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Advocates for Pain Care Funding

“There are about six times more Americans living with chronic pain than with all kinds of cancer. The NIH [National Institutes of Health] has its own Cancer Institute, which received $4.8 billion in 2005, or about 20 times more than the $229 million that went to pain research.”

This information comes from Advocates Demand Funding for Pain Care. Yes, cancer is life-threatening and pain is not (in the traditional sense), but that’s a huge disparity and way too many people are suffering from it.

Proposed legislation to increase the NIH’s pain research funding and to create six pain research centers around the country has the American Medical Association’s backing, but it the bill has faded into the background. Under the direction of the American Pain Foundation, pain patients are stirring up new interest in Congress by telling their stories.

2 thoughts on “Advocates for Pain Care Funding”

  1. Unless you have a chronic condition or live with someone who does, I think it is difficult to understand how horrible it is. We tend to think of things in black in white, and if the person is not facing death, it is tempting to think the situation probably isn’t that bad. We need all the awareness, research, and quality health care providers we can get.

    Absolutely. I agree wholeheartedly.


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    What are the techniques recommended in the book? I’ve tried various alternative therapies, but haven’t heard of this book.


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