other long term effect has been the horrible daily headaches. I don’t understand why there doesn’t seem to be one dr with an answer to this serious problem. To suffer with moderate to mostly severe headaches everyday of ones life is a horrible way to live.
    I hope someone out there has some good news concerning this problem. I just feel so bad for him.
    Take care all.
    Carmella vanatta

  58. I had a large Tia 3 years ago, I thought I was lucky to still have all my faculties. But then the headaches started and my neurologists cant figure it out.Has felt like we have thrown almost every drug possible at it. Currently on 40mg oxis 3x s day, at this point I would have traded my mobility and cognition to escape the headaches. I know at dome point the pain meds will not work anymore. I have tried many different holistic methods, next one on the list is hypnotherapy. Battling severe depression and suicidal thoughts. Stroke was caused by a clot and a PFO. If anyone has any suggestion would love to hear them.

    1. Is OXIS the same as Lyrica?

      I was prescribed Lyrica a couple of months ago. Stopped taking it as I started to feel spaced out. On Easter Monday, I suffered from something resembling a stroke. Doctors fobbed me off and suggested I start taking it again.

      Am doing so now but not happy. Booked in to see a neurologist this evening who can hopefully shed some light on my situation. As of yet, I haven’t been told/given a diagnosis as to why I’m taking them!

  59. I had a choroidal ischemia about 4 months ago. I had worst headache for days and then a flash of bright light in my left eye that lasted for hours and left a ghost on my eye which blinded me. I had bad headaches from about 10 years old, progressively getting worse (with aura) . I am now 46. have partial loss of my vision on the left eye. has gotten a little better, but now dr. says it will probably remain like this. I have terrible headaches on left side , behind eye, and headaches almost everyday, they start off and get worse everyday, with nausea, confusion, weakness, and flash of light in left eye like when I had the original ischemia. dr. says it may be due to scar tissue or something and it will also probably continue like this. don’t know how much worse headaches could get, and I tell my husband if I die of a stroke now it would probably be a blessing. it’s sad but also comforting to read all these stories and feel a connection with all of these people. u of m head of stroke clinic said he was unfamiliar with what happened to me, thankfully my neurologist in Dearborn mi is familiar with it, and I have a great eye specialist. it’s all so scarry and I assume i’ll die of a stroke now, kind of glad I was never able to have children now. I think dr’s are scratching their heads at a lot of these cases, and I do see some commonalities among stories. I have considered looking into acupuncture, and chiro does help but only for the rest of the day I see her. I do take zophran for nausea and it does work fast gives relief for that.

    1. It sounds like you’ve been through the wringer. I wonder if your stroke somehow kicked your already present migraine into chronic and daily. What you describe as headaches sound a lot like migraine to me. Are you getting treatment for migraine?

  60. I had a Stroke August ’13. Headaches followed. In hospital I was brushing teeth started gagging tried clearing throat loudly. I was right near nurses station. No one came I gagged and grunted at least 10m or so. No one came, however I was told that it was a seizure later. After complaing so much about the headaches they took to MRI and said having seizures . I would dream profusely and remember every detail. To this day May 2013, I still have headaches. In hospital was prescribed SEIZURE MED(Levi??) or LEX??something -not sure about namely/caz not near my prescription bottle but it is a long word. TAKE 2XDAILY rest of my life per Neurologist. Very low dosage willnot affect me type med per N. NO MORE HEADACHES unless I get off schedule forget to take.
    Also I know exactly when I miss taking it. Head starts to hurt and @nite start dreaming a lot one after another wakes me up like dream was real, pressure pressure pressure in my head like a struggling nightmare in my head/dreams til I suddenly wake. I Take med and go back to sleep in about 15min. However, I was only brushing teeth didn’t have seizure — no nurse ever came to my rescue as I recall. But this diagnosis accompanied with prescription get rid of headaches as long as I take 2aday. Thx

  61. I had a stroke May 2011…Ever since then I have had a lingering headache. My doctors think that because my entire right side goes numb and slur my speech that they might Hemiplegic Migraines. Personally I am not really convinced of it. They prescribed me Tramadol. It seems to head the very serious nausea and screaming because of the pain.

