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“You’re Gonna Be So High”

Saturday was a warm and sunny day at Vegoose, the music festival where we spent the weekend. Although everyone around me was standing and dancing, I laid in the grassy field outside of Las Vegas with my eyes closed, soaking up vitamin D.

I’d been a good patient and remembered to take my Chinese herbs with me to take throughout the day. I needed two doses of four of each of two kinds of herbs. Space in the backpack was at a premium so I crammed all 16 gel caps into an Advil bottle.

I realized my fatal mistake when I remembered to take my first dose — the two different pills are almost identical. To sort them into the two required doses, I had to sniff them all, looking for the ones with the stronger scent.

After a few minutes of this, a friend leaned down to tell me that everyone one around us was staring, trying to figure out what kind of cool new drug I was taking. My hands shaking, as they always do, signaled to onlookers that I was desperate for my fix.

I threw back all eight pills at once and a man said, “You’re gonna be so high.” Little did he know that less headache pain was the only high the herbs could offer.

Lying back on the grass, I couldn’t stop smiling. Everyone around us thought that I was on a massive dose of some mind-altering drug. And there was no way I could convince them otherwise. (“No, really, it’s medicinal Chinese herbs.” Who’d believe that?)

I laugh now imagining the stories told to friends about the drugged-out woman at the Raconteurs show.

2 thoughts on ““You’re Gonna Be So High””

  1. Cute story! I took so many herbs while seeing the acupuncturist! Most of the time I had no idea what I was taking because I couldn’t read the language on the bottle/package so I couldn’t look them up online or anything. Goes to show you the trust I put in people in the hopes that maybe, just maybe they can help me…

    It’s hard not to trust someone who thinks they can make your headaches a little less hellish!

    The first acupuncturist gave me herbs that were written in Chinese and I was too nervous to try them. My new herbs have ingredients written in English, but it’s still not helpful. I trust this guy so much that he could tell me to swim across the Puget Sound in December and I’d listen to him.


  2. LOL, I remember a similar thing happened to me last year around Chirstmas time. It’s good that you can look at the brighter side of things…

    It’s too funny not to! It may help that I was mentally writing a post about it while lying on the grass.


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