She’s Out, She’s Great

I’m sitting next to Kerrie in the recovery room and she’s doing great, eating Graham crackers, drinking water, talking about baseball, and generally enjoying having a few fewer ounces of metal in her life. We asked to keep the stimulator and hopefully they’re going to clean it up, inspect the unit, and then send it to us so she can post a bunch of pictures of it.

Oh! Gotta go–the wheelchair is here. I’m sure Kerrie will provide more thoughts soon.


8 thoughts on “She’s Out, She’s Great”

  1. Hi Hart and Kerrie!

    Hart, I had an email from Kerrie this morning saying that the surgery went well, but she was a little sore in the neck area. I am so relieved to here this great news.

    I don’t know if Kerrie has told you about me, although, I am sure she has because we met each other for lunch last Thanksgiving.

    I too had a stimulator, went through 7 surgeries, and finally had it removed. So, I understand what Kerrie has gone through.

    Kerrie is always in my thoughts, along with you and I just wanted to say thank you for all you do for her. From what I hear, you’re a great guy!

    Give Kerrie my love and tell her to please call me when she is up and about.

    Take care,

  2. Hart, thanks for the updates! I’ve been thinking about Kerrie for days. I knew that yesterday was her surgery; I’d written it on my calendar. I checked the postings yesterday before you did the posts and figured there wouldn’t be any information til Kerrie was doing well enough to type. Glad to hear the surgery went well. I wish Kerrie a speedy recovery, and look forward to more progress reports.

  3. Hart and Kerrie,
    To you both, Good luck! Hart, thanks so much for your posts and updates on Kerrie’s outcome. How wonderful of you!!
    Kerrie, can’t wait to have you back. Hope and pray you feel better soon. My decision has been made, despite the insurances rejections of the implant – NO WAY for me, thank you very much. I’ll stay far away from an implant for now.

  4. Thanks so much for the update. I’m happy to hear that the surgary went well!

    Best of luck for a speedy recovery, and thanks Hart for the updates! It’s greatly aprecitated.

  5. Hart- Thanks for posting – I was just thinking of her the other day and wondering when the surgery was and how scary it would be and how she would do. Even though we are all miles away, it is funny to me when I think of some far-away blogging somebody when I am in the elevator or walking home from work, and think “I wonder how she is?” I really do think all the thoughts and prayers and positive vibes help our psyches! Kerrie is blessed to have you by her side, and to get this phase in her life over with. I hope you can both resume a more normal life after the surgery!

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