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Choosing & Getting the Most From a Doc

Choosing a new doctor is always tough. Recommendations from family and friends can only go so far. We’ve all got different ideas about what makes a good doc and our expectations aren’t the same. And it’s likely that friends can’t give you the name of a specialist that you need, like a neurologist.

Case in point, I love my new headache specialist and tell that to everyone who’s looking for one in the Seattle area. Most people I’ve talked to agree, but some disagree — vehemently.

In My Humble Opinion has a a doc’s suggestions for finding the right general practitioner for you and getting the most out of that relationship. Having a good GP has proven invaluable for me. I’ve gotten the first level of headache care — which I recommend everyone new to headache tries — and referrals to specialists.

(A caveat: I’ve heard horror stories about seeing a specialist of another doc’s recommendation. I tend to think that if you have a doctor that you really like — be it a GP or specialist — you’re much more likely to get a good referral. But I could be naive.)

Although the post is specifically about finding a GP, the suggestions can also apply to choosing any specialist. Check out my earlier post too if you’re looking for tips on finding a headache doctor.

[via this week’s Grand Rounds]

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