  62. Same story here…stroke at 35, now bad headaches, luckily not every day.
    amazing how many people suffer from post-stroke headache and the doctors are pretty helpless with it by the sound of things…what helps me is plenty of water and Tiger Balm on the spot under which it hurts(really, try it, I didn’t believe in it either…)
    also, stress seems to trigger it and my physio, who is doing research in post stroke pain syndromes, says it is quite common and due to the scarring in the brain. he says it can be a delayed reaction to stress (either emotional or physical, e.g. dehydration, fever/illness…) for up to ten days.
    very interesting.
    I haven’t seen him for a year, but my headaches are getting more frequent again so I will see him next week. will let you know it there are any new ideas after that!

  63. My husband had a stroke when he was 25 that one was march 15 1998 he has a mini stroke and mad sauce stroke on march 5 2013 the first stroke left headaches that ran up the back of his neck into his forehead After this last stroke the headaches are now behind his right eye these headaches are dibilitating he can not function when he get them his doctor is currently treating him with a med called indemethosin he just started that yesterday

  64. My husband had a stroke in Oct. 09. since then he has developed severe migraines which will land him in ICU do to them looking like strokes or TIA. The Dr, including 4 different neurologists, here were no help in finding answers or giving him anything for the headaches. We have found that Fioricet and 1or2 cans of Coke depending on the severity will work. I found this by trial and error and by talking to other nurses I work with. Amitriptyline also seems to help as a preventative measure for him. The headaches are less now, but can be triggered by stress. I hope this helps all of you with the post stroke headache.

  65. Like many of you my mom suffered a stroke 7 years ago and has experienced headaches ever since (scale of 1-10). The doctor doesn’t seem to be too helpful and I feel pretty helpless to help her. Everyone here has very similar symptoms yet there doesn’t seem to be anything to make everyone feel better.

  66. I suffered a peripontine subarachnoid hemorrage four and a half weeks ago, I still have almost constant headaches. I have been taking the maximum amount of Tylenol since my release from the hospital (500mg every 4 hours).
    I can only hope this wont last much longer…

  67. My husband had a stroke 3 weeks ago in the left cerebellum which resulted in severe and constant headaches and dizziness. These were also the symptoms of the stroke. There has been no change from the sudden onset of the stroke. Dilaudid is the only medication the gives him any relief, but is also a strong narcotic and impairs his ability to actively participate in his rehabilitation. As with everyone else that has posted here the doctors seem unconcerned with the headaches. But they are severe and debilitating. Thanks to all who posted as it helps to know we are not alone. But I’m not sure how long he can deal with this pain.

    Any suggestions for relieving these headaches would be greatly appreciated.

  68. I have read the entire comment and only once did I saw the reply of the moderator or even the doctor. But the information I gather to all the shared experience of people that encounter headache post-stroke seems to be as common as the the stroke itself. Doctors may not think it is NOT common because people have different pain tolerance and people who luckily survives the stroke can provide this experience. I am also a victim of minor stroke just 2 weeks ago and undergone a number of test that shows nothing that might cause of this headache at back left side of my head.

    The brain and its function is still a less known part of the body because no one has ever live to tell the tale after their brain is studied under the microscope so even with the most sophisticated testing the brain shall still not provide the answer to all its mystery. All we can do is to try to put aside the pain mentally and do things that can take our mind off the pain. But still hoping for the best for all of us that is suffering with this dilemma.

  69. I had two strokes in October of 2012. A stint was put in and hopefully that’s that. Know I am trying to get back what I lost. On Novemer 27 I was doing some that exerted my self and I got headache, felt like one that you get when you drink or eat so ethi g cold to fast. It lingered all day. Since then whenever I do phisical activity it returns but seems to be In the back ground always. I was looking on line for info. Seems to be some confusion about headaches and strokes. Since I never got headaches before I have to sum mize it is related. At 50 I’m in good health all but the blockage that caused the strokes. I would like confirmation that this is not a sign of more to follow. Reluctant to go to the doctor. They will just do a lot of testing that will cost and no real diagnosis. The stories were good, I’m not in this boat alone. Aleve seams to help. I’ve been tired lately. So gonna try to get more rest to see if that helps. Any info regarding this would be helpful.

