Restorative Weekend

sanjuansWe spent the weekend relaxing with our friends P & K at their cabin on one of the small islands in the San Juans. There are many words to describe the weekend, but this photo of their deck and view captures it well.

We had a great time hanging out, talking and laughing with our friends. Hart reminisced about his Boy Scout days (storytelling about the good ol’ days is in his blood) and we learned a lot about K’s childhood summers, which she spent at her grandfather’s house on the island. We all pitched in to make great meals, but the best was the crab that P caught and prepared (aka killed) with K and her parents. Cocktail hour, a required ritual on the island, was observed with gin and tonics. I was able to enjoy one each night without a subsequent increase in headache.

Even though we build a lot of relaxation time into our weekends at home, it’s never as restorative as getting out of town. But a weekend away can be exhausting too — either because we’re camping or don’t really know where we’re going. This, however, was perfect. Getting to the boat on time was crucial, but after that all our stress melted away. The best part was getting to spend time with friends we adore.

I’m still so relaxed that I think I may have left my bones on the island.

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