Happy Birthday to Me!

Most important news: Tonight’s my first post-stimulator yoga class!

As of 7:34 this morning, I am 30. Hart’s working, so we had a great dinner last night and I’ll have dinner with friends tonight.

I went to Top Pot, a local “gourmet” doughnut shop. I’ve always wanted to try their Boston cream doughnuts, but they never have any left by the time I get there. Oh my yum. I sat in the sun and enjoyed the fabulous doughnut and a latte.

My totally self-indulgent trip to England was my birthday gift, so I forbade Hart from buying me anything. He apologized last night, worried that I would miss having something to open. I convinced him not to worry — going to England was, obviously, the best gift I’ve ever had. The crowning glory is that I (legally) downloaded my favorite show and now listen to it all the time.

Today has been great so far and the last year was fantastic, even with my headaches. Here’s hoping next year brings the same.

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me!”

  1. Thanks everyone!

    The yoga class was wonderful. Not to get too metaphysical here, it felt like a rebirth of sorts. Being without the stimulator is even more freeing than I expected it to be.


  2. Happy Birthday Kerrie! Returning to yoga class sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate. I hope you find it enjoyable and therapeutic.

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