  70. Wow! After reading all of these comments I feel like I am part of a family of people. I have had 2 strokes on my left side. I had a head injury which the doctors knew about in 2003 but thought was not an issue.
    They knew I needed other surgeries and time to heal but who would of thought a head injury even though they know the left side of my head hit the pavement hard. In 2005, everyday I had major migraines and they did the CAT and MRI’ s and saw 2 stokes on the left side. My blood pressure was always high as a child and adult but I wasn’t even 50 years of age until 2005 so this was unbelievable to me. Since then my migraines are worse and I can feel the 2 stroke areas that are damaged in my brain while I having my migraines. Yes, It is odd but true and I believe one day no matter what type of medication I am on (380 mg a day of inderal and 200 mg a day of topmax)I will finally have my last one and if that occurs I believe the left side pain will not be a problem and I will drift off and do thank GOD for going out quickly. I truly believe it will be fast. I just had MRI’s May 2012 and have doctors office in 2 days. I have been diagnosed with meniere disease and realize that is why I fall so much. My uncle died at age 62 after several years of brain tumors (cancerous) cut out of his brain.
    About working folks if you have these problems you will not be able to work.

  71. I am hoping for some information if any can be given. My boyfriend had a stroke August 2009 @ 46 years old. (this is the short of things.)He has migraines 3-5 days a week. So.. They claim it was not a stroke after a battery of tests. They said he had a burnt nerve in his neck and when this “repairs” itself naturally the headaches should subside. They diagnosed him with Bell’s Palsy and insist that this is not the cause of said headaches. After seeing a number of specialist and trying about 15 different medications, from anti-seizure type, to migraine meds, to painkillers and various other types. However, none of these medications have helped. Even the pain medicines do not help. At this point he has stopped taking all medications except the occassional pain reliever. The frustrating thing is that it seems all of the doctors just say sorry there is nothing that can be done. However, they do not realize the cause and effect that this creates. After his disability ran out (and 2 years of fighting for permanent disability ssdi) he returned back to work as a diesel mechanic. However, we are at the stage again where he is going to be let go because he can either not be at work on a controlled substance (pain medicine) or has to call in because of the pain and nausea and sensitivity to light and sound, etc. Anyway, I am just hoping we can find a solution to the headaches. Thanks in advance.

  72. My first question here is if any of you are getting a response from anyone with any type of answers or referrals?

  73. I am 26 years old and I a stroke in Aug. 2011. Ans since then I suffer from serve migraines. And now the doctor says that I have panic attacks. So I know how all of you feel. The artery in the back of my neck dissected which caused me to be off balanced and unable to see. I was put in the hospital for 2 weeks and had a tube put in my head. I had headaches before the stroke.

  74. I had, what you would call in the medical field as a “watershed” stroke. Which, what I was told is due to a rapid decrease in blood pressure. Ironically, it was alomost 2 weeks to the day, thet I had started high blood pressure medicine. Also, ironically, there was absolutly no way the medicine could have been a cintributing factor according to the hospital and doctors. The stroke presented its ugly self on my left frontal lobe and of course effected my right side of the body, totally sucks, since I am right handed. I have a question….I have had migraines…but these are much, much worse…my head even hurts to lay it on the matress. Stress and fatigue are haunting me and my husband. He does not try to understand and he can not understand why I am spent went I get home from work. I am JUST so tired, can I fix this…PLEASE healp. My head is stil F’ed up and unfortunately the person I work with plays a sick, sadistic game with my head. I know…..my husban is unemployed so dupping this want to be “Primo” (hair abve minumim wage, is out of the question. Please stop the headache and I am sure it will help some. Thank you,

  75. I too suffered a stroke in May of 2011. I am 30 years old and in perfect health. The reason for the stroke are still unclear but a clot is suspected. I have a history of migraine but they were occasional. Since the stroke I take baby aspirin every morning and have frequent headaches and have no reason from the doctors as to why. For the post few months the headaches have been everyday. Nothing overpowering just there in the background. Sometimes I even feel like my brain is buzzing at night. So strange?? But doctors keep telling me nothing is wrong and my heath is perfect. Medication such as tylenol or advil does not take the headache away. I wonder what else I can use. I do fear this may be a sign for a stroke to hit again since the headaches have picked up. Just praying to God that I’m as good to go as the doctors say. I pray we all find answers. God bless.

    1. Mr. Brown,
      I am in the exact same situation. I am 33 and had a TIA about 2 months ago. I’ve have headaches everyday ever since. I’ve tried a few meds to take care of the headache. I mostly feel the side effects of the meds without helping the headaches. I know you had a stroke in 2011, I was wondering if the headaches ever went away? Is there hope?

    2. Hello, the dr. didn’t tell you what might have caused the stroke? Your very young like my daughter at 26. Hers was from an artery tear, they think from Crossfit. If you have no tear, did they do genetic testing? Did they check you for PFO?

