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The title of the article says it all: Doctor Discovers Personality Traits Can Trigger Pain. Apparently people can develop chronic pain by the way they “handle stress and negative emotions.” According to the article the doctor has determined five pain-prone personalities. Each of which involve repressing emotions and, thus, predisposing you to autonomic overload syndrome. All this comes from this doc’s new book.

A beautiful example that having written a book doesn’t make someone an expert.

4 thoughts on “Just What We Need”

  1. My god! Aren’t we past this YET??? I can’t believe people are still writing this bull! My biggest worry is for NEW migraine sufferers, who haven’t done enough research yet, who might stumble upon this and waste a bunch of time working on their personalities, instead of getting the medical help they really need!


    I worry about new migraneurs too. We have so much guilt to begin with and I’m concerned that it will be even higher for new migraneurs who find this when researching solutions.


  2. “A beautiful example that having written a book doesn’t make someone an expert.”

    EXACTLY. It’s my personality that’s been reacting to medications for all these years. I’m SUUUUURE that’s it. Some doctors make me sad.

    An extension of the author isn’t an expert idea — just because someone finished medical school doesn’t mean he or she is competent to practice medicine!

  3. 80% of his patients are pain-free? I’d sure like to see a double-blind, randomized placebo-controlled trial of his methods–and see whether they can be replicated by anyone else.

    Scientific evidence is sooo overrated! 😉


  4. Clearly I have migraines because of my personality. Nevermind that three generations in my family, at a minimum, also had them. Thanks, doc. 🙁

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