Visit With Naturopath, Part Deux

I finally realized what bothered me about Tuesday’s appointment with the naturopath. I talked and talked, got little response and walked out empty-handed. I’m not blaming the naturopath at all, this was just the nature of the appointment. And it was dissatisfying.

Her goal in the initial appointment was to get to know me, my personality and the circumstances of my life. Then she’ll take that information, along with results of blood tests, mull over all of it (she even enters it into a database!) and come up with an appropriate treatment for me.

I’m used to a give and take situation. When I describe my symptoms and such, there’s feedback beyond “ahuh” and probing questions. The end of the appointment is usually full of suggestions and ideas about treatment.

Draining myself during a conversation can be OK — as long as I feel like I get something for my effort. Wow, could I be any more American?

I’m over it now. It led to a bad 27 hours, but I finished my book yesterday and my head was a lot better after my nap. I managed to work on eBay stuff for six hours before bed, cleaned the kitchen and read about Costa Rica. That many good hours is not bad for a bad day. Besides, I feel pretty good this morning.

I’m tired of writing about me, me, me. I’m looking forward to writing some posts that aren’t Kerrie-centric.

1 thought on “Visit With Naturopath, Part Deux”

  1. Oooh! I know this was a while back, how did it turn out? I admit, when I work with clients I like to know all the little bits of their story, but I try to be very conversational about it as well. But keep in mind that sometimes those little bits can turn out to be clues in putting together a big picture. It’s never easy, treating a chronic issue of mysterious origin (as though I need to tell *you* that!) We have to find ways around the obvious–as I assume you’ve already tried the obvious.
    I hope she was able to help you, eventually. Was she? Did she?

    I’m glad to hear you’re more subtle with your patients!

    I didn’t have any success with her, but someone else with headache recommended a naturopath in the area that I’ll probably see. Thanks for asking.


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