  76. I had two strokes in April of 2011.Since then I have daily headaches from anywhere from mild to major,but regardless daily.My neuorologist says she does not believe in narcotics.I do not like to take them,but some days its all that works.I have also continued to have loss of memory,and it seems to be getting worse.

  77. I am 24, and less than 3 months ago I suffered from an ischemic thalamic stroke. I still haven’t regained all the feeling in my left hand and often lose it in my face. I have a long history of migraines, some lasting up to 2 weeks at a time. Because of my lack of insurance, I can not find a neurologist that will even consider speaking with me. I am still unsure of what even caused the blood clot that caused my stroke. Anyway, my migraines now are so severe I can not function. I lose the ability to speak, walk, make a fist with either hand, weakness in all limbs, nausea and vomitting, and my blood pressure spikes. I can not get any medical professional to understand that I know what a migraine is, and this is no ordinary migraine. The pain gets so severe that I have “blacked out” before. I can’t keep doing this. I am on 325mg of aspirin a day, but it was suggested that I up it to 650mg. I honestly don’t think my body could handle more. If there happens to be anyone out there with any kind of answers or suggestions, please help me. I live in East Tennessee, if anyone even has a lead on a neurologist. Thank you all for helping me feel not so alone. God Bless

  78. I have had 2 Strokes one in 2005 & One in 2009 I now do get very frequent headaches (Daily) are those signes of another Stroke to come?

  79. I am a male of 56 years and had a chronic subdural haematoma in 1997 and following a burr hole evacuation, had two further spontaneous bleeds, reasons unknown. I have suffered from pulsile type headaches ever since, where sometimes my vision is blurred and on some occasions, the pain radiates down both of my arms. I have seen numerous neurologists and have had loads of MRI scans but nothing has shown up except scarring from the original bleed. The last diagnosis I had was for post-traumatic migraine but so far no medication has helped. I have some slight problems with my speech and have poor concentration and short term memory. I had a black-out the other day while standing on a chair and reaching over my head to adjust a light fitting. My GP said that this happened because my corotid artery was kinked because of bending my neck back and this problem is often seen in women after they have been to the hairdresser having had their neck bent back in a hood-type dryer.
    Help anyone?

  80. i am 26 years old and had a stroke in aug 2011. ever since then i keep these headaches that don’t seem to want to go away. what can i do???

    1. Hi I was 25 when I had my stroke they said it was a hole in my heart that caused it so I had a stent put in they said the hole was a size of a 2 pence piece . The thing is i get there realy realy bad headaches always seen to come at the same time day in day out I’ve been to doctors loads of times but nothing that do seems to help

      1. Hi Derrin, my daughter had a stroke at age 26. Hers was from a vertebral artery tear (they believe from Crossfit). She also has a hole in her heart, but the doctor said 1/3 of the population has a hole in their heart, and it wasn’t the cause of the stroke. I wonder if having this hole would at some point cause another stroke? Dr’s don’t seem to want to discuss anything. They listen when you are in the hospital with questions, but when you are discharged they don’t want to deal.

  81. I had a stroke two months ago. No headache until they released me from the hospital. I had migrains, until I had a massive heart attack. For 8 years after the heartattack no migrains. Now I have a nasty lowgrade ache in my head, most of the prior posts mention the right side of the head hurting, interesting. I am trying accurpuncture and other eastern medicine. I am affraid to add more chemicals to my system. I know a chiropractor helped my migraine pain. However, that treatment did not stop the headaches.

  82. I had a mini stroke which affected my whole left side including speech. It has been three weeks and I have mostly recovered everything. Everyday I get the same headache I had before the stroke. I can push on the parts of my head that hurt and that makes it hurt more. The Drs. have all said they don’t know what it is: sinus, cervical vertebrae, etc., etc. I get very dizzy and sick to my stomach with the pain and sometimes my arm and leg go numb, just like before the stroke. Nothing helps. I have high BP. and am on meds. For a few days, taking 1/2 of a Benedril helped a lot, so I thought it was allergy. It no longer helps. I found the greatest help in controlled breathing: a short quick intake breath and a long out go breath. Also, extreme stretching of my limbs as with Yoga has helped a great deal. The Yoga hurts when I do it, but it eases the pain afterwards. But the breathing is the greatest help.

