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Headache Types: Mayo Clinic’s Online Headache Center

Right after I made a note to myself to blog about different headache types, the latest issue of Housecall, Mayo Clinic’s weekly newsletter, arrived in my inbox. The issue’s feature was, you guessed it, headaches.

Mayo’s online headache center has a wealth of information on headache types, pain meds and self-care. The headache types covered are:

For each type, there is an extensive subset of topics, including signs and symptoms, causes, screening and diagnosis, coping skills, and prevention.

The headache center is a terrific place to discover more about this illness. Poke around for a while — I guarantee you’ll learn something new.

11 thoughts on “Headache Types: Mayo Clinic’s Online Headache Center”

  1. My son received TMS (Transcranial magnetic stimulation) for depression. This treatment caused a 24-7 headache since April, 8 months. He was given Botox and Aimovig. Nithing working. Any ideas? All MRI’s normal w/wo contrast.

    1. Hi Anthony, how frustrating! I’m sorry to hear that. Is he still using the TMS for depression? If so, it could be an ongoing side effect of the treatment that will stop when he stops the treatment. If not, I recommend seeing a headache specialist to get a diagnosis and a wide perspective on treatment options. I wish I had more ideas for you, but I do think a doctor with specialized knowledge is the best bet.

      Take care,

  2. Good morning, as my son 10 yrs old, studying in 5 std, suffering severe headache in the back can’t keep his head on pillow, even if he takes bath he feels some thing melting in his head, can’t tolerate shouting in the class .can’t able to read , he feels some bad smell coming from his nose.

    1. S.M., please take him to a doctor. It sounds like he may be having a migraine attack. A doctor will be able to give you a diagnosis and tell you the best ways to treat the attack.

      Take care,

  3. I’m lost!!! I’ve had chronic migraine pain for 30 yrs. I thought I finally found a cure. A temporal, supra orbital and occipital stimulors implanted no pain for 2 mmonths. Then wham the temporal stopped working and the dam of pain wasef over me 67 day severe pain. Most preventives and acutest don’t work and botox lasts maybe a month. Like I said in lost.

  4. can you recommend a doctor in the state of maine that specializes in headache/migraine…I have to go all the way to Boston and it is getting harder and harder to make that drive. I have been getting treated with Botox and after suffering for more than 50 years I am getting relief. the doctor I go to in Boston studied at your dept of neurology.

  5. Have had a headache non-stop since April 2008. Have had 2 MRI’s and 2 CT scans with and without contrast. All OK they say. Meds and me do not get along. If there is a side effect, I get it and I’m sicker than if I didn’t take anything. Why can’t the doctors figure out what’s wrong?

    Tests and scans are used to rule out any structural problem, but they don’t show other causes of headache. Headache disorders are neurological and can’t be seen or tested for. They have to be diagnosed by ruling out other problems — a process of elimination.

    If your doctors haven’t narrowed down the types of headaches you’re having, you may want to see a headache specialist. You can look for specialists here:

    Take care,

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