  83. I took my mom to the dr. for headaches and he started her off with low dose topiramate25mg then he will increase if needed. If was the first time in a month we both had almost a full nights sleep. She was getting up every hr. to go to the restroom. Now only once also it does not interact with a lot of the drugs she is on.

  84. I sympathise with you all because I know how frustrating it is to try and get answers from the medical professionals. I had a hemmoraghic stroke due to high blood pressure in September 2010 and although I have progressed greatly, I still suffer daily from “burning”, “bruising” pains in my head. My whole head used to pain but now it mostly pains on the side I had the bleed.I say “bruising” pains because it’s the same pain as when you bump your head. If I rub that area it seems to relieve it for a short while.The “burning” pains just come and go all day. The pain actually exhausts me. My Specialist prescribed Tramacet tabs for me. Unfortunately they don’t help at all. I went back to see him last month to complain about the persisting pain but he sent me for a neck x ray which showed that all was well with my neck (which I could have told him)It obviously is due to the stroke that I have this pain, but I don’t know what to do to get answers and relief.My bood pressure is under control so I don’t get headaches from high blood pressure. Anyone out there who can help ? Please I’m desperate.

  85. My husband had a stroke almost a year ago and since then he suffers daily headaches. The stroke impaired his vision in both eyes, but the headaches are on the right side of his head. He starts seeing black dots in the right eye and then here comes the headache. We are at a complete loss of what to do. I took him to a neuro opthomaloigist and he said he may suffer the headaches for the rest of his life. These headaches have affected every aspect of our lives.

    1. Hi Sherry,
      I’m just wondering if you’ve found any answers in your husbands situation. My boyfriend has suffered with chronic double vision and headache pain since his stroke almost three years ago. He also sees a Neuro Opthomoligist and has even had some visual improvements with his treatment but the headaches are the worst. They are to the point that they interrupt daily life. We are desperately searching for help.

  86. My wife has suffered 2 strokes in 05, and have since has suffered from these daily headaches. She is currently on Hydroco/apap 10-325, neurontin,and But/apap/caf(fioricet),tylenol. The headaches sometimes subside and return, I have been searching for an answer and to no avail. I don’t know if the other medications are a true comtibuting factor to the headaches(most medications have side effects of headaches). I’m in need of a doctor who will take the time to evaluate all of her meds. I have tried several doctors to find no help. It hurts me to see her in pain that I cannot help. I can only give her what she is prescribed and have to watch her PT/INR level, since she is on coumadin.

  87. Looking around on the internet I see that half of the doctors say it is common to have headaches after stroke and half of them say it is very rare. What is the truth?

  88. My husband suffered a second (first was almost 2 years ago) lacunar infarct of the left basal ganglia about 3 weeks ago and the headache, nausea and dizziness have been constant since then. Like most have you we have been told it has nothing to do with the stroke, but no one can tell us what it is due to or how to relieve it. Waiting on a neuro appt. Hopefully will be able to get some answers. God bless all of you. Here’s to hoping we all find the answers and relief that is so needed!

  89. I am 30 years old and had an ischemic stroke in December ’10. I had a mild history of migraines prior to my stroke, but in the last two months, migraines and daily headaches have become the norm. I have been trying to find a balance between taking prescription meds and over the counter meds to manage the pain. I have found very little information about headaches following a stroke and when to be worried and what is to be expected. I was very lucky, as I have had very few other side effects from the stroke, and am interested to find out how much of the headache pain can be related to the recovery.

  90. I had a stroke early november of ’10. Had two bleeds on the brain caused by hypertension that nobody, including my doctors, knew existed. I’m told by my neurologist and cardiologist that frequent headaches are VERY common after a stroke. Something about the brain healing, absorbing all the extra blood etc. They say that the headaches will vary person to person but can last at LEAST 6 weeks after the stroke and they are not surprised when I tell them I’m still getting at least one per day. I just take a Tylenol now and it usually takes care of the problem.
    Hang in there folks, it does get better it just takes time for the body to heal.

    1. My husband had a brain stroke with tro surgery and now after 3 years are having severe short sharp headache what is the cause off it??

  91. I suffered an eschemic stroke in November secondary to a blockage and a bleed (carotid). Since then, I have returned to work full time. However, I am suffering with severe headaches that seem to effect my vision (becomes blurred) and some nauseau. These headaches occur almost daily. The only other residaul effect from stroke are my fine motor skills. No one seems able to tell me why I am experiencing these headaches. Any comments??

    1. Hi I no you posted a few yrs ago I have headache every day 24/7 doc don’t no why not as the days turn I to months into years we are at a lose if u found anytg out it would be great

  92. I had three blood clots (strokes) all at once when I was 50. I am now 52. Luckily, I have had little permanent damage except for loss of balance and daily headaches. Neurologists I have been to have told me that it is uncommon for stroke patients to have headaches after strokes and seem to not take me seriously. I continue working, I am an editor of a newspaper, but the daily headaches — from a dull ache to migraine — are wearing me down. I try to not take pain medication and only do when I just cannot get to sleep at night and the pain is immense. It is the lack of anywhere to go for help that is frustrating for me.


    2. Im also am going through this,I guess no one seem to ,understand, when stroke victims as us say these thing’s,,this is proof by ur comment ,I’m 46,and since this has happened, wow,it’s a life changing situation, ur post enlightens my situation better,day by day,.

      1. Hi rs have you found anytg for your headache I’m like u but worse mine never go away I’ve got them 24/7 n doc don’t no what the cause is

    3. John I had 3 strokes also .. the dr said that I’ll always have head ache to just use Tylenol ..,no big deal hope you feel better!!

  93. Hi, headaches are commonly a symptom for a stroke. Are you diagnosed with high blood pressure? Commonly hypertension patients experienced headaches oftenly. I would recommend you to consult your doctor as soon as possible. Take care of your health

  94. Roy – Kerrie is on vacation until later this month and I am holding the fort. I will bring your comment to her attention so she can respond. I hope your mother’s pain resolves soon!
    – Megan

  95. Kerrie,

    I reaize it is over a year since you posted your question. My mother is 65, had a stroke last month (small vessel disease) and complains of the most severe headaches she has ever had. They are all the same as what she felt when she had the stroke (on the right side of her head behind her eye). They come at least once a day, if not more often.

    She has seen a Neurologist and other Dr.’s. No one can figure it out, they just prescribe tylenol with Codein.

    Do these resemble the headaches you saw? If so, did the headaches eventually go away? Or do they persist?

    I have also been unable to find any research on this.

    1. I had a stroke (blood clot) about 2&half years ago. I was feeling better and even considered going back to work. Unfortunately, for the past 1 year, the headaches are severe and also noticed lack of energy and very “touchy”, getting angry over trivial matters and frequently, suicidal thoughts. Been on different types of pain killers, but only help for a while. Still with high blood pressure, even though using highest dosage of Ramipril. True! Doctors don’t want to deal with this issue (or don’t know how) and just increase pain killers or hbp medications. Very frustrating.

  96. Twenty-five per cent of strokes will present with headache as a symptom of the stroke. Usually, though, the headache is not a persisting problem.

    You do not mention whether the stroke was a hemorrhagic stroke (due to bleeding into the brain), or a thrombotic stroke (due to clot), or due to small vessel disease (damage of the blood vessel wall). A hemorrhagic stroke would be most likely to leave a sequela of headache.

    It would also be important to know whether or not there is residual high blood pressure.

    In other words, it depends, and is highly individualized to the patient, who should see a neurologist about his headaches.

    As is everything headache-related, but thanks for the good start!


    1. I’m 26 and had a vertrebral artery dissection as they like to call it. Everyone’s right about the HBP but I haven’t had HBP since the artery healed, and I’ve had headaches the day of the stroke and almost everyday after. I had a lot of blood work done including for allergies, which can help solve where they are coming from too. It’s been two months so far for me, but physical exercise can bring them on and make them go away! My neurologist said “it’s just one of those stroke post symptoms people get”. But I thought the allergy test was clever so just a little advice if it helps.

      1. My wife suffered a stroke 7 days ago, she has constant headaches since. The pain killers prescribed barely take the edge off the pain. I saw on this site someone mentioned rubbing Tiger Balm gently onto the sore spots on the head. My wife said that it works better than any of the pain killers. I Highly Recommend trying this after seeing the difference it makes.

        1. I had a blood vessel behind my eye that was weak and had terrible headaches. I lay in a hospital bed 30 days before a doctor from mayo clinic walked in an said, I know what that is, a weak vessel behind the optical nerve in the eye. Get a MRI !!!!

      2. Hi Lauren, my husband just suffered this also, any recommendations to help the healing process and ease the headaches?

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